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Clash of the Champions 2

Updated on September 10, 2014

Welcome to Clash of the Champions 2!

Called "Miami Mayhem", the show drew 2400 people and was the second of the Clash of the Champions cable TV specials. This special would be the first to be used as set-ups for future Pay-Per-Views for the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). This Clash of the Champions special was a set-up for the upcoming "Great American Bash 88'" Pay-Per-View which was held on July 10th, 1988.

There were 3 Championships to be contested on this card including the NWA United States Title, NWA United States Tag-Team Title and the NWA World Tag-Team Title. There was also a World Heavyweight Championship Title contract signing between the NWA World Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and the challenger "The Total Package" Lex Luger who were scheduled to compete at the "Great American Bash 88".

There were 5 big matches on the night. Now, let's take a look at how the action transpired.

Images found on this article are my own or used with permission.

NWA United States Title Match

Match #1 for the United States Title

The US Champion Barry Windham accompanied by the Executive Director of the Four Horsemen JJ Dillon vs Brad Armstrong.

After turning on his friend and tag-team partner Lex Luger in one of the most shocking betrayals the wrestling world had seen to that point Barry Windham became the fourth and final member of the Four Horsemen. He also started using a maneuver made famous by his father (Blackjack Mulligan) : THE IRON CLAW. It is a move in which Windham, while wearing a glove, places the palm of his hand on the forehead of his opponent and squeezes until his foe passes out.

The Bell sounds and the first match is underway. Windham starts off with an ARMBAR which Armstrong quickly reverses into a BODYSLAM which makes the US Champion retreat to the outside of the ring. Windham climbs back into the ring very confidently and takes the early control of the match only to have Armstrong once again turn the tide as he puts Windham in a HEADLOCK. The two alternate between Windham's HEADSCISSORS and Armstrong's HEADLOCK.

Windham starts arguing with the referee over hair-pulling. Windham takes control once again with PUNCHES and BODYSLAMS. While Armstrong is laying on the mat Windham tries for a punch to the head but Armstrong moves and Windham punches the mat. Armstrong goes back to yet another HEADLOCK. He will not let go! Windham breaks the hold momentarily only to be put right back into it again.

Armstrong tries to climb the ropes with Windham in the HEADLOCK but Windham slams Armstrong down to the mat. He follows that up with a POWERSLAM and goes for a cover but only gets a two-count. The Champion then applies a FIGURE-FOUR-LEGLOCK and JJ Dillon is helping with the leverage by holding onto Windham's hands. Armstrong somehow manages to turn the move over to his advantage but Dillon pushes Windham over and gives the advantage back to the Champion. Finally the referee notices the rule-breaking going on and breaks the FIGURE-FOUR-LEG-LOCK.

Windham starts to really take control of the match with thunderous BODYSLAMS. He tries for a FLYING ELBOW-DROP but Armstrong moves out of the way. Armstrong makes a comeback with a DROPKICK, KNEE-LIFT and a BODYSLAM which results in a two-count. The CHalnger then climbs the ropes to deliver a FLYING-BODY-PRESS but Windham flips over and applies his IRON CLAW! In only a matter of seconds Armstrong is out cold on the mat and Windham is declared the winner.

Winner and still United States Champion: Barry Windham

What was Barry Windham's Best Finishing Maneuver?

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NWA World Title Contract Signing

Signing takes place on board "The Blackhawk" Yacht

The Contract Signing for the World Championship match At The Great American Bash 1988 took place before Clash of the Champions "Miami Mayhem" went on the air. NWA World Champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair is joined by JJ Dillon and the other three members of The Four Horsemen (Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson and Barry Windham). The Challenger "The Total Package" Lex Luger has arrived alone. Jim Crockett of Jim Crockett Promotions oversees the signing with other promoters present as well.

