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Cheap Mountain Bikes Top 5 - All The Best Bikes Online Spotlighted!

Updated on September 14, 2014

Where To Get Cheap Mountain Bikes Online - Low Priced Ways Of Getting Yourself In Gear!

In my lifetime, I've owned a number of cheap mountain bikes. After having spent a work day behind the computer, I like to get out into the fresh air and get some exercise.


I especially enjoy hopping on my bike during the summer. Usually I'll bike my way a few miles away from civilization and ride the dirt tracks. But sometimes I'll also hop onto the mountain bike in the winter.

Over the years, I've gotten a good feel for what makes for a good mountain bike. Every single time I managed to get my hands on a new one, I would get pretty excited!

But after trying more than a few bikes, I must say that my personal favorite are Diamondback bikes. They have been for a few years now, and they will likely remain so for a few years to come.

Biking is a truly amazing sport. If you are living in an area where you've got some hills, dirt tracks, forests or anything else... then you might want to consider hopping onto a mountain bike every once in a while!

But even if you are living in a crowded city with big streets, such as for example New York, then you can still have a lot of fun on a bike. That's the great thing about big cities with wide roads... plenty of room for cars and bikes alike!

Nothing will make you feel better than going for an intense bike ride for an hour or so and then coming back home and feeling all refreshed!

So kudos to you for looking into taking up mountain biking as a new lifestyle!

The reason why you are looking for a cheap mountain bike could be that you're looking for your very first one and you don't want to spend a small fortune on it. Or you could just be on a budget (because aren't we all in this economy).

Whatever your reason is... I'd like to help you out to select the bike that is right for you. That's why I've compiled this list (ordered descendingly) of the five highest rated mountain bikes on Amazon, which also happen to be very low priced.

#5 - Pacific Outdoor Mountain Hunter Mountain Bike Review

Good entry level bike for rough terrain.

The Mountain Hunter is a very decent entry level bike.

It's completely aluminum, which means it's light as well as sturdy. It also has dual suspension, meaning that it has suspension both on the front wheel and on the rear wheel.

Single suspension bikes have only suspension on the front wheel. A single suspension bike is sometimes also referred to as a hardtail.

Dual suspension is also referred to as full suspension.

Dual suspension isn't necessarily superior to single suspension. As a matter of fact, hardtails are better suited for single tracks and flat roads. Full suspension bikes are more suited for rough terrains, such as off road adventures, etc.

The guys from Pacific Outdoor market this full suspension bike has a high performance bike. And while it's certainly no premium bike, there is no denying that you're getting bang for your buck.

It comes with a Mossy Oak camouflage paint job. For an entry level bike, that is a really nice bonus. Imagine buying a car and you get fire & flames decals to go with it. An unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise!

The Mountain Hunter has really good brakes too. But eventually, those brakes are going to need replacement. It'll take more than a few miles before you get to the point of having to replace the brakes, however.

Another really nice addition to this bike is the powder coated matte black rims on the wheels and spokes. In the end, no color looks better on a bike's wheels than pitch black.

Opinions differ, of course. But black just so happens to my personal favorite.

By now, it's obvious to you that this bike has the whole hunting theme going on here. But don't worry, Pacific Outdoor doesn't actually expect you to go hunting on this bike.

It's just a theme. Love it, leave it, or just go with it.

#4 - Schwinn Ridge Women's Mountain Bike Review

It's not just a man's sport!

Let's face it... this day and age, you can't pretend like any given sport is just a man's sport. I'm not going to compile a mountain bike top five without including a woman's bike as well!

So here it is... a women's mountain bike by Schwinn!

Schwinn is well known for designing and manufacturing exercise equipment such as elliptical cross trainers. But whaddaya know... they also make really cool mountain bikes!

This women's bike, the Ridge, has a lowered top tube to make it easier for the ladies to get on. The design is definitely femine, but without sacrificing that bad-ass attitude that any decent mountain bike just has to have!

For women, it's more important to have many different kinds of speeds on a bike. This bike has no fewer than 21 speeds, so the resistance it gives you can be modified to your heart's content.

This mountain bike is definitely designed to be taken out onto rougher terrains. But it's just a starter bike, mind you. Constant bicycling on rough terrain will put some wear & tear on there rather quickly.

The Ridge bike can also be used as a regular ole' road bike. And it's highly recommend that you do, in fact, use it on flat pavement from time to time.

It will definitely make this bike last longer if you do.

This women's bike has an extra soft saddle to make sure you will have a comfortable ride on it. It also does a really good job at braking and coming to a full stop in a straight line.

You might want to visit a bike shop near you and have it tuned up after you buy and receive it.

At the low price at which Amazon is offering it, you really can't go wrong. It's easily $100 cheaper than it is at any local bike shop you visit.

#3 - Mongoose Status 3.0 Mountain Bike

Might as well be called 'Bang For Buck'.

While the Status 3.0 bike is slightly more expensive than number 4 and number 5 in this list, rest assured that this bike also guarantees that you get an extremely large amount of value for your money.

