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Lacrosse Gear Review: Brine Superlight gloves

Updated on April 28, 2013

Proudly promoted as the light weight gloves in the Brine family, the Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves weigh in at only 6oz. They are the first glove in the Superlight collection where a striking degree of weight is taken away from the usage of high-tech materials during the production techniques. The gloves feature top quality nylon knitting and a double density padding built of high-end leather which assures greater durability and protection.

They also have great back hand venting and twin density foam making them a fortress for your hands. The modern palm style lets improved breathability, movement and overall flexibility. They include an adaptable floating cuff for simpler adjustment which also helps in reducing the odor. They are fine for all positions and are sold in 12 and 13 inch hand sizes.


Totally light glove

Super light is certainly the one way to explain these gloves. These are totally light; around 6oz which is once again... totally lightweight! Brine have been in a position to considerably cut down the weight by replacing core materials with lightweight ones.

Good pinkie safety

Offering numerous quality characteristics, the Brine King Superlight gloves do address finger protection adequately. They include an additional pad at the side that's built to supply protection for your little finger. It is good that Brine has not omitted this aspect with their venture to make the gloves super light, and also as it's quite common place on gloves as of late.

Great feel and break in quickly

The hold on these gloves is in fact good, just another outstanding attribute of them. It is quite soft, contains a nice surface and is all set to perform from the beginning. The holding grip is really good, but with a taped shaft it is maybe somewhat too good. You only require a shaft with a small amount of grip for them.

The Brine King Superlight gloves seriously feel great when you 1st put them on. The break-in time is virtually zero and in no time they've adjusted to your hands. Kneading the gloves loosened them up and you may have to do this with the thumb. The palm material worked well in the wet. It is great to find that they continue to perform because some gloves can turn out to be rather slippery the moment they get soaked.

Hands stay cool and dry

The Superlight's gloves possess a couple of ventilation regions around the palms as well as the fingers. The mesh inserts on the palm promote ventilation right through the grip area to keep the hands free of moisture. The fine mesh parts on the fingers furthermore encourage extra air-flow.

The Superlights are intended to wick away excess sweat with the inclusion of Brine's special moisture managing lining. This lining is great and is a normal addition in performance gear. At the price tag of these gloves I am pleasantly surprised to find that it's included. The only thing to watch, or sniff for, is the stench because they might get a bit smelly at some point.


Don't extend much past your hand

The Brine King Superlight gloves do not run much more past the wrist, but this appears to be the situation for gloves in recent times. This low profile style appears to be extremely popular, but I don't like how short they are. The shorter cuff implies that there's not much chance of them preventing your wrist activity.

All round safety is so-so

The primary talking point regarding these gloves is the shock absorption around the back of your hand and fingers. It's not what you'd class as superb; more that it is just ok. The padding on the top line gloves is very firm, but when I squash the cushioning of the Superlights there just was not the equivalent rigidity or hardness. I felt hard checks right through these gloves and I dare say that I could have been hit with more force. If you compete in a league that hits a lot, you are likely to feel it. This reduction in protection could be a consequence of the lightening initiatives, but let's hope not


Having played around with the gloves a reasonable amount, I should state that the Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves are good gloves. Not terrible in the slightest, but not exceptional either. They don't really delight me with their safety or with their strength. I simply cannot envisage these gloves being in a position to cut it in the major leagues.

These gloves would be suited to defensive positions and those that play in teams where the slashing isn't that hard. Young highschool, junior varsity players and defenders spring to mind. With the smallest size being 12, they are not specifically for younger competitors. But the Brine King Superlight lacrosse gloves are light, comfy, have great grip and need no time to break-in.

Do you think light weight or protection is more important?

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