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Buy Big Game Fishing Rods Online

Updated on November 25, 2010

Buying Big Game Fishing Rods Online

If you're a real keen big game fisherman then I'm sure that like me you could be almost as happy looking for fishing gear as when you're actually fishing. There's hours of pleasure to be had from browsing what's available in the way of rods and reels, and seeing what's new.

Now the internet gives us plenty of opportunity to browse and compare what's on sale, Which rod comes best recommended and the best part is you can do it all from the comfort of home while enjoying a coffee, and take as long as you like.

Check out some of these deals from the trusted

Roddy 5'6" Big Game Fishing Trolling Rod

Another fine addition to the "Roddy Hunter" series of big game fishing rods by the Master Fishing Tackle Corp and continuing their fine tradition of very reasonably priced yet high quality rods for the enthusiast sport fisher man.

This 5' 6" rod is rated in the 40 to 100lb class it's a great trolling rod which meet all your needs for blue water fishing.

As you would expect it's complete with all the fittings and features including roller guides, foam grips, gimbals and graphite reel seat.

Model No -H-55M

Line Class-40-100lb




guides- 6 A/R's

This fine rod should be a perfect match your favourite Penn Senator big game fishing reel.

Har Lee Stand Up Big Game Tuna Fishing Rod

Har Lee introduce a brand new tuna fishing rod. It's a heavy action big game rod that will meet all your expectations for blue water stand up situations.

It's a one piece rod with large grips for superb easy handling. Har Lee have devoted many hours of work to make this the best rod you can find in the market. Incorporating a sensitive tip and a Stuart Tuff butt.

Construction is from a one piece solid glass blank


With a Stuart tip and roller stripper guide with turbo guides between rollers

Stuart Slick Tuff Butt

Has an extra long foregrip measuring 14 and a half inches

Gimbal with cap. Custom gold wrap which is hand tied.

A reel seat machined from aluminum

this fine rod also comes with an unlimited one year warranty whether you break it damage it or you're just plain unhappy with it.

Master Big Game Kite Fishing Trolling Rod

If you haven't tried kite fishing yet you'll be surprised to find it's not as difficult as you might think. for a great days fishing and the real thrill of landing that prize fish you just need patience, the right fishing conditions and of course the right fishing tackle.

The ideal rod for kite fishing is short and strong in design, only about three feet long. It's function is purely to hold the reel and guide the line.

Featuring a  gimbal butt and single ring tip

Stainless steel Tip

Graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hood

Durable non-slip EVA foregrip

Slick butt

Gimbal Length-45"


Line Class-Kite

Big game fishing reels

If you're also thinking about getting a new reel check out these big game fishing reels


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  • KevCC profile image

    KevCC 8 years ago

    Thanks Carmine, I've only been freshwater fishing, though my kids have been shark fishing.

  • Diecast Guy profile image

    Diecast Guy 8 years ago from Toronto,Ontario,Canada

    Nice hub, I think it's time to back into fishing, I've been away from it too long.

    Good work as always.