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What Do Men & Women Wear For Boxercise?

Updated on January 16, 2015

What boxing equipment do you need for Boxercise?

I'll show you here from shoes to shorts, we have you covered

Boxing for exercise is becoming one of the most popular fitness regimes. If you are looking to lose weight through cardio vascular workout and become strong, lean and toned then boxing is definitely for you - and it's great fun! will require some boxing equipment before you embark on this popular fitness sport. When it comes to boxing clothing, I have always felt that you need to dress for success. That does not mean you need to be dressed in the most exclusive and showy attire when you head to a boxing workout class. Seriously, when you sign up for a boxing class, you will need the appropriate clothing to enable you to put in a decent performance. So, take my advice and select the proper boxing attire that keeps you comfortable but will also keep you safe.

In this Lens I have reviews for both men and women's boxing clothing. I have featured trunks, boxing cups, sports bras or tank tops and shoes or boots.

I hope you enjoy reading.

What You Can Expect from a Boxercise Class - High Tempo Workout

TITLE MMA Vertical Quad Flex Fight Shorts, Black/Red, Large
TITLE MMA Vertical Quad Flex Fight Shorts, Black/Red, Large

Constructed of super strength and ultra-comfort polyester with extra wide moisture wicking full crotch and inseam stretch panel for professional fit, function and results


Why wear a boxing cup?

A boxing groin cup gives you extra armor where you need it! Two thick layers of closed cell foam surround a hard shell plastic cup that is deeply recessed to envelope and protect you.

Shock Doctor
Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor Men's Ultra Supporter with Ultra Carbon Flex Cup - Ultra Carbon Flex Cup included.

This unique X-FIT system offers superior comfort and protection. Made with supportive, 4-way stretch material and a comfort waistband. Fully vented front cup panel allows for maximum airflow. X-STATIC® lining provides anti-microbial protection against bacteria and odor. Ultra Carbon Flex Cup included.

Why women should wear a protective bra when boxing.

Female athletes can use protective sports bras for breast protection in sports such as Boxing, and Martial Arts. Having the right excercise and fitness equipment is essential to women's health. These bras offer absolute protection.

Title Pink Chest Protector
Title Pink Chest Protector

Book into a Boxercise class and this is the sort of workout you are likely to get

Example of a Boxercise Class

For those of you have have not thought about boxing exercise classes, just watch this video, if that does not get you fit and lose weight than I don't know what will!!

Why wear boxing boots?

Wearing boxing boots during training will help you improve your footwork. Boxing boots exist to help you move more quickly; they should feel like a second pair of skin, but with more support

adidas Adistar Boxing Boots

adidas Adistar Boxing Boots
adidas Adistar Boxing Boots

ClimaCool nylon mesh.

•split suede leather and synthetic molded framed upper for an unbelievably super light ring shoe.

•Complete with air light foam lined tongue and forefoot for extra comfortable use.

•Split sole bottom with rubber forefront and extra support heel for precision pivots and maximum drive.

•An incredibly light and cool 8" high boxing boot.


If you are into boxing or boxercise please feel free to share your experiences, good or bad here

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    • WhiteTigerKungFu profile image

      WhiteTigerSchools 5 years ago from 1990 Westwood Blvd Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90025

      cool gear.

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Great ideas for what to wear while practicing the sport of boxing. I look forward to seeing the women's boxing tournaments in the Summer Olympics this year. Angel Blessings**