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12 Celebrities Who Are Not Only Chicago Cubs Fans, But Windy City Natives

Updated on November 3, 2016

We get it. The Chicago Cubs are making history. And it's better late than never. You, however, no doubt have been seeing a lot of publicity regarding the World Series 2016, and needless to say there's plenty of spots for celebrities to crop up out of nowhere and make a killing for one of the biggest ballgames in the world. It makes you wonder which celebrities are really Chicago Cubs fan from the heart.... Or do they just like watching the team from their L.A. mansion, or NYC multi-million dollar apartment. Here's a list of celebrities we can truly say deserve to be called Chicago Cubs fans.... Just because they grew up with the team all those years.

You've Heard of Brett Eldredge, Right?

Sure, you have. As a music celebrity straight out of Nashville, you wouldn't think that this guy just happens to love baseball in general. It just so happens that Tennessee's Minor League team is a Double-A Affiliate of a certain Major League baseball team.... You guessed it: the Chicago Cubs.

That's not all: Eldredge was born and raised in Paris, Illinois, so he's been quite familiar with the Cubs for the longest time. Yes.... He's a big Cubs fan. And we're pretty sure he can do a pretty sweet rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Bill and Giuliana Rancic -- You Know, That Reality Couple from E!

Many may have forgotten about this lost reality show star, but without a doubt they still make a mint for the industries they work in (can you say 'Donald Trump'?). But Bill Rancic of previous "The Apprentice" fame and the reality-scripted Chicago show "Giuliana and Bill" does have his love for the Chicago Cubs for good reason. He grew up in the city.

Him and his wife Giuliana weren't always residing in Chi-Town, though, having had a stint in L.A. for awhile until they jumped on the chance to land a sweet pad back in the Second City where they've been ever since. And right on time.... Because the Chicago Cubs may just win their World Series after.... How long?

Watch "Empire" and Look for Grace Byers

That Nubian honey has some of her roots, actually, right here in the heart of the Windy City. Why? It just so happens her husband was a Chicago native for the longest time, and here's the big piece of news that might shock you: they're both costars of one particular show filmed mostly in Chicago.

"Empire." Yes, that show.

It's no surprise that Byers, once named Gealey up until she actually married her costar man, has a passion for the Chicago Cubs given the fact that season 3 of "Empire" was actually filming right in the heart of downtown. She's been around, though. But something tells us her heart will always be right there in Wrigley Field.

Who's Jake Johnson?

Just in case you were wondering, Johnson's an actor, comedian and director. But he's not a "nobody" in Hollywood from behind the scenes or anything. This is a guy rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rob Riggle and even Damon Wayans Jr., and for good reason: the guy stars in "New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel and Wayans Jr., and he was also in 21 Jump Street with Rob Riggle.

He was in a slew of other films as well, but the ONE thing he's been known for is his love for the Chicago Cubs aaaaaand the fact that he was born in Evanston, Illinois. In fact, you might even catch the trio of Rob Riggle, Damon Wayans Jr., and Jake Johnson himself, sitting in the stands (not the VIP section, believe it or not) rooting with the rest of the crowd like they're just fans and not celebrities. That, we think, is how we know that these celebrities are real Cubs fans.

You Like Pearl Jam?

Those were the days when hard rock turned grunge and these music celebrities were known for wearing ripped jeans and looking rather, well.... unkempt. Such was the case for a grunge rock band known as Pearl Jam back in the 90s, and do you know who the lead singer was? That's right: Eddie Vedder.

He was also born in Evanston, Illinois. And if you've been watching the 2016 World Series games, you'd know that he is also an avid Cubs fan. We don't think he was even paid or endorsed to come to the games at Wrigley. We're pretty sure, though, he was asked to sing Haray Carey's song at the 7th inning stretch.

Yes. Bob Newhart Also Was Born in Chicago.

Now this was a bit of a shocker. This is an actor and comedian you've probably seen a million times but never knew who he was. An American staple of cinema. And one of our last greats to grace the stages of the silver screen. And, yes, he was born in Oak Park, Illinois, back in 1929 -- just over two decades after the Chicago Cubs won their 20th-century World Series campaign.

Well, now it's the 21st century. And you can bet this is a man at his old age who's going to die if the Cubs don't win.

