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Camping, our favorite past time.

Updated on January 8, 2016

Camping one of the joys of summer.

Some may disagree with this statement. However if you're a redneck like me or simply love the outdoors. You know the simple joys of being out in the woods with your family and friends the quite serenity, the smell of the fire, and S'mores at night. I know many may never have had the good fortune to experience camping. Where as others may have, yet do not relish the idea of being in the wilderness the reasons very from hating bugs to getting dirty. But as for us we never hesitate to pack the truck and head out.

Camping doesn't need to be complicated

Camping like many other activities can be simple. Grab a tent, some food in a cooler, and some wood or a saw and ax. That's it. You have everything you'll need for a relaxing trip with your family and friends. Our family has a campsite we use every year. Not long ago me and my boys found a spot that was somewhat clear. Only having a handful of saplings and logs we simply cleared out the saplings and cleaned up the ground. The area this site is located in is good for many reasons. It’s near a river good for swimming and fishing. It is also secluded yet still close enough to town that if we do happen to need supplies a short trip will rectify the need. As for a wood supply there is a large number of downed trees a short distance from our site. It has everything you might want from a campsite.

Endless choices.

When it comes to camping accessories there is an endless array of items to choose from. These items are designed to help you with every aspect of camping. From starting a fire, to keeping your food stuffs safe from animals. Some that are essential to your camping experience, and others not so much. These have only one purpose to make camping as easy and comfortable as possible.

"Fire Piston"


A fire piston is just one example of a practical accessory. Fire pistons as their name implies are designed to start a fire. The basic concept of a fire piston is to use the heat from compressing air quickly to make an ember witch can then be used in tinder to start your campfire. Below is a video showing the heat generated during the compression process.

There are many other options as well such as a flint and steel kit which includes, you guested it, a piece of flint and a piece of steel. Another option would be a magnesium fire starter. Which includes a block of magnesium and typically a flint to spark into the magnesium shavings scraped into your tinder causing a quick hot burning fire. Items such as these will help you on extended trips to the woods. Because there less likely to be effected by water like say, matches would. I like the fire piston option most. It will always be there and can be used almost indefinitely without "Running out." But if you prefer you can always stick to the basics gas and a lighter.

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Water is one of the most important things you can have wile on an adventure in the woods. It is used to cook, clean, and of course drink. But bringing enough for an extended camping excursion is sometimes difficult. However, there are techniques you can use to sterilize any water you may be able to find. Boiling your water is by far the best and cheapest rout. You can also chemically treat your water with items such as chlorine or iodine. There are many portable water filtration systems available on the market as well. Some options are harder to manage due to size and efficiency. The water you find is likely not "Safe" to drink, but if your prepared you can make this valuable resource "Drinkable". I have never had this issue due to the location of my campsites throughout life. However, it seems to me that iodine tabs with their easy to carry size and more efficient cleaning properties would be your best bet to make water safer to drink.

"Iodine Tablets"


Items to take with you wile out in the woods.


Protecting your food from animal’s wile on your outdoors adventure is also something you must think about. Many different techniques can be utilized to do this including simply hanging your food from a branch out of reach of the furry little thieves. Or placing it in the trunk of your car. However, if neither of these options are available or if you’re in bear country there are items that can be bought to protect your food by simply not allowing animals into it. Items such as the "Counter Assault Bear Keg" is the best option to help prevent animals from accessing your food. Not to mention destroying your car to get it.

"Food Storage"


Keep It Simple Stupid

Now though it’s always important to be prepared for any situation that might arise. If your camping in a familiar area close to civilization, so to speak. You may not need any of the before mentioned items. I simply take a saw, tents, and a bit of food. My site is less than 5 min. from a store, and 10 min. from town. So I don't have to be quite as prepared as someone who may like to camp miles from anywhere. So whether you’re a survivalist who can live off the land or a weekend warrior doesn’t matter. Remember you’re here to enjoy the great outdoors.

Share your camping experiences, we all love a good story.....

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