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Camping in North Wales

Updated on November 1, 2010
North Wales
North Wales

North Wales, lying to the north of Mid Wales is a region that has several valleys surrounded by various mountain ranges like those of Snowdonia and Cambrian Mountains. Most of the population of North Wales is concentrated in Wrexham and towns alongside the river Dee. These lie in the eastern reaches of North Wales. The rest of the region is very sparsely populated, and has very beautiful landscapes. Tourism is the main source of revenue for North Wales, and hence it has made sure that campers and hikers have a really good time here.

North Wales, with its rich cultural heritage has several attractions like age old castles, gala events and well kept museums. But the cream of all these attractions is the landscape itself. In the western regions of North Wales lies the Snowdonia National Park. This is one of the most frequented camping spots. Then, we have the Llyn Peninsula which offers you spectacular views of the coastline and the Irish Sea. These are the two regions that we will be covering in this hub.

Snowdonia National Park

This is one of the oldest national parks in Wales. It is so named because it houses the Snowdon mountain, the highest mountain in Wales. This region has some of the best campsites in Wales, and is home for millions of visitors every year. Most of the tourists flock to the mountains like Moel Hebog and Mynydd Mawr or the Glyderau stretch. These are infact the most accessible mountains here. There are other mountains like the Rhinogydd which are less accessible, having a more rocky terrain, and hence fewer people go there. Here is the home of the wild mountain goats. If you are interested in serious adventure and great tranquility, the Rhinogydd mountains are the place to be.

You can find the best walks at Y Llethr and Y Garn, with Y Llethr being less crowded.

There is considerable rainfall in this area, and it is best to consult the weatherman before heading to it.

Just look at the photos of this national park below, and you will realize the sheer beauty of this place. This is a place that you must visit, at least once in a lifetime.

Lynn Peninsula

Now that you know the mountains, lets consider the beaches and the coastline. The sea affects the climate here considerably and you find that this area is warmer.  The peninsula has several tens of miles of pristine beaches and calm warm sea waters. You will also find many cliffs and coves here. Most the beaches here have more pebbles than sand. You will find many villages along the coastline, and hence your stay here should be very comfortable with most amenities available. Also, almost all of them have parking facilities, so don't worry about walking long miles, though walking is the most pleasurable activity you can have here. There are options to surf too, but considering the rugged terrain and the mostly calm waters you might not really be interested in it.

Some of the popular beaches are the ones at Porth Towyn, Dinas Dinlle and Trefor. There are also the less accessible, and hence less crowded beaches like those at Porth Colmon.

The cleanliness of the waters, the beaches, the mountain walks and the amenities available are simply, very inviting. Now that you know of this heaven on earth, there is no reason for you to not pack your bags and land in North Wales. It is so much easier for the people who already live in the United Kingdom. Have a great time!


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