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How to Find Quality Cheap Airsoft Guns For Sale

Updated on February 3, 2016

Cheap Airsoft Guns

Finding cheap airsoft guns is easy. You can find them anyplace you look. Most of them are complete junk though and will break on you within a couple of days.

I have purchased quite a few over the past couple of months for my son. This last time, I decided there is no reason for us to keep spending $30 at a time but also didn't want to spend $200 for a toy gun.

I decided to do my homework this time around and find out, what is the best cheap airsoft gun for us and what to look for when buying them. So in this Hub, we are going to go over all kinds of stuff that I have found out on these guns, the best airsoft guns under $50, or can you even find a decent gun in that range.

So let me start off by saying it is very hard to find a quality airsoft gun for under $100 but it is possible. You just need to know where to look. The way I went about it is by going and doing a little store sopping with my son to see what he liked. Our budget was around $50 but I learned when reading up on good guns that my expectation might be a little low.

For those of you not wanting to read the article. You can find good cheaply priced airsoft guns on Amazon , just make sure to read the reviews. I really suggest reading this Hub so you know what to look for.


The Cheap Made Guns

Cheap price + cheaply made = junk

When you find airsoft guns for under $50, you can bet the farm that it is cheaply made. Well, riffles that is. These are the ones I have bought for my son up until this last time and I have learned that they are made out of a cheap plastic that will break within a couple weeks. If you or your kid play rough like kids usually do, you will end up with nothing in a short time span.

From everything that I can find, these cheap airsoft guns are all made in China and though work, are just not made to last. I have yet to find one in this price range that is worth buying.

Things to look out for is if it seems to be to good to be true, it probably is. Look for light weight flimsy plastic. You can tell when you hold it if it is cheap. I'm not saying not to buy them, I'm just saying expect to be replacing them within a week or two.

How to Find a Quality Cheap Airsoft Guns

What to look for and how to find a good deal

The good news is that good or at least good enough that will hold up a little rough play can be found under $100. You just need to look for them. When you get into the range of around $75-$100 when looking at airsoft guns, it could go either way. You could find a gem or end up with junk.

This is how we went about it. My son and I went shopping at some of the big stores. Our first stop was at Walmart to get it out of the way. I would never buy an airsoft gun from Walmart. At least the one we stopped at were all junk. We then went next door to Dick's because my son used a gun that came from a Dick's a couple weeks before during a party. They had airsoft guns from cheap plastic up to solid metal ones. The prices were out of our range as the metal one he used a couple weeks ago ran $140. They did not have a very large selection in the store. Our next stop was at BassPro and they had a whole isle of airsoft guns, we hit the mother lode. Again, ranging from junk to over $200. We both kept coming back to one that looked good and though plastic, a solid heavy plastic. I read the information on the back and found that the important parts inside were metal (gears, etc). The only issue was it that it was $120. At this point I almost accepted that I was going to have to up the price of our budget. We started at $50 and I was going to have to pay over $100 by the time I was done. I decided to do a quick search on my phone and found the exact airsoft gun at $69.99 with free shipping! That is a $50 savings plus 7%tax... Along with that one, I found other cheap airsoft guns that were selling for quite a bit more in the stores.

So the whole point here is if you are buying these online, it is kind of a crap shoot of what kind of quality will be showing up at your house. Going to the stores and holding them, you can find a specific one you like. Make a note of the brand and model number (important) and jump online to start searching. You can even do it in the store on your phone as I did.

Now once you start searching online, you will find a ton of places that sell them. A lot of the airsoft websites are shady to say the least. This is where staying with known websites come in handy. I don't think you will find any cheaper prices than you would on amazon and they have a well known return policy. It is always better to buy the guns that Amazon ships as any returns is a no question asked policy.

In the next section, I will go over some of the cheap airsoft guns that I have found and give a little feedback on each one.

Jing Gong G608 Airsoft Electric Gun K36c AEG - Great Electric Airsoft Gun for under $100

K36c AEG
K36c AEG

Often when it comes to airsoft guns, you have to sacrifice a great deal of quality when buying something under a hundred dollars. What you end up with often feels like a popgun in your hand, ineffective, neither precise nor accurate, and unreliable, especially since most manufacturers fabricate all of the parts out of plastic to save on production costs. These guns can rarely stand up to their more expensive counterparts, making them a worthless purchase.

