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Bodybuilding Revolution has arrived. Motivation is here, start today.

Updated on January 9, 2015

It's time for a CHANGE.

Remember this always: pain is temporary, im not telling you it will be easy or fun, but i guarantee you it will worth the sacrifice you'll have to make. You wont regret it, trust me. To build a dream physique will take years of hard work, discipline and total commitment! You won't change overnight and there is no shortcuts through gear or any other supplements or magic diets! You must go through sacrifice daily for many years, don't expect results unless you put in fuc**ng work and patience. Bodybuilding doesn't forgive weakness, doesn't forgive shitty diet, alcohol and parties everynight. You will always be average by doing what average do. You wanna be different? You must bust your ASS every day, every workout, every set.

There are times i come to failure and fall into this darkness, pain... I catch myself on the thought to quit. I can't afford that, i want the progress, i want to reach my goals not only in achieving a legendary physique but also other things in life and i visualize my dream. I push myself through the agony and when I'm done, my whole body is shaking and I'm covered in sweat. I'm nearly dead but i feel alive and i feel accomplished.

The desire to become the best lightens up the dark days and failures. FOLLOW YOUR HEART GUYS, IT KNOWS WHERE YOU BELONG AND TRULY IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE HAPPY.

Join the revolution today.

Aspire to inspire

Bodybuilding its not counting 8 to 12 reps. Bodybuilding its not protein shakes and lifting weights. This is a lifestyle, loved by some, hated and criticized by others. Some people don't understand what we do but wanna know something? WE DON'T CARE. Start doing what really makes you happy and live to the fullest. No matter how weird, stupid or impossible, DO NOT LISTEN what people say, surround yourself with people that share your same life philosophy and embrace this beautiful journey. Spend five minutes every morning reminding yourself how important your goal is to you, and how you'll eventually reach it, no matter what trivial challenges life might throw your way.

A fitness lifestyle seems all about you and your goals, not to mention the requisite social media updates and pre- and post-workout selfies. These all eventually ring a little hollow, especially if you start to see it as "four hours a week of time that I could be spending with my kids."

Remove yourself from the equation and reframe your mindset. Change "I'm lifting for myself" to "I'm lifting to better provide for my family and live long enough to see my kids get married." What a powerful difference this makes.

It still boils down to you busting your ass and making a commitment. For some, this subtle switch of perspective is all it takes.

He came, he saw, he conquered.

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Frank Zane, KING of Aesthetics and Golden Era
Frank Zane, KING of Aesthetics and Golden Era
Frank Zane, KING of Aesthetics and Golden Era

Golden Era vs Today's Bodybuilding

What's your favorite era and type of body?

See results

Men's Physique, keeping AESTHETICS alive.

Left photo: IFBB Pro Jeremy Buendia, Men's Physique Mr.Olympia 2014 Right photo: IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic, Men's Physique Mr.Olympia 2014 runner-up
Left photo: IFBB Pro Jeremy Buendia, Men's Physique Mr.Olympia 2014 Right photo: IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovic, Men's Physique Mr.Olympia 2014 runner-up

If it was easy, everybody would do it. Start today!

|Some rules of this lifestyle|






Bodybuilding basics

Go hard in every rep
Respect your diet
Resting you let your muscles grow
Do not focus on being the stronger, focus on your GOAL
Remember diet is as important as trainning
Take time for you, your family and friends
Remember the mind-muscle connection
Cheat ONE day of the week, mostly on weekends
Trainning+diet+rest= GAINZ

This is a sport, this is art... THIS IS A LIFESTYLE.

The Maryland Muscle Machine, Kevin Levrone
The Maryland Muscle Machine, Kevin Levrone

Tips for training to *GAIN MUSCLE*

• Lift big by warming up first: If you're looking to hoist serious poundages, you'll sabotage your chances if you short-change your warm-up. What's more, the stronger you are, the more warm-up sets you'll need.

• Reps for muscles:

A common question every beginner asks is, "How much weight should I use?" The answer depends on your goals. Warm-up sets aside, when your goal is to build strength, your heavy sets should be done for fewer than six reps.

If your goal is building muscle, choose a weight at which you reach muscle failure between 8-12 reps. And for emphasizing muscle endurance, go with a weight that allows you to do more than 15 reps.

• Pump up the volume:

Some folks spend hours a day working on a single body part. Others insist they need only one set per exercise. So what's the best amount? While there's no magic number, doing 2-3 sets of a given move works best for most beginners; 3-4 sets for more advanced athletes.

The focus here is on volume—the total number of sets and reps completed for a given muscle group.

• Don't be in a hurry: "Make sure you're taking ample recovery time between sets in a mass-gain phase," says Craig Capurso, IFBB pro physique competitor and Cellucor athlete. "I don't look to limit rest times when max muscle growth is the name of the game. I want to be recovered enough to push the weight as many times as I can, not stopped by a muscle that's not sufficiently recovered from the previous set.

• Overload and grow: In your efforts to stimulate muscle, you need to be somewhat aggressive. Muscle fibers adapt fairly quickly, and the effectiveness of a once-challenging workout can quickly fade. This means you should continually increase the challenge—so long as you maintain good form—and never fall into a comfort zone.

• Flip your grip: Speaking of making changes, one very easy and effective way to do so is to simply try a different grip from what you're used to. If you've typically done an exercise with a wide, overhand grip, flip it and use an underhand grip instead. This approach can work with bench presses, lat pulldowns, bent-over rows, barbell curls, and triceps pushdowns, among other exercises.

• Double your gainz: What's the best way to continue making gains? By finding a workout partner who pushes you, especially one who is bigger and stronger than you. Besides spotting you and assisting with forced reps and partials to help you train past failure, a training partner will also motivate you to hit the gym on days you might otherwise opt for the sofa.

• Rest to grow: Though this is in no way a "training technique", many lifters determined to continue to push harder in their pursuit of growth actually undermine their efforts by including too few rest days in their training split. Don't be so obsessed with missing a workout and training to utter exhaustion that you fail to give your body enough time to actually heal—and grow.

Likewise, levels of catabolic hormones like cortisol rise quickly in the body over the course of a training session; you should strive to get in the gym and get it done quickly. Work on increasing your workout intensity rather than duration.

• Adjust your lifestyle to your goals: Gaining mass is all about taking in more calories than you burn while following the specific training advice presented here. However, if you're a party animal and consume too many of the wrong calories from alcohol or greasy fast foods, you'll sabotage your efforts.

Make sure your extracurricular activities (i.e., everything you do outside the gym) are in sync with your diet and your training in order to make the fastest possible gains!

The worst thing you could be is the same as everyone else. #F*CKAVERAGE

THE OAK, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
THE OAK, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If more motivation is required, get this and watch it. You wont regret it!


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    • profile image

      Mari-Gaby Pardilla 

      3 years ago

      Very useful and motivating! Results are quick and satisfactory.


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