The Yacht they are aboard is called "The Blackhawk" and is owned by the Wertz Corporation who also owns the Chicago Blackhawks NHL hockey team. Such celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson as well as John Denver and a host of others have spent time aboard this spectacular vessel.

Luger signs the contract first and says he is very happy for the opportunity and that it is a long time coming. Flair signs the contract and says that Luger better worry about making it to The Bash let alone wrestling on that card.

We come back live and the rest of the Four Horsemen are arriving at the arena. Jim Ross is there to greet them as there limousine pulls up. The Champion and his cohorts are very enthusiastic and confident. Flair says its a great night to be Champion and a great night to be a Horseman. He goes on to re-iterate that Luger has to make it to The Great American Bash.

Just as the second match is about to start, Luger's Limo pulls into the arena where Jim Ross is waiting to get a few words from the "Total Package". Before Luger can get out of the limousine he is attacked by all four of the Horsemen. His jacket and shirt are torn off as he is punched and kicked repeatedly. His head is rammed on the trunk twice which leaves his forehead severely lacerated. The Horsemen leave Luger laying on the pavement with Flair saying "Your nothing!".

United States Tag Team Title Match

Match #2 for the NWA United States Tag Team Titles

United States Tag Team Champions The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton) vs The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) accompanied by Rip Morgan.

We join this match in progress as Tommy Rogers and Butch Miller circle the ring with Miller taking the early advantage. Miller makes a tag and in comes Luke Williams to unleash some punishment. Rogers comes off the ropes with a BODY-PRESS for a two-count and is bale to make a tag to Bobby Fulton. Fulton delivers a DROP-KICK which sends Williams out of the ring. Back in now and Williams has a HEAD-LOCK on Fulton as he makes a tag to Miller. Miller comes in and kicks Fulton in the mid-section. Rogers tries to rally the crowd behind Fulton but the Sheepherders continue to control the match. Fulton DROP-KICKS Williams and then follows him outside the ring where Rip Morgan tries to get involved but hits Williams instead. Rogers arrives while Fulton heads back into the ring.

Its Fulton and Williams again with Williams in control but from out of nowhere Fulton puts a SLEEPER-HOLD on Williams but Miller comes in and breaks the hold. Fulton makes a tag and Rogers goes to work on Williams with a BODY-Slam and then an ELBOW-SMASH. Wiliams rakes Rogers' eyes and makes a tag to Miller who attacks with kicks and punches. Rogers then BODY-SLAMS both Williams and Miller consecutively. Fulton comes to help and now all four men are in the ring. The Fantastics bang the Sheepherders' heads together and Challengers retreat from the ring while the Champions celebrate inside.

Its Miller and Rogers now squaring off and Miller takes control with a REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK. Miller makes the tag and Williams comes in and gives Rogers an ABDOMINABLE-STRETCH. Rogers breaks the hold with a HIP-TOSS but is quickly double-teamed and unable to make a tag. Miller is back in now and gets a quick near fall with a knee to the face of Rogers. Williams holds Rogers while Miller comes off the ropes but Rogers moves and Miller hits Williams and Rogers rolls over to make the tag to Fulton!

Fulton comes in and attacks Miller but does so in the Sheepherders' corner which quickly gives the advantage back to the Challengers. Williams works over Fulton with more punches and kicks until they run into each other and both men are down. Williams makes the tag to Miller who quickly tags back in Williams to do a double-team move but Fulton leaps onto both men with a FLYING-BODY-PRESS and covers both men for a 2-count. Rogers comes in and covers for a 2-count and then Fulton again. Finally Fulton covers just Williams but he kicks out at two and Williams rolls out of the ring.

