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Cardinals Rally Squirrel

Updated on October 10, 2014
Rally Squirrel image edited by CrossCreations
Rally Squirrel image edited by CrossCreations | Source

Baseball Cardinal Fans Gone Nutty over Squirrel

Fredbird step aside, the rally squirrel ruled the world series championship games for the Redbirds. That crazy rally squirrel took the spotlight for St. Louis Cardinal Baseball fans during 2011 postseason MLB championship baseball in St. Louis.

What if a squirrel got inside Busch Stadium during a tight game, ran onto the field and even crossed home plate? And just afterward the Cardinals rallied and WON!? Then that squirrel might become a hero, right? You bet!

The rally squirrel gave the Cardinals' mascot, Fredbird the Redbird, a run for his money. The Cardinals Rally Squirrel became the talk of the town in St. Louis during red October of 2011. it became a crazy epidemic. Not only were rally squirrel t-shirts popping up all over town in St. Louis, but we also have Rally Squirrel cakes at the local grocery, and even rally squirrel Halloween costumes are becoming the hottest items of the season.

Postseason 2012 & 2013:

the Cardiac Cardinals

are doing a repeat performance.

Viva the Rally Squirrel!

The Rally Squirrel Debut in 2011
The Rally Squirrel Debut in 2011

The Arrival of the Rally Squirrel

Cards VS Phillies 2011 Postseason Game 4

The Rally Squirrel first arrived during the sixth inning of game 3 when he ran around the outfield and down the third-base line. This briefly interrupted the game with Ryan Theriot at the plate. The Rally Squirrel really took center stage during game 4 when it darted across home plate just moments after Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt threw to Skip Schumaker. The squirrel then ran into the stands and Oswalt protested, saying that the pitch, which was called a ball, shouldn't have counted because he was distracted. Then a few days later it happened AGAIN, a squirrel got onto the playing field during a Cardinals postseason playoff game... and the legend of the rally squirrel was born.

The Rally Squirrel has captured the imagination of Cardinals fans and media all across the MLB and the (Cardinal) nation.


The Cardinal Rally Squirrel up to Bat

Redbirds & their fans go NUTS over the rally squirrel!

It's amazing how quickly this squirrel become such a celebrity as our postseason MLB 2011 mascot in St. Louis! Cardinal fans truly went nutty over this rally squirrel. Below you'll find a collection of photos that popped up all over the St. Louis media just in a few weeks time during Red October of 2011.

2011 MLB postseason play has been INTENSE in St. Louis! From being 10+ games out in late August to winning the wild card, then beating out both the Brewers and the Phillies to face the Texas Rangers in the World Series, no wonder fans have gone NUTTY!

Squirrel at Busch Stadium - See for yourself the day the Rally Squirrel arrived at Busch in this video.

Super Squirrel!

Super Squirrel!
Super Squirrel!

Cardinals 2011 WS Rally Towel

Cardinals 2011 WS Rally Towel
Cardinals 2011 WS Rally Towel

It started with LaRussa in 2011.

Tony Larussa: "Release the Squirrel!"
Tony Larussa: "Release the Squirrel!"

A well-known animal lover, Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa is also enjoying the celebrity status of the Rally Squirrel and noted that the fun surrounding the famous squirrel critter has helped keep his Cardinal team loose and relaxed during the postseason.

La Russa said. "The fans are having fun. And I really believe that this is not old school, and I know I am in many ways, but I think there's so much attention and pressure on the players that sometimes they don't show their happiness. I've really gotten over getting upset over it. Sometimes I think it's a release. So I think it's fun."

LaRussa even claims the squirrel is out looking for a hot date "As long as Misses Squirrely keeps dating Mr. Torty (player Allen Craig's pet tortoise), I just think we should get a sweep because we don't want them to interrupt the game. The problem is Craig hasn't been playing. I think the squirrel is looking around for Torty, because Torty was looking around for Craig. I don't know, it's nonsense."

ATTACK of the Rally Squirrel!

ATTACK of the Rally Squirrel!
ATTACK of the Rally Squirrel!

Let's GO Cardinals!

Let's GO Cardinals!
Let's GO Cardinals!

Not Everyone Likes the Rally Squirrel - Some St. Louis people are NOT nutty over this squirrel.

While it seems like St. Louis Cardinal fans are all just going nutty over this rally squirrel, there are some who don't like him one bit. I saw a comment somewhere that he's 'an embarassment' and another person commented that 'Stan the Man' (Musial) would have a fit at all this silliness. What do YOU think?

Which name would YOU choose for the Rally Squirrel?

See results

Name the Rally Squirrel

OK so beyond the Rally Squirrel,

what will St. Louis name this new furry celebrity?

We've seen a few names pop up in St. Louis media like Buschie (after Busch Beer)

Also Peanut, however neither are considered 'official' as yet.

Your Vote???

Nutsy SINGS! Rally Squirrel Songs - Squirrels Just Wanna Have FUN!

