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Clash of the Champions 3

Updated on January 15, 2015

This is Clash of the Champions 3

Being that this television special was broadcast in September it was called "Fall Brawl". Fall Brawl would later become an annual Pay-Per-View starting in 1993. Five matches including two title matches made up this event.

The NWA World Television Championship was defended as well as the NWA United States Championship. A Russian Chain match was also scheduled for this show as well as two other grudge matches. This would also be the third time in a row at a Clash of the Champions where Sting would be in the Main Event.

This would be the last major event for Jim Crockett Promotions before being sold to Ted Turner. The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) would also later be phased out with the creation of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson (NWA World Tag Team Champions at the time) would soon leave the NWA for the WWF. Tully Blanchard would never wrestle for NWA/WCW actively as a member of their roster again.

All photos on this Lens taken by myself Otto Phillips.

NWA World Television Title Match

Mike Rotunda (Champion) w/Kevin Sullivan vs Brad Armstrong

The Introductions are complete and the first match of Clash of the Champions 3 is underway. The bell sounds and the two lock with Rotunda executing a GO-BEHIND and then a TAKEDOWN which Armstrong does not appreciate. They lock up again with Rotunda doing a FIREMANS-CARRY-TAKEDOWN but Armstrong is right back up. Another LOCK-UP and the two end up in the corner with Rotunda giving Armstrong a CHOP followed by two EUROPEAN-UPPER-CUTS then a whip to the turnbuckle but Armstrong reverses. Rotunda jumps to the second rope and leaps back at Armstrong and a pin attempt but Armstrong rolls onto Rotunda for a two count.

Rotunda leaves the ring for a breather and a conference with Kevin Sullivan. Back in the ring and Rotunda is playing hard to get so to speak. They finally LOCK-UP again and again they end up in the corner. Rotunda with two more EUROPEAN-UPPER-CUTS and then a HIP-TOSS but Armstrong reverses followed by a DROP-KICK and another pin attempt resulting in a two count.

Rotunda once again leaves the ring to regroup. Armstrong with a HEAD-LOCK which Rotunda counters with a TAKE-DOWN and a pin attempt of his own but Armstrong reverses back and keeps the HEAD-LOCK on! More pin attempts by Rotunda but Armstrong will not let go of the HEAD-LOCK. The two rise up and Rotunda pushes Armstrong to the ropes but Armstrong comes back with a SHOULDER-TACKLE and then a HIGH-CROSS-BODY for a two count.

Rotunda regroups with Sullivan once again. A LOCK-UP and Armstrong goes back to the HEAD-LOCK. Rotunda pushes Armstrong to the ropes but Armstrong comes back with a FLYING-ARM-BAR and then drives his knee into Rotunda's arm. ARM-BAR now by Armstrong and Rotunda is growing increasingly frustrated. Rotunda tries to reverse the ARM-BAR but Armstrong reverses it back to his favor. Rotunda moves Armstrong to the corner and tries for a right hand to the head but Armstrong counters with two of his own and goes right back to the ARM-BAR. A right hand by Armstrong and he goes to a HEAD-LOCK. Whip to the ropes by Rotunda and he catches Armstrong with a KNEE to the mid-section. Rotunda picks up Armstrong and drops him throat first on the top rope! Rotunda then throws Armstrong outside the ring where Sullivan attacks him. Rotunda gets Armstrong on the ring apron and delivers a clubbing FOREARM smash to Armstrong's chest three times. Rotunda follows Armstrong outside the ring now and punishes Armstrong with a CHOP and then rams the Challengers head onto the ring apron. Rotunda then SUPLEXES Armstrong back into the ring.

Rotunda goes for a pin but only gets a two count. REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK now by the Champion. Rotunda uses the ropes and Sullivan for more leverage but Referee Tommy Young catches him and orders the breaking of the hold. Rotunda rams Armstrong's head into the top turnbuckle followed by more EUROPEAN-UPPER-CUTS and a CHOP. SNAP-MARE by the Champion and s STOMP to the head of the Challenger. Cover by Rotunda for a two count. Rotunda with another REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK as he tries to wear down Armstrong some more. ELBOWS tot he gut by Armstrong to break the hold but Rotunda hits Armstrong with a vicious CLOTHESLINE followed by an ELBOW-DROP and a pin but Armstrong somehow kicks out at two. Rotunda goes back to the REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK. BACK-BREAKER by Rotunda and again Armstrong kicks out at two. The Champion then fires the Challenger outside the ring where Sullivan attacks once again.

