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What Types Of Fish Can I Catch While Coarse Fishing In The United Kingdom

Updated on January 19, 2017

Coarse Fishing Breeds Of Fish In United Kingdom

British coarse fishing is a very popular sport and past-time that is enjoyed all over the United Kingdom by all walks of life of any age. Coarse fishing in the United Kingdom is often practiced on the regional canals that are dotted around the country, as well as at local pools or privately owned club fisheries.

There are several breeds of fish that can be successfully caught while coarse fishing, and whether you are a hobbyist angler or a seasoned professional there are a variety of specimens of all shapes and sizes. With such a variety of fish species coarse fishing can not only be enjoyed by adults but also by very young children also, and can be one of the first and most enjoyable hobbies youngsters can take up at an early age.

Being able to pick up my rod and head down the local canal as a child during those long boring six week holidays in the eighties was a total joy. And the variety and size of fish you could catch near the weeds using pinkies from the local hardware shop was magical. The only thing that ever spoiled the enjoyment of fishing was the almost constant parade of canal boats, and the odd time you would pull up a slippery eel from the muddy bottom that rapped round your arms or legs.

British Coarse Fishing - Gudgeon
British Coarse Fishing - Gudgeon

Gudgeon - Coarse Fishing

Catching Gudgeon While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Gudgeon are the smallest breed of fish that is normally associated with coarse fishing, and are often deemed as a nuisance by seasoned anglers who are trying to catch bream or roach with white maggots or pinkies. Despite their small size (usually only weighing a few ounces) the Gudgeon can be a nice little fish that introduces small children to coarse fishing, and with them being easy to handle can also help children to learn how to take hooks out of a fishes mouth successfully.

British Coarse Fishing - Rudd
British Coarse Fishing - Rudd

Rudd - Coarse Fishing

Catching Rudd While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Rudd are primarily surface feeders and can mainly be caught with maggots, casters or small gobs of bread with your tackle rig set at a shallow depth. The Rudd are much like the similar Roach but have an upturned mouth which they use to eat insects from the surface, and are quite often a little bit smaller in size than Roach. When you have Rudd on your hook you will notice they have a bit of fight especially with smaller tackle, and tend to dart left and right rather quickly when caught.

British Coarse Fishing - Roach
British Coarse Fishing - Roach

Roach - Coarse Fishing

Catching Roach While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Roach are the most common fish to be caught while coarse fishing and are a popular fish among anglers of any age. Roach tend to swim in quite large shoals and can be successfully caught with a variety of baits such as maggots, casters, bread, and sweetcorn to name but a few. The best way to attract shoals of Roach is by using ground-bait sparingly and the use of a waggler or small stick float with small shot are the best rigs to choose, although success can be found with using a ledger.

British Coarse Fishing - Perch
British Coarse Fishing - Perch

Perch - Coarse Fishing

Catching Perch While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Perch are another popular fish that anglers like to catch in canals and pools, and are distinguished by their greenish and dark stripey colour with a spiky front fin. They are a predatory fish that feed on smaller fish such as Gudgeon, Minnows, Rudd and small Roach and tend to prowl under weeds. The most popular way to catch Perch is by casting with a float near the edge of weeds using worms, maggots, or bread with a medium strength tackle setup. Perch are notorious for swallowing the hook and bait and are not really a fish recommend for children, generally because of the difficulty in using a disgorger to retrieve the hook.

British Coarse Fishing - Tench
British Coarse Fishing - Tench

Tench - Coarse Fishing

Catching Tench While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Tench are distinguishable by their olive green skin and when handled have a slimy feel which makes them feel like a bar of soap in your hands. Tench are bottom feeders and like to swim around in lots of underwater vegetation and although they tend to feed more readily at night, they can be quite easy to catch in the daytime. When attempting to catch Tench it is best use a float rig with the bait resting on the bottom or by using a ledger with a swimfeeder packed with groundbait, and the hook baits can include maggots, sweetcorn, bread, pellets or even worm.

British Coarse Fishing - Bream
British Coarse Fishing - Bream

Bream - Coarse Fishng

Catching Bream While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Bream are commonly silver coloured with a high back and can also develop a bronze colour dependent on the age and size of the fish. Bream tend to swim in shoals at the bottom feeding off small crustaceans and water plants or algae. When trying to catch Bream it is best to use two or three sweetcorn or maggots hair-rigged and possibly smaller boilies with a variety of flavours. Bream are possibly the easiest fish to catch in coarse fishing and do not tend to give much of a fight, rather deciding to tilt to one side for easy reeling in.

British Coarse Fishing - Carp
British Coarse Fishing - Carp

Carp - Coarse Fishing

Catching Carp While Coarse Fishing In United Kingdom

Carp are the most popular fish in coarse fishing and much sort after by amateur and professional anglers alike, thanks mainly to their huge size and difficulty to not only hook but also to land the awesome fighting fish. When trying to catch Carp it is recommended to arm yourself with a heavy rig, and use a carbon rod with a good test curve and very strong but thin line. Carp can be caught successfully with a good float or ledger set up and can even be caught by surface fishing with a floating rig and bread. Anglers tend to use large boilies with a variety of fishy flavours when attempting to catch the large specimen of carp, and will even resort to fishing with two or three rods each equipped with bite alarms during a bout of night fishing.

Breeds Of Fish While Freshwater Fishing In The United Kingdom

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If you are already an avid coarse fisherman or are just thinking about starting to coarse fish as a new pastime. Then I really hope my Hub has given just a small insight into the breeds of freshwater fish you can catch, while sitting with your rod or pole next to the local canal or fishing pool. Coarse fishing really can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for anyone to enjoy over a spare weekend or even during the long summer evenings.

Whether you have enjoyed my Hub or not. Please feel free to leave some feedback or a comment on what you have just read. All comments are welcome and help me improve my article writing skills. Thanks for looking

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