Williams comes back into the ring where Fulton makes a tag to Rogers and the Fantastics work on Williams' left arm. Rogers goes to the ropes but Miller holds down the top rope and Rogers goes flying over onto the concrete floor. Miller rams Rogers into the guard-rail before Fulton arrives to help his team-mate. Fulton goes back to his corner and Williams holds Rogers as Miller hits him in the back with one of the US tag belts! Miller hits Rogers two more times in the back with his fists while Williams HEAD-BUTTS him which prevents Rogers from re-entering the ring. Fulton comes back but the referee send shim back to his corner as Williams pulls Rogers to the ring apron and holds him while Miller grabs a chair and hits Rogers in the back! Rogers finally gets back into the ring only to receive more punishment. Williams makes the tag and Miller climbs the second rope to deliver a blow to Rogers but Rogers moves and Miller hits Williams again. Rogers tries but is unable to make a tag and the Sheepherders stay on the attack. Rogers tries to make a comeback with a kick and a CLOTHESLINE on Miller but can't make a tag. The Challengers continue to attack Rogers while antagonizing Fulton enough for Fulton to come into the ring which distracts the referee leading to a double-team by the Sheepherders. Miller holds up a chair but Rogers reverses and Williams' head is rammed into the chair! Rogers makes the tag and in comes Fulton!

Fulton is well rested and jumps over the top rope into Williams. Fulton goes fro a roll-up and gets 1-2...and 3! All four men are in the ring now as the bell sounds. The match is over but the four men keep slugging it out with the Fantastics getting tosses out of the ring.

Winners by Pinfall and still the NWA United States Tag Team Champions: The Fantastics

Which Team name was better for Butch Miller and Luke Williams?

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Tag-Team Grudge Match

Match #3 Tag-Team

"Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin and "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin accompanied by Precious vs The Varsity Club (NWA World Television Champion Mike Rotunda and Rick Steiner) accompanied by "Games Master" Kevin Sullivan.

Kevin Sullivan will be locked in a cage at ringside with Precious holding the key to unlock the cage.

Jim Ross gives us the news that Lex Luger has been taken to the hospital.

We come back from a commercial break to see Sullivan locked inside the cage pleading with Precious to let him out while The Garvins have The Varsity Club in SLEEPER-HOLDS. Ron Garvin and Steiner are the legal men in the ring with Garvin in control. In comes Jimmy as he goes to work on Steiner's arm with twists and punches. Steiner breaks the ARMLOCK and slides out of the ring for a break. He tags Rotunda and the TV Champ and Jimmy Garvin square off. Jimmy works on Rotunda's arm and tags Ronnie but Rotunda slips away. Kevin Sullivan (from inside the cage) continues to talk to Precious with Jimmy Garvin getting involved.

In the ring Ronnie and the TV Champ lock-up and Rotunda takes the advantage with an ARM-BAR. The Varsity Club take control of the match, double-teaming on Ronnie. Jimmy has had enough on the outside and goes after Sullivan who is still in the cage. The referee comes to direct Jimmy back to his corner leaving The Varsity Club to once again double-team on Ronnie. the Garvin's make a tag but he referee doesn't see it which leads to even more double-teaming by The Varsity Club. Finally Ronnie hits Steiner with a few punches and tags in brother Jimmy. Jimmy goes to work on Steiner with punches, a DROPKICK and then a FRONT-FACE-LOCK. Jimmy rams Steiner's head into Ronnie's boot and then gives him a REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK as Kevin Sullivan bickers at Precious.

Jimmy with a tag and Ronnie goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Ronnie goes for another pin and gets the same result but this time Rotunda comes in and attacks Ronnie. The Varsity Club go to work on Ronnie, choking Garvin with the turnbuckle rope. Steiner tosses Ronnie outside the ring where Rotunda takes some cheap shots like ramming Ronnie's head on the mat and holding Garvin while Sullivan punches him from inside the cage. Jimmy tries to help but the referee holds him back.

Ronnie rolls back in the ring and fights back to make the tag to Jimmy. All four men are in the ring at the same time. Ronnie throws Rotunda outside the ring and follows him leaving Jimmy and Steiner inside. Sullivan has lured Precious over to the cage only to grab the key while in the ring Jimmy rolls up Steiner for the 1-2-3 and the victory for the Garvin's!