This isn’t the case with the K36c AEG. Whether you are looking for an airsoft gun that is easy to use or can inflict some real pain on your opponents, the K36c AEG is a great gun. It easily outstrips the other weapons in its price class, even rivaling its longer barreled adversaries for precision and power.

At only eight pounds, with a sturdy plastic exterior, this gun is easy to carry, especially during long outdoor airsoft wars. Though the outside is made of plastic, all the parts inside that matter are made out of metal, which means it’s not going to break down on you anytime soon. Often even more expensive guns are made of all plastic, and are designed to break down after a couple of years. This gun is not going to give you that kind of trouble.

But more than anything, it’s the realistic feel of the gun that makes it a real winner. All who hold it say that it has a good weight and length. It’s easy to handle, and doesn’t kick around when you shoot it like some lower-end models might. It looks and feels realistic, without being too heavy, which is a big draw for a lot of players.

Some guns under $100 are going to feel like toys. This gun does not. It feels like a formidable weapon, and it consistently proves itself when put to the test. Reviewers constantly compare it to other airsoft guns in their arsenal, and while the K36c AEG might be less accurate at 150 feet, it’s just as accurate and more powerful at short distances. It competes with and often exceeds weapons of even twice its price.

Whether you are a veteran airsoft player or completely new to the game, this is a great rifle. It will bring the hurt at a lower cost and greater value than any of the other guns in its class. Plus, there are plenty of great upgrades you can purchase to make it more versatile and accurate, the most popular being a battery with a longer life and an extra magazine.

The only complaints any of the purchasers have had about this electronic rifle is that it needs to be cleaned when it first comes home. After that, it shoots with consistent accuracy and speed. If you are just starting to build your arsenal or looking to bring in a reliable, fun to shoot gun, the K36c AEG is a perfect choice.

Marines Airsoft M4 MCER02

The Marines Airsoft MCER02 is the gun that I ended up buying for my son this last time. At BassPro it was $120, on the manufacturer website it is a busty $135 and Amazon it was $70 shipped.

It is made of a hard plastic that will not break if you look at it wrong and the inside has metal gears. It looks and feels very solid. It is an electric airsoft gun that runs off of a rechargeable battery and shoots in semi auto and automatic machine gun mode. In auto mode it shoots at 600 rounds per minute and at an average of 275 feet per second. A cool feature this gun has that most others do not is besides running off of a battery, it also has a spring shot. So in other words, if your battery runs out or you are being a sniper, you can use spring mode. If you get caught up in a gun fight, you can switch it over to semi or auto.

The Picatinny rails on this airsoft gun are pretty solid as well. There is plenty of room if you would like to add a scope, laser, tactical flashlight or what ever.

The only con I have found on this gun so far is that getting extra magazines for it can be a pain. I have contacted the manufacturer to see if they can be purchased.

The final word on this is that it is a great deal in my eyes.

Buy Cheap Airsoft Guns - Here are a couple of my favorites

Marines Airsoft ER02 Rifle
Marines Airsoft ER02 Rifle

The last one that I purchased. Very solid gun.


Double Eagle M85P - Best airsoft gun under $50

The Double Eagle M85P was the gun we purchased right before the MCER02. Out of all the cheap airsoft guns we have purchased, this gun is about the best one for under $50 that I have found. I have not bought all of them of course but out of the ones I have purchased. It runs $34. One of the upsides to this gun is that you can find extra magazines for about $5. They always come in handy.

The Double Eagle M85P is made out of the cheaper plastic and in my experience (well my son's), they accessories broke off pretty quickly from the cheap plastic. Shooting wise, it held up pretty good. It still works and he let's friends the doesn't have an airsoft gun use it when they play. If you are on a budget and trying to find the best airsoft gun for under $50, this one might be what you are looking for. Just don't expect it to hold up long term.

If you have not found any cheap airsoft guns that work for you, I recommend bookmarking this page. I will add more airsoft reviews.

This section is for feedback, comments and reviews of cheap airsoft guns. Feel free to share your thoughts.

What is Your Suggestion for Good Cheap Airsoft Guns? - Review your airsoft gun, what model and how do you like it?

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