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Cheap road cycling jerseys

Updated on March 3, 2013

Not all cheap road cycling jerseys are uncomfortable, ill fitting and a waste of money and there are many affordable road cycling jerseys that are exceptionally good, making them ideal for those on a budget or those cyclists that simply cannot justify shelling out a hundred bucks or more on a cycling jersey.

Cheap road cycling jerseys aren't as bright or colourful as the more expensive jerseys, neither are they full of sponsors but does this really matter. Do you really want to be an Armstrong, Contador or Visser wannabe? I know I don't.

When it comes to cycling jerseys as long as they are comfortable and a good fit, cool and made out of wicking material to keep the sweat away from the skin that is all that matters, and fortunately, there are many cheap road cycling jerseys that satisfy all these things.

So, if you are looking for some top road cycling jerseys that are not going to break the bank then make sure you check out this lens, "Cheap road cycling jerseys".

Pro cyclist
Pro cyclist

Team road cycling jerseys are cool, however you do need to have deep pockets to be able to buy one. Fortunately, there are cheap road cycling alternatives that are going to be just as good, however you won't look like you should be part of the Tour De France.

Cheap road cycling jerseys - Pearl iZumi Quest jersey

Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Jersey,White,X-Large
Pearl Izumi Men's Quest Jersey,White,X-Large

Pearl iZumi is well known for creating good quality cycling apparel and the Pearl iZumi Quest jersey is no different. The quality of this cycling jersey is great and the quality is the same as other cycling jerseys that cost double as much as this one.

The Pearl iZumi Quest Jersey is a very comfortable fit. It is tight enough to prevent wind drag but not so tight it is restrictive and uncomfortable. The back of the jersey is slightly longer than the front which means your lower back will always be covered and you won’t end up “builders bumming” other road users. Like all cycle clothing this jersey is cut small so make sure you order a size larger than your usual size if you are unsure.

On the back of the jersey there are three large pockets in which you can securely store your cell phone, energy bars, small pump, map and anything else you need to carry on a ride.

The Pearl iZumi Quest jersey is available in loads of different colour schemes including blue/black, orange/black, yellow/black, screaming yellow and true red to name just a few. With this many colours and designs there is something for all tastes and all cyclists.

If you want a cycling jersey that looks the part, is a good fit, has useful pockets and doesn’t cost a small fortune the Pearl iZumi is a great choice. It also goes very well with the Pear Izumi padded cycling shorts.


Cheap road cycling jerseys - Pearl iZumi sleeveless tri jersey

Pearl Izumi Men's Select Tri Sleeveless Jersey, Large, True Red
Pearl Izumi Men's Select Tri Sleeveless Jersey, Large, True Red

This sleeveless jersey is ideal for long rides during the summer months when temperatures are soaring. This top is obviously sleeveless and allows the arms and the armpits the chance to breathe as they are open to the air.

By their very nature all tri-vests are a tight fit and this Pearl iZumi tri-vest is no different. The skin tight fit is ideal for cycling as it stops the jersey from filling up with wind and acting as a sail to slow you down and impede your progress. If you don’t like wearing skin tight and spray on cycling jerseys, and there are many cyclists that don’t, this Pearl iZumi tri-vest is not for you.

The Pearl iZumi tri-vest is available in five different colour schemes including true red, black, true blue/lime, white/safety orange and white/green flash. The colour schemes may sound a bit garish however they are subtle and look stylish.

The Pearl iZumi tri-vest is made out of select transfer fabric which is specifically designed for skin cooling and locking moisture away from the skin, which results in a very comfortable top. Does this material work any better than that of other tri-vests? Probably not, but the Pearl iZumi vest is exceptionally comfortable.

On the back of the vest there are two pockets in which you can store all the necessary bits and pieces of the cycle ride. Overall the Pearl iZumi tri-vest is a great product and one that is well worth buying for those hot summer day cycle rides.


Cheap road cycling jerseys - Fox long sleeve jersey

Fox Head Men's Attack Long Sleeve Jersey, Black, Medium
Fox Head Men's Attack Long Sleeve Jersey, Black, Medium

The Fox Attack jersey is a long sleeved top that is ideal for trail riding, i.e. where there are brambles, branches and twigs to damage your arms as well as for cycle rides in the winter months when you need long sleeves to keep your arms nice and warm. The Fox Attack may not look like a typical road cycling jersey however it is great for road cycling.

The long sleeved Fox Attack cycle jersey is only available in black and grey, which is a bit of a shame however you shouldn’t let this put you off buying one. The Fox Atack jersey is not available in high visibility colours therefore you are going to need other high visibility accessories if you wear the Fox Attack jersey to ensure you are easily seen.

The Fox Attack jersey is 80% nylon and 20% spandex, which means it is cool and comfortable. The Fox Attack jersey is not skin tight like some jerseys, however it is tight enough to not act as a sail and catch the wind whilst you’re out on your cycle ride.

If you are looking for a long sleeve cycle jersey the Fox Attack is one that should be on your short list. It is good quality, warm, reasonable priced and good value for money. The lack of colour schemes is a bit of a shame, but this jersey does look awesome in black and grey.


Cheap road cycling jerseys - BDI men's jersey

BDI Men's Classic Cycling Jersey, Neon Yellow, Medium
BDI Men's Classic Cycling Jersey, Neon Yellow, Medium

Cyclists are vulnerable road users therefore it is important that all cyclists ensure they are easily visible to other road users and one of the easiest ways of doing this is to wear high visibility clothing. Luminous yellow is a popular, and common, high visibility colour and that is the colour of this BDI jersey. In fact, the BDI jersey is block yellow. This jersey is also available in bright red, bright blue and bright green, all of which are high visibility colours.

The BDI jerseys aren’t a “look at me, I look good” jersey, they are more of a “look at me and don’t hit me” jersey, therefore it is one for the safety conscious as opposed to the style conscious cyclist.

The BDI jerseys are tight, but not as tight as other cycling jerseys and this is one of the biggest selling points. The BDI jerseys are good quality, well made and the fabric does a good job at wicking away sweat and keeping the body cool even though they feel a little thin and flimsy. If you like riding in the winter months you are going to need other layers, although this BDI jersey makes an excellent base layer.

Overall the BDI cycling jerseys are very good and are great value for money. They may only consist of single colours and they may not be full of sponsors and brand names, but they are definitely high visibility and designed with the safety conscious cyclist in mind.


Cheap road cycling jerseys - Canari men's short sleeve jersey

Canari Men's P2 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey, Solar Orange, Large
Canari Men's P2 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey, Solar Orange, Large

The Canari short sleeve jerseys are available in a number of single colours including solar orange, killer yellow, crimson, clear, sapphire, white and cadet. Whilst these colours aren’t the most stylish around, they actually aren’t that bad and all of them are high visibility colours meaning other road users are going to easily see you.

The canari jerseys aren’t as skin tight as other cycle jerseys, however this is not such a bad thing. The Canari jerseys are very comfortable though.

The Canari jersey is made from Drycore wicking fabric which is specifically designed to keep sweat away from the skin and to keep the skin cool, which makes cycle rides that much more pleasurable.

One of the best things about the Canari short sleeved cycling jersey is the price, which won’t break the bank and offer amazing value for money. If you want a short sleeved summer cycle jersey that is light weight, comfortable and nice to ride in the Canari cycling tops are well worth looking in to.


Other cheap road cycling jerseys

If the cheap road cycling jerseys above aren't what you are looking for, check out the products below. Alternatively, use the Amazon search facility and you will find plenty more, one of which will be perfect for you.

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