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Quality Outdoors Adventure Gift Ideas

Updated on June 4, 2014

Find Unique Outdoor Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Outdoor sports have always been popular in my family so we are always looking for cool gifts that enhance outdoor activities. This lens features unique gift ideas for men, women and kids who are in to camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting or exploring nature. Many of these outdoors gifts are also useful in Zombie survival situations.

Check out some of my favorite outdoors products such as LED flashlights, Patagonia jackets, Leatherman tools, tactical knives, survival books and sturdy backpacks. Gift ideas are listed for all prices from inexpensive stocking stuffers to luxury items. All presents are available from Amazon and eBay for easy shopping. Browse the best gifts, daily photos and read customer reviews to find the perfect outdoorsey gift today!

Bushnell H2O 10x42 Binocular - Quality Waterproof/Fogproof binoculars are a clear winner.

These waterproof binoculars make a great gift for sailors, boaters, hikers, sports fans and adventurers who aren't afraid to get caught in the rain. The H2O are O-ring-sealed and nitrogen-purged to completely lock out moisture should you spill water on the housing, take your binoculars overboard, or simply run into foul weather along the way. Rubber armoring with textured pads to give you a sturdy grip in slippery situations.

Bushnell H2O 10x42 Porro Prism Waterproof/Fogproof Binocular
Bushnell H2O 10x42 Porro Prism Waterproof/Fogproof Binocular

This is a great product, very well built that meet and exceeds published specifications. Was bought for an Amazon trip where it was constantly banged, Droped and in contact with water and extreme humidity. Always delivered a crisp view with absolutely no leaks when in contact with water. It has a good magnification with a great viewing angle. This binoculars are very comfortable on the grip and a very acceptable weight that let you use it with comfort for hours. I consider this product a great value for the price tag, I completely recommend it.


Swiss Army Knife and Flashlight Set - Nice matching gift set for Christmas, birthdays or anniversary.

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman II Knife with AA LED Flashlight
Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman II Knife with AA LED Flashlight

The Huntsman 2 pocketknife is a very handy tool. The knives are sharp and just the right size for light duty tasks. The saw is a little thinner that I expected, but I have no reason to doubt it's durability. The little scissors are amazing and I will probably wind up using them the most.

The flashlight is nice as well. Extremely bright and focused light. The handle is nicely textured, and it just looks well designed. This set was a great bargain - for the price of the penknife I got both.


Osprey Manta 20 Daypack - Streamlined high tech pack with reservoir. (3 Colors)

This pack is perfect for light and fast hikes, adventure racing, and full day trans-alpine mountain bike rides and makes a great gift for active men or women. Incorporating a streamlined design along with all the key features such as 3-liter HydraForm reservoir, an integrated raincover, key clip, magnetic sternum strap buckle, NoScratch top slash pocket, and a stretch woven front pocket.

Osprey Manta 20 Daypack
Osprey Manta 20 Daypack

I bought this pack for day hiking because I realized all the backpacks I owned were basically laptop bags. The advantage of the water reservoir is that you can just take a sip of water when needed, without stopping to remove a bottle from your pack. Also, the water doesn't slosh around as you move. I wore this pack on a 10 mile round trip hike up Mt. Katahdin in Maine. It easily held 2 hiking poles, 3 liters of water, a first aid kit, my rain jacket, pocketknife, camera, trail map, flashlight, headlamp, sandwich, 2 granola bars, 2 candy bars, an apple, an emergency whistle, and my phone. There was still room to spare. I love this pack!


Tactical Back Pack (Camo or Black) - Gift for daily use, camping, sports or preparedness.

This is a cool back pack that can be used for anything from short day trips, carrying sports gear, hauling books or packing an emergency ready bag. It is available in 7 different camouflage or black variations. A useful gift idea for students, hikers, paintball and airsoft players and travelers.

Rothco MOLLE II 3 Day Assault Pack
Rothco MOLLE II 3 Day Assault Pack

I picked this up to use as a "go bag", "ready bag" or whatever else you want to call it. We live in California in a location where both earthquakes and nuclear facility's are a real threat. So I decided to put one together, because hey you never know. The pack itself exceeds my expectations, the material is nice and thick and feels very well constructed from the straps to the zippers. The Molle straps on the back are a nice addition if you want to add more storage a canteen or maybe a survival knife.


Camo Heavy-Duty 3-D Cell MAGLITE - Excellent high power LED flashlight gift city or country.

Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo
Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo

Maglite's got it's reputation for a reason. This thing is built like a tank and is plenty powerful for use at home in case of power failure or use in the woods or when urban exploring. I purchased this light for the inevitable Zombie War that is going to be occurring sometime in the near future. It's very bright and the camo will help keep me hidden.


Paracord Survival Bracelet with Compass - Fun bonus gift or stocking stuffer for guys.

These braided wristbands can be unbraided in emergency situations to produce about 10 feet of strong Military grade paracord rope. Clip them around your wrist or on your backpack and always be prepared with this unique gift idea.

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Hiking Mount Fuji
Hiking Mount Fuji

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Patagonia Nano Puff Insulated Jacket - A stylish gift idea for active men in 12 colors!

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket Lagoon Sz XL
Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket Lagoon Sz XL

I have this colorful jacket in red and love it. Very light weight and comfortable to wear and keeps my temperature perfect. There are few things more satisfying than throwing on a nice puffer jacket when the temperature goes downand not worry about getting cold when the deep freeze sets in. Next time you're headed to a late autumn bonfire out in the woods and you're not quite sure how chilly it'll get, reach for Patagonia's Nano Puff Jacket and forget about it.


