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Cheap mountain bikes for sale

Updated on August 29, 2017

Top rated cheap mountain bikes for sale

There's little better than getting in to the countryside, getting off-road and taking to the trails on a mountain bike. Getting some fresh air in your lungs and taking in some scenery whilst getting some exercise is a great pastime you can do by yourself or with friends and family. Top end mountain bikes are expensive however there are plenty of cheap and affordable mountain bikes for sale.

Some cheap mountain bikes for sale are utter rubbish and not worth buying, however there are some cheap mountain bikes for sale that are tough durable and very good quality, and these are the ones worth buying if you are on a budget. The problem is, how do we go about finding the best quality cheap mountain bikes for sale? There are plenty of dishonest retailers out there who are only too happy to take your money and sell you a poor mountain bike in return, so you do need to take a bit of care.

If you are looking for a cheap mountain bike for sale that is good quality take a look at the following mountain bikes, all of which are top drawer and worth buying. What's more is they don't cost the earth. So, please do carry on reading.

Schwinn Solution

Schwinn are well known for producing top quality mountain bikes and the entry level Solution model is no different. The frame is made out of lightweight alloy therefore it is one of the lighter cheap mountain bikes for sale. Despite the alloy frame the Schwinn Solution is tough and durable, just like a mountain bike should be. The Schwinn Solution also looks awesome and is a real head turner.

The drive train is a mixture of Shimano and Suntour equipment, which actually work very well together. However, if you want to upgrade or change the drive train to all Shimano or all Suntour it is an easy job to do.

The stopping power is provided by some powerful disc brakes, which means you can come to an immediate halt in the event of an emergency. Disc brakes are also advantages in wet weather, or when riding through puddles, so they are very good features.

The Scwhinn Solution is another one of the cheap mountain bikes for sale that doesn't have full suspension therefore it is best suited to the smaller hills, trails and green lanes. The Schwinn Solution is also suitable for riding on the roads, although it isn't as fast or easy as a road bike.

The Schwinn Solution is one of the best cheap mountain bikes for sale, so if you are on a budget this is one that you should definitely take a look at.

Mongoose Tyax

Mongoose are better known for producing top quality BMX bikes, however they also make top quality mountain bikes as well, as the Tyax proves. The Mongoose Tyax is a top quality mountain bike that is tough, durable and more than capable for the roughest terrain.

The Mongoose Tyax has a 24 speed drive train which means you will hill climbing with minimal effort. The stopping power is provided by top quality disc brakes, which means it is possible to stop on a dime when the need arises.

The front suspension forks are fully adjustable which helps to make a more comfortable ride. The Mongoose Tyax isn't a full suspension mountain bike, therefore it is ideal for moderate hills, light rails and green lanes. The Mongoose Tyax is also suitable for road riding, although it obviously isn't as fast and easy to ride as a road bike.

Out of all the cheap mountain bikes for sale the Mongoose Tyax is an excellent choice since it is such a good bike. I is hard to believe you can get a top quality mountain bike that has so many decent components for such a small price. If you want top bang for your buck this bike provides it.

Diamondback 2012 Response

Diamondback are well known for making top quality high end mountain bikes so you can be sure the entry level Diamondback Response is also going to be a top quality mountain bike. After all, Diamondback would not jeopardise its reputation by building an inferior mountain bike, would it?

The Diamondback Response has a 21 speed Shimano Altus drive train, which means you will be flying up the hills with minimal effort. Shimano produce excellent drive trains, gears and shifters and whilst the Altus may be at the lower end it is still a very good group set that is smooth and slick. The stopping power is provided by V brakes, and whilst these are not as good as disc brakes, they are more than adequate for general use.

The front suspension unit is an adjustable SR Suntour XCT which is very good and ideal for light hills, trails and green lanes. The Diamondback Response doesn’t have full suspension therefore it is ideal for riding on the roads with minimal effort too. As you can see the Diamondback Response is a very versatile mountain bike.

The Diamondback Response is one of the better cheap mountain bikes for sale and is well worth considering if you are looking to buy a mountain bike on a budget.

GMC Topkick

The GMC Topkick is a tough mountain bike that is built to last. With its strong oversized frame and tough rims it is capable of dealing with the steepest hills and the toughest terrain. If you want a bullet proof mountain bike the Topkick is the bike for you.

The GMC Topkick has 21 gears, which means you can climb the steepest hills with ease. The drive train is a mixture of Shimano and Microshift, so there are some good quality components. If you want to change the group set and drive train to include all Shimano components or all Microshift components, this is more than possible.

The GMC Topkick is a full suspension mountain bike, i.e. one with both front and rear suspension, which makes it ideal for serious mountain/hill climbing, downhill riding and extreme trail riding. A full suspension mountain bike will zap your energy, even on the flattest terrain therefore it is not suitable for fast road rides or rides where you want to travel a decent speed.

The GMC Topkick is a lovely looking mountain bike and a real head turner, and it looks like it should cost a lot more than it does.

If you want or need a full suspension mountain bike and you have a small budget the GMC Topkick is something you should definitely consider as it really is a good mountain bike. If you want a bike for light off road use and for riding on the road the GMC Topkick is not the best mountain bike as it is too steep hill/mountain specific.

Mongoose Impasse

The Impasse is one of the cheap mountain bikes for sale that is a full suspension mountain bike, i.e. it has both front and rear suspension that is produced by Mongoose. Mongoose is better known for producing BMX bikes, however it also has a range of cheap mountain bikes for sale, and the Impasse is one of them.

The Impasse has 21 gears, supplied by Shimano, combined with twist shifters. Shimano produces some excellent drive trains and the one on the Impasse is no different. The gears are smooth and change quickly and efficiently, although the twist shifters do take a bit of getting used to.

The stopping power consists of powerful disc brakes, which will bring this mountain bike to an immediate halt as and when required. Disc brakes are also advantageous in wet weather and when riding through puddles, shallow brooks and streams etc. so they are brakes that are worth having.

The Impasse isn’t lightweight, but given the strength and durability of this mountain bike this is understandable. Suspension units are also heavy on their own, so the overall weight of the bike is going to be high. When it comes to serious off road riding and downhill cycling the weight of the bike is not really an issue, so don’t let the heavy weight of the Impasse put you off buying one.

In its plain white livery the Impasse is a great looking bike and very stylish. It is a definite head turner so you need to keep this on mind before parting with your hard earned cash.

Overall the Mongoose Impasse is an excellent full suspension mountain bike. It looks great, it is tough and built to last, it is made by Mongoose (a well known manufacturer) and it is cheap.

Full suspension or not?

Mountain bikes are made with full suspension or just front suspension, but which is best? What do you prefer and, more importantly, why?

Is full suspension or just front suspension best?

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