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10 Must Haves for a Chicago Bears Man Cave

Updated on April 1, 2015

My Dad and I love the Chicago Bears

A Chicago Bears man cave has long been on my wish list for my basement. Although, money is tight right now, at some point, I hope to have saved enough to create my place to watch Chicago Bears football games.

When constructing my viewing room, there are 10 items that are must haves. There are definitely many more items that can be in a man cave, in fact, almost anything with a Chicago Bears logo can be included, but you have to start with these 10 items.

There are also big mistakes that can be made here. Anything Green Bay Packers does not belong in this room. I would even go so far and say anything with both green and yellow on it is questionable.

Picture from a sign you can purchase from Amazon.

Do you have a room devoted to the Chicago Bears?

Do you have a room devoted to the Chicago Bears?

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Basic Elements for a Man Cave

There are five basic elements for every man cave.

1. A large screen TV. 50" should be enough, anything bigger you're just compensating.

2. A refrigerator. A mini works, just something to keep the beer cold.

3. A poker table. Folding is fine, just as long as it doesn't have a sewing machine on it.

4. A large trophy. Bowling, Daughter's softball team, just anything gold and shiny.

5. A neon sign. Preferably something depicting the Chicago Bears.

1st Item for a Chicago Bears Man Cave

Ok, every man cave needs a comfortable chair, otherwise, why would you go down there? And remember every item must of the proper logo on it. The recliner is self explanatory, but if you can find one with a cup holder, that would be ideal. Deciding between the Bears logo and a cup holder? No contest. Bears logo. Don't forget, you'll need two of these.

Man Cave Rules

Every man cave must have a set of rules. Without them, your world slowly changes and your room slowly becomes a manless cave. Make sure you display the prominently within your room, so it is almost the first thing everyone sees. Along with the rules here, I would add a couple more:

1. No Green Bay Packers Jerseys

2. No Cheeseheads

3. No Soccer Jerseys

4. No one's allowed to leave until the game is over.

1963 NFL Championship Memorabilia

Every hard core Chicago Bears man cave must have something depicting the 1963 NFL championship vs. the New York Giants. It could be a framed program, plaque, signed football, etc.

Super Bowl XX

The only Super Bowl won by the Chicago Bears is Super Bowl XX, just like the 1963 championship, you are going to want some type of memorabilia from the 1986 Super Bowl. There are a lot more chances to get a signed football or poster.

Chicago Bears Framed Artwork

Framed artwork adds a little close to your man cove. Artwork should be unique and provide a great conversation piece. It might show off the history of the Bears or show some great landmark within Chicago. Whatever it is you'll be glad you have it on your walls.

Sweetness - Walter Payton

The classiest Bear of the all has to have a place in every man cave. Walter Payton, nicknamed, Sweetness is a most to be predominately displayed...some ideas here include a framed poster, or a framed Walter Payton jersey.

Chicago Bears Area Rug or Flooring Tile

The flooring of a man cave has to be spectacular, because as you walk down to the basement the eyes are going to on the floor. That first impression is going to be the rug or flooring, so don't skimp here. There's also some great carpet tile that provides that great feel throughout the room.

Chicago Bears Game Table

Football season lasts four or five months. After that, you'll need a reason to go down and hang out, so you must have some type of game table. I would suggest a Chicago Bears pool table, but if that's not in your budget, settle for a foosball table.

Large Fathead Decal

Every man cave must have a large fathead decal, and in this case, its got to be the Chicago Bears Logo or the helmet 'C'. Personally, I love the Bears logo. There are many sizes, so make sure to pick the one that will fit on your wall.

Soldier Field Stadium Seats

Even though, no one would sit in them, having something from Soldier Field is almost a must. When they remodeled Soldier Field, they sold some of the old stadium seats and you can pick these up fairly inexpensively.

What is a must have for your NFL man cave?

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