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Bowling Ball Spinners

Updated on February 5, 2014

The #1 Tool Serious Bowlers Can't Do Without

I guess it all depends on how you choose to define "serious". I think you're a serious bowler if you bowl in at least one league and really want to improve your game. Bowling's more fun when you're doing well, right?

Serious is more about attitude than average. If you want to improve your score, there are many things you need to do, like take lessons, practice, upgrade your equipment and so on.

You can spend a lot of money on the latest bowling balls but, in my opinion, much of that money is wasted if you can't or don't know how to properly maintain your equipment. For that, you MUST have your own ball spinner.

(pictured above is the 1/2 Hp. Vertex Ball Spinner) 

So, what do you use a spinner for?

There's really two purposes for a bowling ball spinner: routine ball maintenance and ball resurfacing. There's a whole world of techniques and products available to help with ball maintenance. Virtually all of them are best executed with a spinner.

You'll add a tremendous amount of life to your equipment by maintaining it correctly and often. Not to mention the better, more consistent scoring.

Here you'll find more information on ball resurfacing and the products you can use with your spinner.

Here you'll find more information on bowling ball cleaners.

Vertex Ball Spinner Foot Control
Vertex Ball Spinner Foot Control

This accessory allows for hands-free operation of the spinner.



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