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Camping Tables For RVs, Travel Trailers, Class Cs or 5th Wheels

Updated on October 5, 2014

Camping Tables - May Not Be A Necessity But Are A Nice Camping Accessory.

I just bought a new 2013 Shadow Cruiser travel trailer (which is, as I type this, in the shop - that's another article - sigh) and was thrilled to be given a great camping table as a camper warming present. Since I got it, it's become a staple when setting up my outdoor living room.

Outdoor camping tables are useful for about everything. One of my quandaries was what to do with a hot pot coming off the campfire. I didn't want to put it on the ground as I have a bunch of dogs who come camping with me and, after a few cocktails, I certainly didn't want to trip over the thing. So, my camping table was put to good use as my portable table is made of lightweight aluminum and the perfect place to park a hot pot.

In this Squidoo article, I'll show you a nice selection of camping tables that any RV owner would love. What a wonderful Christmas, birthday, or - even better - Memorial Day present. Just the right way to start off the camping season for a summer full of fun.

Photo credit: All photos on Camping Tables for RVs were taken by me with the exception of items I've spotlighted for sale on In fact, that gorgeous man there above is my better half, John. You can't see the camping table right now as it's set up between our camping chairs, but it was holding a few cocktails after a busy day of relaxing.

By the way, here's another article you might like about camping. It's about my Camco Little Red Camp Fire - I love this thing! The Camco Little Red Camp Fire - Perfect For When Real Fires Aren't Allowed.

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I've become so good at finding the very best travel trailer necessities that I started my own website:

I also have another website you might be interested in. That one is: because RVs are just boats on land! There's a lot of good gifts that work for both environments.

camping tables and camp stoves
camping tables and camp stoves
Coleman Pack-Away  4-In-1 Table
Coleman Pack-Away 4-In-1 Table

This is actually a set of 2 folding camping tables. You can set them end to end to create a longer, banquet table, use them separately as side tables or create a square configuration with the 2 tables.


Our Camping Table Was With Us On Our First Journey Home....

....And We Put It To Good Use.

The very long route that you see above is the route we took in the new travel trailer from Tucson, AZ (where I bought the camper) to Maryland, where we reside. All along that path, we toted our wonderful portable camping table; it held, in no particular order (or maybe so...):

1. Cocktails

2. Dinner

3. Lanterns in the evening or bug candles

4. A hot pot or two

In the past, we've used large logs to perch such items as above but, with the gift of my camping table? We raised the word 'camping' to a new level.

I own the Coleman 4-in-1 camping table to the right there. It's saved us many times when we didn't have a picnic table at the campsite. It's incredibly versatile and lightweight also - something RVers love.

World Outdoor Products Original QUATRO FOUR Six Person Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable Portable Folding Table.
World Outdoor Products Original QUATRO FOUR Six Person Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable Portable Folding Table.

This lightweight camping table is perfect for boating, RVing, tailgating or picnicking. This folding table can also be configured so it's shorter (coffee table height) or full size (counter height).


Side Tables Are A Nice Additional To An Outdoor Living Room

I actually lucked across two of those camping tables (in the pic on the right) at Costco one day, and, the added benefit were they were cheap. They're easy to put together (ie, even I can do it) and they're perfectly fine for holding an afternoon happy hour drink and a small plate.

Mine are canvas like the amazon item above. I like that they're very lightweight, but they're not the sturdiest camping tables ever.

Update: within a month, I yearned for heavier duty camping side tables and succeeded by purchasing the GSI Outdoor Macro Table you see there below.

Click the link in the text to the left there to see more information about this camping side table.
Click the link in the text to the left there to see more information about this camping side table.

Serving a Picnic? I Got Ya Covered.

Stansport Heavy Duty Picnic Table and Bench Set
Stansport Heavy Duty Picnic Table and Bench Set

Most of the campsites that we stayed in on our first trip in the camper had some sort of table, but none as nice as this heavy duty picnic table. Beware though, if your RV needs a lighter load, this might not be the table for you as it weighs in at 43 lbs.


A Few Nice Camping Chairs Can Complete The Scene

Everyone who has owned a camper will tell you that a good camping chair is paramount to comfort on camping trips. And, since I own an RV, I'm now an expert on comfy chairs.

I have the La Fuma chairs (anti gravity camping chairs) below and simply love them. I also have a few of the padded chairs like those below for variety. And, to top it off, I love my portable hammock.

Bliss Hammocks BH-805C Foldable Hammock and Stand with Canopy
Bliss Hammocks BH-805C Foldable Hammock and Stand with Canopy

The only thing missing from this folding hammock is a place to put that cold beer....


Camping Chairs With Attached Tables - Kill Two Birds With One Stone.

The below camping chairs have their own portable camping tables built right in. The tables are just the right size to hold a cold beverage and a nice snack, like s'mores (yes, they count as a snack) or, ok, cheese and crackers.

Note: it isn't said without a bit of bitterness that these camping chairs and tables are all right-handed. What about the other 10% of us???

Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair, Navy
Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair, Navy

This sturdy camping chair holds anyone up to 300 lbs and their cocktail too on the attached table. There's also a thousand pockets (ok, a slight exaggeration) so that you can stash your suntan lotion, sunglasses, and even a snack or two.


A Portable Travel Bar Is Another Necessity - At Least, In Our Book!

tables for camping
tables for camping

John and I take our travel bar along on all of our trips, camping or not. But, in the travel trailer, being able to store a few bottles of hootch in a secure environment makes for a much nicer evening than having to clean up bottles broken in transit (voice of experience here). In fact, we love our portable bar so much, I wrote a couple of articles about it. Here 'tis:

Top 15 Travel Bars For Those On The Go
John and I have a travel bar set and love to tote it along on our car trips (it's too difficult to take on flights these days) - no, we don't use it while drivi...

Travel Bar Accessories
Travel bars are all the rage in this day and age of martinis, manhattans (my preferred poison), or any cocktail you can imagine. I make the best manhattan aroun...

Please leave me comments so I know you dropped by my little slice of the internet. Thanks in advance.

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      Sandra 2 months ago

      We are looking at RV's and you tips are great. Makes me want to get going.

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      gottaloveit2 3 months ago

      Thanks, Caryn. I appreciate your kind words.

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      Caryn 3 months ago

      Loved reading all your tips!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 years ago from Central Florida

      If we had one of those nifty bar sets, I'd enjoy it even more.