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10 Must-have First Aid Supplies for Camping With Kids

Updated on February 28, 2018
First-aid items for camping with kids
First-aid items for camping with kids | Source

First Aid Contents and Supplies for Camping with Kids

Most standard camping first-aid kit contents and supplies are designed to cover basic emergency needs for everyone, but if you go camping with kids you quickly discover that there are some basic first-aid items especially related to kids that most first aid kits don't have . Or, at least not in the quantity you might need. You need a practical camping first aid kit for kids.

Experienced camping parents know to have plenty of cloth band-aids, and they know the utility of Bactine spray, (pain-relieving antiseptic spray), but how often do they check to make sure their first-aid kits have what they really need? Do you have all of these 10 must-have first-aid items for kids?

10 Must-have First Aid Items for Camping With Kids

  1. Cloth band-aids in assorted sizes - Cloth band-aids are a lot better in outdoor camping environments than the vinyl ones. They flex and hold better, they stick better when wet, and they also allow the skin under the adhesive to breath better. And if you are camping with more than one kid - have an extra box.
  2. Elastic stretch bandage wraps - like the popularly recognized "Ace" bandages. Right behind cuts and scrapes, twists and sprains are the most common kids camping injury. An elastic stretch bandage is just what the doctor ordered - for two reasons; (1) it's what is needed for the injury, and, (2) many times the most important first-aid for kid's injuries, is just some attention, and something to show for it. A stretch bandage can not only support the injured area, but can also be the "badge" of courage a young kid needs.
  3. Anti-nausea medicine - like Pepto-Bismal, or a generic equivalent. Too many S'mores, hot chocolates and other goodies could make this a real must-have item. When you need this - you really need it.
  4. Oral anti-histamine - This can be especially important for reactions to bee stings, and it also works for itching from serious rashes. Benadryle or it's generic equivalent is a popular choice.
  5. Hydrocortizone cream - Another remedy for the itch of severe bee stings and bug bites. The agony of the itch can last long after the initial pain of the bite or sting. A good 1% hydrocortizone cream can give the relief young campers need to get on with their adventure.
  6. Moisturizing eye drops - Getting a speck of debris, or a branch in the eye are very common camp injuries for kids. Usually the best, (and recommended), treatment is to flush the eye, but have you ever tried to get a young crying camper to stay calm enough for you to use an eye wash cup? Moisturizing eye drops are your next best choice. NOT "red-eye" removal eye drops - they contain astringents that can briefly burn and sting.
  7. Anti-septic ointment - A triple anti-septic ointment, like Neosporin, is in most first aid kits, just make sure yours has it because it's important for any cut or scratch that breaks the skin. Even more so when you are in an outdoor camping environment. There are also triple ointments-plus that contain a mild pain reliever.
  8. Aloe vera or burn cream - Again, most camping first-aid kits will have a burn cream, but the best choice to have is an Aloe Vera gel or spray. It's a natural remedy that really works.
  9. Hydrogen peroxide - Cuts and scrapes need to be cleaned, and hydrogen peroxide will do it much better and easier than those little sanitizing wipes. Sometimes you even get lucky and the sight of the foaming action will take the young one's mind off the injury for a moment.
  10. Camping tweezers -Two pair, one fine point for digging for splinters and such, and one broad point for scraping and grabbing things that are protruding, like bee stingers.

Travel-size and Disposables

You can find almost all of these items in small travel-size, or even disposable packaging, (Dollar and Discount stores are a good source). This is the best choice for first aid kits. Much better than bulky bottles and containers that add extra weight or possibly go out-of-date before used.

About this First Aid Video

This is a good, but long, basic first aid video. Just like a camping checklist - it may have parts that aren't for you.

There are some excellent segments about cuts, scrapes, wounds, and burns that are very appropriate for camping with kids. It does have clear and easy how-to instructions, so, instead of clicking-off, jump around to find the how-to demonstrations that interest you. You will be glad you did.

Basic First Aid for Camping Injuries

Is Your Camping First-aid Kit Ready

Most good first-aid kits sold for camping will have minimal supplies of the majority of these items, but they are usually in small tubes or single-use packets. If you camp with kids, you will go through your kit's supply pretty quickly.

Many of the most used items listed above are available at local Dollar or discount stores. Make sure you have a ready stock of them for your next camping trip.

Camping with Kids Fist-aid Kit Contents and Supplies Comments

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      4 years ago

      Doctors do not recommend using tweezers on bee stingers, as the squeezing action can force additional venom into the wound. The preferred method for removing a stinger is to scrape a narrow-edged, blunt piece of plastic (such as the edge of a credit card or plastic spoon) across the site of the sting.


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