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Child Bike Seats - Keeping kids safe on bike rides.

Updated on September 2, 2015

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What kinds of bike seats are there for children?

When you want to go on a bike ride with a child that doesn't know how to ride a bike, you basically have three options: a seat that attaches to your bike, a pull behind bike carrier, or a tow behind third wheel that attaches to your bike. The type of child bicycle seat you select is dependent on a few factors, such as the age of the child, the weight of the child, and a child's coordination.

Child Bike Seats - Rear mounted and front mounted bike seats

Most child bike seats mount on the rear of the back, giving the child a nice view of your back. These bike seats are great for children who can sit up and weigh under 40 pounds. The better seats will come with some type of device that can be held during the bike ride. You can also find front mounted bike seats that sit on your handle bars. This provides another degree of difficulty while riding the bike as there is a lot of weight on the front of the bike.

Co-Pilot Bike Trailer or Tow Behind Trailer

When going on longer bike rides, a co-pilot bike trailer may be the best option for those children who are on the verge of learning to ride a bike. This type of bike trailer, also called a two behind trailer, attaches to the back of the bike via a frame and third wheel. The extra pedals and handle bars gives the feeling of actually riding a bike even though all the power is provided by the parent up front.

The Child Buggy or Pull Behind bike trailer

The bike trailer has become a mainstay when going on a longer type of bike trip. These pull behind buggies attach to the rear of your bike and can carry two children or a pet of up to 80 pounds. I had a Burley bike trailer when my kids were little and was able to pull them very easily around the neighborhood. Most bike trailers these does also convert into a jogging stroller.

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