And Here We Have Mr. John Cusack

A true artisan of the Hollywood craft and one not too outspoken about his celebrity-ism. In fact, we're willing to bet no one really knows where he lives. Well, you at least know now that he is also a Chicago native, particularly in Evanston, Illinois, raised in the prestigious Piven Theatre Workshop when he was 12.

So he knows Chicago. Quite well, actually. And by default, this means he knows the Cubbies even more. Was there any doubt? Have you seen the most recent World Series 2016 games in Wrigley? The guy looks like he would get several dozen heart attacks during some of these plays between the Indians and Cubs.

Did You Know Lupe Fiasco Was Born in Chicago?

We're sure you're asking who the heck "Lupe Fiasco" is, and if you enjoy hip-hop music and the like, you might've heard the name. Fiasco's an American rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur, so you know he's ballin'. But, yes, it's true: the guy's a Chicago native.

Having been born in 1982, you can imagine he was immersed in the likes of the Cubs, Bears, and maybe even the Blackhawks. Without a doubt, the city was big on sports, but when he became big in his industry, you know it was going to be his time to shine and let it be known that he is a die-hard Cubs fan. Growing up makes you a Cubs fan in your home in front of the TV or your school's dugout. But in the entertainment world, Fiasco was one of the biggest fans for sure.

So What If Jeremy Piven Is From NYC!

You know that actor, right? One of the stars of "Entourage" and a recognizable voice. We personally remember him as Droz from the iconic film PCU. However, not many people know that this was a guy who was born in Evanston, Illinois, like many other celebrity greats, and even graduated from Evanston Township High School. So you've got to know that this was a guy who loved the Cubbies with a passion.

There are some photos to prove it, and while he's constantly busy doing his thing in the Big Apple, one thing's for sure: his heart always ended up right in Chi-Town.

Arguably the Most Recognizable WWE Wrestler Born in the Second City

Okay, so some of you may not be pro-wrestling fans, and some of you might be. If you are, you'll know this name: CM Punk. We're also pretty sure you know that Phil Brooks (that's his real name) was born right in downtown and got into pro-wrestling really early.

He's retired now after so many body slams and clotheslines (although the guy's trading blows in the UFC now, which is freakin' scary), but while he's not doing that, he's doing this: celebrating the Chicago Cubs trail through the World Series. What a straight-edge. Best in the world, indeed.

If You Like Fall Out Boy, You'll Like This Guy

Who knew Mr. Pete Wentz III was a Chicago native?? Let's backtrack for a moment: Wentz happens to be the bassist, lyricist and backup vocalist for one particular rock band by the name of Fall Out Boy, a band already hitting platinum, what, multiple times?

Now, mind you, he wasn't just born in Chicago and then left after a while. No, this guy grew up in the hardcore scene of music so prevalent in the Windy City, having done work for several other bands. The guy even owns his own record label. And he hasn't even reached the age of 40. It's pretty clear, though, that the guy loves the Cubs given he's taken a selfie or two of himself at any of those Cubs games (that's another clue that he loves those Cubbies).

A Certain Ghostbuster, Too, Has Some Love for the Cubs

If those clips of him at the 2016 World Series games didn't tip you off, or his rendition of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" done in Daffy Duck's voice didn't give you half a clue, you'll know that Mr. Bill Murray not only loved the Cubs, but definitely grew up with them given he was born and raised right in Evanston, Illinois. Did we mention that that's pretty close to Wrigley Field? Obviously. Let's get you straight: White Sox are south, Cubs are north. Evanston's north. But anyway....

Bill's been pretty vocal about the miracle that is the Chicago Cubs and the World Series. In fact, as we're writing this, we're poised and ready to see one heck of a game 7, 2016, November 2nd, and we're pretty sure Murray's going to be there. As well as Cusack. And perhaps a few others. Bill was there on the 1st, in fact, chasing a few ghosts down with his proton pack, but then had to stop after that wicked Russell grand-slam home run.

And That's When They Really Cease to Be "Celebrities"

We just recognize them, that's all. To themselves, though, they're just fans. They're not doing publicity. They're not looking for marketing their next films, stand-ups or concerts. Nope. They just want some peanuts and crackerjacks. And they want to watch some baseball.

That's the definition of a baseball fan. A Chicago Cubs fan. Celebrity or not. And that's another reason why we can undoubtedly say that baseball will always be America's true pastime.

UPDATE: Cubs won the World Series 2016. Bill.... You can put the proton pack down now. We think the Ghost of 1908 is finally gone.


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