On the ring apron Armstrong does a SUNSET-FLIP for a two count. IRISH-WHIP by Rotunda who delivers an ELBOW to the head followed by a LEG-DROP and a pin for a two count. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams is now at ringside on behalf of Armstrong. REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK by Rotunda yet again. The two get back to their feet and Rotunda tries for a BODYSLAM but Armstrong counters with a SMALL-PACKAGE for a two count. Back to the REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK. Armstrong moves Rotunda to the corner and gives the Champion some PUNCHES to the gut. Whip to the ropes by Rotunda and an AIR-PLANE-SPIN but both men are dizzy by the maneuver. Pin attempt by Rotunda but Armstrong kicks out at two! Armstrong has just kicked out of Rotunda's finishing move! GUTT-WRENCH-SUPLEX by Rotunda for a two count. SMALL-PACKAGE by Rotunda for a two count. Whip to the ropes by Rotunda and a PUNCH to the head for another two count. A HALF-NELSON on the mat for a two count. Rotunda has his foot on the ropes for leverage but Armstrong still somehow kicks out! Another whip to the ropes by Rotunda followed by a CLOTHESLINE and a two count. Several more pin attempts by Rotunda but Armstrong kicks out of every one of them as the Twenty Minute Time Limit expires.

This match results in a Time Limit Draw. Mike Rotunda retains the NWA World Television Title.

Did you think this match would go the full 20 minutes?

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Special Challenge Tag-Team Match

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams and "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff vs The Sheepherders w/Rip Morgan

The bell sounds and the match begins with Steve Williams battling Luke Williams. The two lock up and Steve ends up in the wrong corner being double teamed by The Sheepherders but Steve fights back nailing both men with PUNCHES to the head and then there is a standoff between the two teams. Steve and Luke lock up again with Steve gaining the advantage with a HEAD-LOCK. Luke PUNCHES his way out of it but gets a SHOULDER-TACKLE for his efforts. HEAD-LOCK again by Steve and once again Luke PUNCHES his way out of it and Grabs a HEAD-LOCK of his own before giving a SHOUDLER-TACKLE of his own to Steve as well but Steve retaliates with a FLYING-SHOULDER-TACKLE. Steve then TACKLES Butch who comes into the ring and the Sheepherders retreat outside the ring.

Back in the ring its Nikita and Butch locking up and Butch RAKES-THE-FACE of Nikita followed by PUNCHES and a whip to the corner which Nikita reverses. Nikita charges in but Butch moves out of the way thinking Nikita has severely hurt himself. Nikita, however, puts on the brakes and hits Butch with a thunderous PUNCH to the head and then a BODYSLAM on Luke. Nikita BODYSLAMS Butch and then rams the Sheepherders' heads together sending both men outside the ring.

Nikita and Butch lock up and Butch PUNCHES his opponent and brings him to his corner where Luke comes in for the DOUBLE-TEAM. Nikita fights back on Luke with PUNCHES and a WRIST-LOCK and then tags in Steve. Steve comes off the second rope with an ELBOW to Luke's arm and follows with an ARMBAR. Luke whips Steve into the ropes but Steve comes back with a CLOTHESLINE sending Luke outside the ring. Steve SUPLEXES Luke back in the ring then climbs to the top rope and hits with a HIGH-CROSS-BODY and a pin attempt but Butch comes in and breaks the count at two. Steve tags in Nikita and The Russian Nightmare hammers on Luke's arm. Luke tries to tag in Butch but Nikita drags Luke back to his corner and tags Steve back in. Steve comes in and goes right at Luke's arm. Steve tags Nikita back in and Nikita ELBOWS the arm of Luke. Nikita with an ARMBAR but Luke answers with a RAKE-OF-THE-EYES. Nikita whips Luke into the ropes and hits with a DROP-KICK and back to an ARMBAR. Nikita tags Steve back in and Steve rams Luke shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Steve tries for a SHOULDER-TACKLE but Luke moves and Steve goes shoulder first into the ring post.

Luke finally tags Butch back in and Butch STOMPS and CLUBS Steve on the back. Butch follows up by ramming Steve's head into the turnbuckle and then a SHOULDER-BLOCK and a pin for a one count. Butch tags Luke and Luke starts his attack with a HEADBUTT followed by STOMP and PUNCH to Steve's head. Steve tries to shake it off but Butch comes in from behind and hits Steve in the back and Luke delivers a KNEE-DROP then a pin for a two count. A SLEEPER-HOLD on the mat by Luke as he tags Butch in. Butch takes Steve to the ropes and hits with a KNEE to the mid-section and a cover for a two count. DOUBLE-AXE-HANDLE by Butch as he leads Steve to the ropes where Luke is waiting to hold him. Butch comes off the other ropes but Steve moves and Butch hits Luke! Steve crawls over and tags in Nikita.