The match is over but the fight continues outside the ring with all four men brawling while Sullivan tries to open the cage. Sullivan escapes the cage and attacks Precious. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams (commentating for this match) has seen enough and goes after Sullivan. The Varsity Club retreats but Precious is furious with Williams and Jimmy pushing both men away. Precious leaves the ring while Jimmy Garvin and Steve Williams remain dumbfounded.

Winners by Pinfall: "Hands of Stone" Ronnie Garvin and "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin.

Who was Rick Steiner's best tag team partner?

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Special Challenge Match

Match #4 One on One Singles Match

"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff vs "The Latin Sensation" Al Perez accompanied by "Playboy" Gary Hart.

The two combatants tie up jockeying for any superior position. There is definitely some bad feelings between these two and the intensity only builds. Three lock-ups so far with, surprisingly, three clean breaks. Perez takes control and twists Koloff's arm only to have Nikita reverse and twist Perez' arm. Perez tries to break the hold by HIP-TOSSING Koloff but Koloff does a HIP-TOSS of his own and hangs on to Perez' arm. Perez breaks free and tries for an ELBOW-SMASH but Koloff moves and Perez misses.

The two tangle up again as Perez leads Koloff to the corner and KNEES Koloff in the mid-section and follows that up with two FORE-ARMS to the head. Perez tries to whip Koloff into the turnbuckle but Koloff reverses it and sends Perez in. Koloff follows but Perez moves out of the way and Perez is on the attack with stomps and kicks sending Koloff to the outside of the ring. Gary Hart then rams Koloff's head into the announce table as Perez comes outside the ring to greet Koloff by ramming him back first into the ring apron.

Both men are back in the ring as Perez continues his assault by choking Koloff on the bottom rope. Gary Hart comes over and hits Koloff in the face with his fist. Koloff rolls out of the ring to try and regain his bearings and also goes after Hart but from behind Perez hits Koloff with a DOUBLE-AXE-HANDLE and then BODY-SLAMS him on the concrete floor. Perez tries SUPLEXING Koloff in but Nikita falls onto Perez for a two count. Perez takes control again with kicks and KNEE-DROPS then goes for a cover but only gets another two count. Koloff makes a brief comeback but both men are down. Perez doesn't let up and sends Koloff back outside the ring. Koloff tries a SUNSET-FLIP but Perez backs up to the ropes and the referee breaks them up. Perez tries a SUPLEX but Koloff counters with his own and both men are once again down.

Both men get back up on their feet and Koloff gets some offense in: punches, elbows and a FLYING-SHOULDER-TACKLE. Koloff SHOULDER-BLOCKS Perez over the top rope. Gary Hart jumps up but before Koloff can get to him Larry Zbysko hits the ring to attack Koloff. Nikita ducks and hits Zbysko with the RUSSIAN SICKLE! The match is stopped due to Zbysko's interference but Hart throws his jacket over Koloff's face and all three men attack. Hart and Zbysko hold Koloff while Perez hits him with a foreign object. The three men do their damage and leave "The Russian Nightmare" laying in the ring motionless.

Winner by Disqualification: "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff.

Is Nikita Koloff more intimidating with hair or bald?

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World Tag Team Title Match

Match#5 for the NWA World Tag Team Titles

NWA World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard accompanied by JJ Dillon vs "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and Sting.

This is the Main Event of the evening.

It is Arn Anderson and Sting to start the match. Anderson tries ARMTWISTS and some hair pulling but The Stinger keeps bouncing back up which makes Anderson roll to the outside to think about a new plan of attack with Dillon. Anderson gives Sting a couple of left hands to the head before throwing one of the Challengers out of the ring. Anderson follows and tries to CLOTHESLINE Sting but sting moves and Arn hits the ring post. Sting goes right to work on the injured arm banging it on the ring post then wrenching it in the ring. Anderson tries to make a tag but Sting pulls on the arm to prevent it. Anderson rakes Sting's face and tags in Blanchard who is immediately ARM-DRAGGED and then has a WRISTLOCK put on by Sting. Blanchard breaks that up but then is put in a FLYING-HEAD-SCISSORS. Sting grabs Blanchard's arm as he tags in Rhodes.