At this price, it's quite obvious that this is an entry level bike. With the Status 3.0, you can expect a good quality, sturdily built mountain bike that is able to take a few hits.

All 'round, good quality bike. But you do need to take into account that its brandless parts are not what a professional mountain biker would put up with.

The reason why this bike offers such great bang for the buck, is because you'd be spending a whole lot more money if you ordered all of its parts separately and put the bike together.

And that's not even taking into account your time and effort on assembling this bike from a collection of separate parts!

The Status 3.0 comes with an SR SunTour suspension fork. These forks are known to be of good quality. They last a long time and they will smooth your ride really nicely by absorbing the bumps.

The less of your energy goes into handling bumps, the more of it goes into keeping your bike going forward (which is ultimately what you want).

It's a very comfortable ride straight out of the box. But if you want to make it more comfortable for little extra money, then your best bet would be to upgrade the saddle to a more comfortable one.

You may be of the opinion that a bike around the four hundred dollar mark is quite the expense. But you have to keep in mind...

In stores, this bike will cost up to several hundreds of dollars more than it does on Amazon. It really is a great price.

#2 - Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Mountain Bike Review

A Schwinn bike for men!

At slightly over two hundred dollars, it's extremely hard to go wrong with the Protocol 1.0.

I've looked around for a long time... but beyond the shadow of any doubt, this has got to be one of the cheapest, most highly revered mountain bikes on all of Amazon.

Please keep in mind that we are, once again, talking about value for the money. No entry level bike at this price point will ever come with the highest quality parts.

Sure, it doesn't let you place a water bottle anywhere. Nor is the bike easy to tune manually. But to make up for that, the bike's parts are very durable. All in all this is a fantastic entry level bike at the current price!

Like all other bikes in this list, this bike has dual suspension. That means it's designed to be taken out onto rough terrain.

But just like with the Schwinn's mountain bike for women at number 2 in the list, it's the same story with this bike...

It's still an entry level bike. The parts will wear and tear rather quickly when you take it onto rough terrain all the time. You can expect to wear out the tires and the front rotor disc (the brake disc).

On this model, the rotor disc tends to get warped, or bent. You can fix this yourself rather easily with a so called truing fork if you want to.

It'll take some time to master that skill, but at least you won't have to replace the whole rotor disc (which costs more than a truing fork).

Having to perform maintenance on a mountain bike isn't for everybody, though.

But then again... if you are completely new to mountain biking and you won't ride the bike for more than once a week on average... then the bike will likely last you a long enough time not to get confronted with maintenance.

And if you end up riding it a lot because you find out that you really dig mountain biking, then you'll probably want to move up to a better model before the maintenance hits, anyway.

Don't let the sub par quality of some parts on this bike hold you back. It remains one of the most sturdily built, best entry level mountain bikes on the planet.

#1 - Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V 29'er Mountain Bike Review

The best entry level bike you'll ever find.

And finally, we get to the Diamondback, my personal favorite!

Nothing beats a Diamondback, really. I must confess that, at around the four hundred dollar mark, this is the most expensive bike on the list.

But as far as mountain bikes go, this is still a very cheap one. It's still an entry level bike.

Diamondback's Overdrive line of bikes is a very popular bikeline with a very recognizable frame. The whole design of the bike just looks really bad-ass.

And this 2013 model is also pitch black, just how I like it!

If black isn't your thing, then you can browse Amazon for Diamondbacks in other colors.

Also noteworthy, is that this bike is the only bike with 29 inch wheels on this list. The other bikes' wheels are all a standard 26 inch.

A lot of Diamondback's bikes have 29 inch wheels. But don't assume that bigger bike wheel size is automatically better!

There is a real debate on the topic of 26 inchers vs. 29 inchers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Regular 26 inchers will perform better when it comes to descents that are performed on rough terrain. Especially if these descents also include tight turns!

But 29 inchers are more stable and give you more grip. The increased grip is caused simply by the fact that 29 inch wheels are bigger and have more surface area that connects to the ground.

A bike with 29 inch wheels will allow you to ride the bike in a straight line with much more ease than a 26 inch wheeled bike.

So you see, whether you need a 26'er or a 29'er all depends on where you intend to ride the bike.

If you are new to mountain biking, odds are that you won't be taking on the roughest terrains immediately. In fact, it is much more likely that you will stick to friendlier terrains early on in your biking career.

Think flat pavement and dirt tracks without any steep descents.

So for that reason, people that are new to the sport would actually do really well on a 29'er such as this.

The Diamondback 29'er is a really fantastic way to test the waters if you've never ridden a mountain bike before.

The slightly higher price will pay off in the long run. This bike will not quickly show wear and tear, like some other bikes on this list.

With moderate usage, Diamondback's bike can easily last you many years. So once again, we've got another bike on the list that gives you tremendous bang for your buck!

The Low Down On Diamondback's 29 Inchers!

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