Patagonia Fleece for Men - Guys will love these comfortable fleece tops.

Patagonia has developed a reputation for producing high quality elite sportswear and also their commitment to protecting the environment through the use of recycled materials and supporting charitable causes. Give Patagonia gifts this Christmas and show you have an eye for style and function.

Patagonia Down Jacket or Vest - Fashionable womens gift in 12 active colors.

Patagonia Women's Down Sweater - Fennel M
Patagonia Women's Down Sweater - Fennel M

I love this jacket. I had been debating geting this jacket since last year, and finally decided to go for it. It is so soft, warm and light weight. It feels heavenly on. I find myself wearing it around the house and even sleep in it if I am cold at night. I can smoosh it up into a ball and use it for a pillow when we are in the car or on a plane, and then put it on with no wrinkles. It washes easily in the washer-dryer, and comes out fluffy. It isn't hot or full of static like a fleece jacket. It just lays on me like a soft cacoon.


Patagonia Fleece for Women - A colorful gift women will love.

Patagonia was the first companies to develop fleece clothing and they continue to produce the nicest designs and fabrics. Give these comfortable fleece gifts for her this Christmas and be remembered every time she snuggles in to it.

Patagonia Kids - Cute and colorful outdoor apparel for kids.

Kids will also love getting Patagonia clothing gifts this Christmas. These cute children's clothes are just as styling, warm and durable as the adult versions so you know they are top quality gifts.

SAS Survival Handbook: For Any Climate, in Any Situation - Essential gift book for adventurous men or women.

John 'Lofty' Wiseman served in the British Special Air Service (SAS) for twenty-six years. The SAS Survival Handbook is based on the training techniques of this world-famous elite fighting force. Newly updated to reflect the latest in survival knowledge and technology, the internationally bestselling SAS Survival Handbook is the definitive resource for all campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers. From basic campcraft and navigation to fear management and strategies for coping with any type of disaster.

SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation
SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation

I own and love this book. It is a super comprehensive guide to surviving all sorts of extreme emergencies in a variety of geographic zones and climates. Plane crashes, car crashes, getting lost in the wilderness, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks - you name it, book covers it!


Smith & Wesson Search and Rescue Knife - Bad ass gift for campers, hunters or search and rescue.

Smith & Wesson Search & Rescue CKSUR1 Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife Rubberized Aluminum Handle
Smith & Wesson Search & Rescue CKSUR1 Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife Rubberized Aluminum Handle

I guarantee that this will be the best investment that you will ever spend for a knife. And compared to others of this level, I would expect to pay triple the price. The blade comes sharp as a razor out of the box and stays that way. I use it and abuse it, give it a few licks with the included sharpening stone, then I'm back in business. I never go hiking without it and it can easily take down small trees, tree limbs, cut cording, rope, dig a hole, whatever you need done, it can do it. Hands down, no questions asked. I am never afraid to use this thing. I've paid 3 times more for half the quality. And the sheath is actually quality.


Versatile Folding Blade Knives - Great deals on high quality knives for gifts.

These unique knives make great gifts for fathers, brothers, sons, in-laws or friends. These high quality blades show you appreciate a well made precision tool.

Adventure Medical Kits Day Tripper - Thoughtful gift for campers and hikers.

This convenient, compact Day Tripper first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits is ideally sized for travel, backpacking, hiking, camping, car and RV use. Designed for 1-4 people for 1-4 days. Men and women will both appreciate this thoughtful gift idea.

Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Day Tripper First Aid Kit
Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series Day Tripper First Aid Kit

So I just got back from a 9 mile hike in the Rockies and this kit worked out perfectly. Thankfully, i didn't have to use it but its light-weight and small size made it quite easy to carry up to the continental divide. It has everything you need for a a day hike and any unforeseen mishaps. With this kit, you can travel with confidence knowing you have the tools at your disposal in case there is an injury on the trail.


Rainbow Monkey Monstar Ski Hat - A fun and memorable gift idea.

New made in Himalayas soft wool winter handmade hand knit trapper ear flap hat with fully lined fleece interior. Animal character angry rainbow sock monkey with side tassels. Great giftfor ladies, men, and teens who like to express themselves.

Thorlo Hiker Socks from eBay - These are the ultimate in comfortable hiking socks.

Who says socks can't be a great gift? These ultra-comfortable Thorlo Hiker socks for men or women feel so good you won't want to take them off. Perfect for snowboarding, skiing, hiking and dog walking.

Keep Drinks Warm on an Adventure - Outdoors types will love these insulated Thermos gifts.

These Thermos bottles make good gifts for coffee, tea or hot cocoa drinkers.

A useful gift for Moms, Dads, Friends or Co-Workers. Bring your Thermos camping, hiking, skiing or mountain biking.

Petzl E99 PG Tikka XP 2 Headlamp - This deluxe headlamp makes a great gift for guys.

Petzl E99 PG Tikka XP 2 Headlamp, Graphite
Petzl E99 PG Tikka XP 2 Headlamp, Graphite

Petzel headlamps keep getting better and better. I use it when hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing after dark. This device has a wide, adjustable elastic head band so it fits comfortably. The red light helps preserve your night vision so it's very helpful when your working up close (as with a camera on a tripod). The white LED throws off a bright, focused beam, or you can pop the built-in diffuser in front of it for a broader light that would be powerful enough for bike riding.


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