The crowd erupts as "The American Dream" comes in and delivers an elbow to Blanchard's arm followed by punches sending Tully down. Anderson comes in and receives a BIONIC ELBOW to the head. Blanchard goes to the top rope and jumps but Rhodes catches him in mid-air and drives him into the turnbuckle. BIONIC ELBOW by Rhodes which sends Blanchard to the wrong corner where he is met with a punch to the head from Sting. Rhodes then puts Blanchard in a FIGURE-FOUR-LEG-LOCK, Dillon jumps up to the ring and distracts the referee while Anderson rakes Rhodes' eyes. Anderson is now the legal man and the Horsemen dominate Rhodes. Dillon chokes Rhodes from the outside of the ring. Anderson goes to ram Dusty's head into the guardrail but Sting is there to stop that from happening. Back in the ring Rhodes gives Blanchard a CLOTHESLINE and a DROPKICK and makes the tag! Sting is well rested and gives Blanchard a GORILLA PRESS SLAM then follows that up with a STINGER SPLASH. He tries to lock on the SCORPION-DEATH-LOCK but Anderson breaks it up and Blanchard knees Sting in the back sending him to the outside of the ring. Anderson is there and rams Sting into the guardrail.

Back in the ring Anderson goes for a cover but gets only a two-count. Blanchard is in now and he works over Sting. Quick tags by the Champions as Sting is sent flying out of the ring. DDT by Anderson on Sting on the concrete floor! Blanchard tries a cover but only gets a one count. Sting tries to make the tag but the Horsemen are relentless with quick tags and loads of offense. Finally Sting is able to make the tag and in comes "The American Dream" with BIONIC ELBOWS for Blanchard, Anderson and even Dillon. DDT on Anderson by Rhodes followed by an elbow drop and a cover but Blanchard stops the Referees count. All four men are in the ring now. The Referee tries to break things up and restore order but Sting pushes him aside.

Its Anderson and Rhodes inside the ring and Sting and Blanchard on the outside. Rhodes throws the Referee outside the ring when from out of nowhere Barry Windham climbs to the top rope and hits Rhodes! Windham then puts the IRON-CLAW on Rhodes. Flair arrives and jumps on Sting. Flair, Blanchard and Anderson pummel Sting while Windham still has the CLAW on Rhodes outside the ring. Rhodes is lacerated on the forehead because of the pressure from Windham's CLAW.

Windham finally lets go and the Horsemen leave very pleased with what they have accomplished. This has definitely been their night to shine.

The match is declared a Double-Disqualification.

Which line-up of The Four Horsemen is your favorite?

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Are you a fan of Wrestling?

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    • takkhisa profile image


      4 years ago

      Wrestling is very entertaining so yes I watch it sometimes on TV.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      I love your play by play action. Just stopped by to wish you the very best in the New Year. (Also one of your videos has failed and will need replacing. They have a tendency to do that lol.)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have two sons, so I watched a lot of wrestling when they still live at home. Its entertaining alright. :)

    • Otto Phillips profile imageAUTHOR

      Otto Phillips 

      6 years ago

      @JoleneBelmain: When i was a kid i used to play with these action figures. I figured they would fit in nicely with the wrestling part of the lens.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Wrestling fans are going to love the play by play action you put into your Clash of the Champions articles. Passion in sporting events is contagious.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      6 years ago

      I was a huge fan back in the 80's and 90's for sure... I don't watch it anymore, but my son absolutely loves to play with his wrestling figures. Love the picture of the guys surrounding the car, that's hilarious!


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