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Boat Loader for Cars

Updated on February 6, 2015

Rhino Rack Boat Loader

Boat loader / boat hoist
Boat loader / boat hoist | Source

Load your boat easily

This side boat loader takes care of the difficult work when it comes to getting your boat on top of your car and loaded onto the roof racks.

I was at a local show recently when I came across this nifty idea which I think would be great for anyone who has a boat, kayak, or canoe that they find difficult to load onto the roof of their car, station wagon or SUV.

It takes all the back breaking work out of getting your boat onto the roof racks and is made by Rhino.

How a boat loader works.

This would be a great addition for any caravan or camping trip. If you have always wanted to take a boat along with you but couldn't tow and extra trailer, then this might just solve the propblem for you.

The whole set up is actually very simple with the use of a battery powered cordless 18 volt drill to turn the muscular worm drive or pulley system. This mechanism easily winches the boat up onto the roof of your vehicle, then lowers it back down when you reach your destination. and want to go exploring the water ways or to go fishing. It is certainly on my wish list of gadgets that I’d love to own.

I also liked the fact that it is suitable for a range of vehicles from 4WD’s to low roof camper vans and pretty much everything in between. That means if we were to upgrade our tow vehicle at some point in the future, we could easily transfer the side boat loader to our new vehicle.

One person operation for boat hoist.

Another thing I like about this boat loader or boat hoist, is that it is a one person operation to load your boat from the ground onto the roof of your vehicle. The only manual work that you will need to do, is to make sure your load is tied down with ropes or straps. That's a pretty straight forward task and of course you would want to make sure your boat is secured once you get out on the road.

According to the specifications the Rhino side boat loader is able to handle boats, kayaks or canoes up to 12 feet in length which have a total weight of less than 176 lbs. (about 80kg).

Boats of this size can be a handful for even two people to load up and can easily become unstable as you lift them above your head height which not only adds to the risk of injuries to yourself, but also damage to your boat and vehicle.

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