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Bushnell HOLOsight

Updated on October 16, 2012

Bushnell HOLOsight is the ultimate holographic weapon sight system. It will not use any light beam yet project crosshair (illuminated) about fifty yards from your weapon. Being completely waterproof and low-weight it is ideal for hunters. The new (Generation 2) HOLOsight system is equipped with more powerful light intensity enhancer and an intensity memory function.

What’s the difference between holographic sight and conventional systems?

In essence the holographic sight projects a dot (or other shape) on the image of the object (not the object itself). This all happens inside the apparatus and no light beam is emitted which helps to keep the position of the shooter undetected.

Advantages of Bushnell's HOLOsight

This aiming device was created for demanding hunters with highest quality standards in place guaranteed by the Bushnell brand. The following are the most important features of this holographic vision system:

  1. compact construction that enables easy fitting on variety of guns;
  2. light intensity can be easily adjusted depending on the external conditions;
  3. the light intensity memory function enable you to save the optimal settings;
  4. the hard environment conditions were taken under consideration during the design of this device therefore water, dust, mechanical shocks are not a problem.

How it compares to its competitors?

The holographic system of Bushenell is usually compared against devices produced by EOTech. Bushnell HOLOsight is a cheaper solution to the ones offered by its competitors yet offering equally high quality. Additional functions as always comes with higher price therefore in the same price range it is hard to compare the HOLOsight with other systems.

Practical advice for HOLOsight users

For somebody that has never used this type of device it may take some time to get used to it. The system will not magnify the object however it will enable you to keep both eyes open and focused on the object.

About Bushnell company

Bushnell has used years of experience in optical engineering and the desire of its engineers to reach for perfection. This have enabled them to make products extremely user friendly. Reviews and comments by satisfied customers often throw up the fact that the products are leading edge in both convenience and value for money. It not easy to find a combination of good value and leading edge technology in the same product.

A lot of hi-tech research and experience of the dedicated staff has gone into the Bushnell products to get them patented. Yet their products consistently remain in a very affordable category.

As an unquestionable industry leader in high tech sports optics for over 60 years, Bushnell has successfully worked towards providing reliable sports products at an affordable price. Their commitment to high standard of customer service and constant support to their retail network has resulted in their unmatched reputation. Not satisfied with their already substantial

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