Crazy versions of popular songs with new lyrics by Nutsy, the Rally Squirrel! It works like this...take a handful of popular songs with the word 'girl' in them, change 'girl' to 'squirrel' and ya get crazy lyrics such as:

"I Guess You'd Say, What can make me feel this way? My Squirrel"

"Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun"

or more crazy lyrics like

"I like big nuts and I can not lie"

rally squirrel
rally squirrel
rally squirrel
rally squirrel

Cardinals Mascots Rally Squirrel & Fredbird

Cardinals Mascots Rally Squirrel & Fredbird
Cardinals Mascots Rally Squirrel & Fredbird

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rally squirrel
rally squirrel

Rally Squirrel Lawsuit?

St. Louis attorney sends cease and desist letter regarding the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals and the 'Rally Squirrel'

Then just when I was thinking this Rally Squirrel business couldn't get any crazier... I found this crazy Rally Squirrel post on the Wall Street Journal and it was titled "LeTR fROm thE RaLLy SQuiRRel AtTornEY" By JASON GAY


My NaMe is RiChaRD FLuFFYTAIL, III, EsQ. I am A SQuiRReL AttornEY with the FiRm of ACoRN, ChEStNUT and PINECone, LLP. I am LICsenSED To pRaCTicE SQuiRReL LaW IN the STaTe of MissOUri as WEll as CAliForNia, New YORK anD aLL FOREsTS.

iT haS ComE To MY aTTenSHUN That ThE SAiNT LOuis CaRDiNaLs haVe Been UsinG the LikENess of My CLienT, "RaLLY SQuiRReL," In TEEM maTERiALs dURinG tHe NaTIONAl LeAgUe ChaMPEENshup SeeeRiES.

Read the rest of this craZy StoRY at the link below (and/or peek below at the demands of the Rally Squirrel).

Rally Squirrel Gets a Lawyer!

rally squirrel
rally squirrel

Rally Squirrel Demands

...from the article by Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal...WhAt CHuCK the Rally SQUIRReL WanTs

SiX thINGs the CarDINaLs can Do FOR ChuCk


2) GiVe hIm a sEaT in the CaRDs DugOUT at BuScH. No MOre of THis EMBaRrassING ruNNING AcROSS Plate and LOokING for a SEat Stuff.

3) Let cHUcK PinCH run for the CARdiNAls AS mUCh AS POSSiBle.

4) gIvE cHuCk aN aUtoGraPHEd Stan MUSIal jersey.

5) LEt cHuCk eat FRIed CHICKEN and DrINK Beer AND play VIDEO GAmes DURING GaMEs like RED Sox Pitchers.

6) InTroDuCe ChUCK the Rally SQUIRReL to HeLeN MirrEN. Not SURe WHat ThaT has TO Do With BASeBAll, But Make IT haPPEn.

MAke NO MiSTake: CHuCK and aLL sQuiRreLs like The CaRdInAls and EspECially thEiR ManAGer, TonEE LaRuSSA. TonEE LaRuSSA maY not SEEM liKE a BarrEL of LAFFS buT hE is a FRIenD to ALL aniMALS.

LaRuSSA is EveN a friend To the CATS, Which THe SQUIrrels dO not UNDersTAND. HaVE u EVeR tRieD to NeGOtiaTe with a CAT? TODAL NigHTmaRE. (WorSe than RaTz!)

OKaY that Is ALL, SAiNT LOUis, PLeeze TaKE thiS LeTTer seRIOUsLy.

IF you Do NOT Agree to ouR demands, and You ConTInue to MAke anD SeLL "RaLLy SQuiRReL" ITemS, we ShaLL have NO chOIce to Sign WiTh the CUBs in 2012. And TAke ALBerT PuLJOLs With US.

Full story at link below from the Wall St. Journal:

Rally Squirrel Gets a Lawyer!

Rally Squirrel Image Photo Credits

So many images get shared online that it's hard to be certain of the original source. Credit for the rally squirrel images on this page goes to:

* Lorraine Bannister Jennemann, graphic designer. Eureka, MO.

* STL Today

* St. Louis Cardinals fanpage, Facebook



Rally Squirrel Comments - Thanks for chiming in, baseball fans! What do YOU think about the Cardinal Rally Squirrel? Learned anything new here?

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    • Mistalina profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome lens!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      another great lens by you! enjoyed this one a lot, it was fun to read and remember as this event is still fresh in everyone's mind.

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image


      7 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Hi CrossCreations, my Cardinals baseball fan buddy! Wasn't the Cardinals' 'Run to the Win' outstanding? I enjoyed every single game, but most particularly the 'rally' game with Philly and Game 6 of the World Series! Unbelievable!

      The Rally Squirrel will be talked about in St. Louis for Years! I was sad to read today that Tony La Russa is retiring. He will be missed as the Redbirds' manager, but 'all good things must come to an end'! Enjoyed your Rally Squirrel story very much. Already missing MLB (and Cardinals) Baseball...!


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