Nikita comes in with numerous right hands as he runs Butch into the turnbuckle and catches him with a SHOULDER-BLOCK. Nikita puts Butch in the corner and climbs to the second rope to deliver more PUNCHES to the head. Whip to the ropes by Nikita but Rip Morgan clips him from outside the ring. Butch tags in Luke who comes in with STOMPS to the body of Nikita and then KNEES to the mid-section sending Nikita to the outside. Butch grabs Nikita outside and rams him into the security railing. Butch then hits a DOUBLE-AXE-HANDLE and rams Nikita into the ring post.

Back in the ring Luke gives a BODY-SLAM followed by a HEADBUTT off the second rope to the prone Nikita then a pin for a two count. From outside the ring Butch chokes Nikita on the ropes. Luke lands PUNCHES and a SNAP-MARE then a KNEE-DROP and a pin for a two count. Luke tags in Butch who hits Nikita in the back with an AXE-HANDLE and a STOMP to the head. DOUBLE-CLOTHESLINE by the Sheepherders followed by a PUNCH to the back of the head by Butch and a cover resulting in a two count. Nikita tries for a tag but Butch grabs his ankle as Luke comes n and STOMPS Nikita in the back. Nikita tries to mount a comeback but has no energy. Whip to the ropes and a SLEEPER-HOLD by Luke. Nikita gets out of it by running Luke into the ropes. Whip to the ropes by Luke but Nikita answers with a PUNCH that sends Luke over the top rope. Nikita tries to tag but Rip Morgan distracts Steve. By the time Steve makes it back to his corner Butch attacks Nikita from behind. Luke continues with a BODYSLAM the goes to the top rope and flies but Nikita moves out of the way and Nikita makes the tag to Steve!

Steve comes in with PUNCHES and KICKS and rams the Sheepherders' heads together. Steve then runs Luke into Rip Morgan who is in the ring. Steve tries for a GORILLA-PRESS but Butch clips his legs and Luke falls on top of Steve. Both Steve and Luke make tags to their partners and Nikita comes racing in and delivers his RUSSIAN-SICKLE-CLOTHESLINE and covers for the 1-2-3!

Winners of the match: Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff.

Did Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff make a formadible Tag team?

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Special Grudge Match

"Gamesmaster" Kevin Sullivan w/Gary Hart vs "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes

There is no love lost between these two as their feud goes back years and years. The two lock up and Sullivan starts with CHOPS then a whip to the turnbuckle and a CLOTHESLINE but Rhodes shakes it off and nails Sullivan with a BIONIC-ELBOW and throws Sullivan outside the ring. Rhodes follows his opponent outside.

Rhodes rams Sullivan head first into the Announce Table over and over again. Rhodes PUNCHES Gary Hart and runs Sullivan into his manager. Sullivan comes back in the ring with a foreign object and Rhodes retreats. The Referee takes the object from Sullivan.

Back in the ring now and the two lock up once more in the corner. Sullivan with PUNCHES to the head as he whips Rhodes into the opposite corner but Rhodes reverses it and nails Sullivan with an ELBOW. Rhodes throws Sullivan back outside the ring. Sullivan gets back in the ring and is met with multiple BIONIC-ELBOWS from Rhodes but Sullivan counters with a KARATE-THRUST to the throat of Rhodes. Sullivan with STOMPS to the head. Outside the ring Sullivan continues his assault ramming Rhodes into the security railing. Gary Hart comes over and gets some revenge by hitting Rhodes with his shoe.

Once again in the ring Sullivan applies a REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK. Hart hands Sullivan another foreign object and distracts the Referee while Sullivan uses it on Rhodes choking The American Dream. Sullivan hands it back to Hart and covers for a two count. REVERSE-CHIN-LOCK again by Sullivan. Rhodes gets out of it with a low blow which the Referee does not see. PUNCHES by Rhodes that send Sullivan down to the mat. Thumb to the eye by Sullivan and Hart is up on the ring apron as Sullivan gets the foreign object but Rhodes hits with a BIONIC-ELBOW knocking it loose. Rhodes grabs it and nails Sullivan in the head with it and goes for the pin but Gary Hart pulls Rhodes out of the ring. Hart RAKES-THE-EYES but to no effect and Rhodes stalks Hart. Al Perez comes from behind and nails Rhodes with a chain. Perez gets in the ring and the two DOUBLE-TEAM Rhodes with the chain. They whip Rhodes to the ropes but Rhodes jumps on the chain which makes Sullivan and Perez knock heads. Gary Hart comes in and Rhodes grabs Hart and pins him for the 1-2-3!

Winner of the match: The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

Was that a wild finish to the match or what?

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Russian Chain Match

Ricky Morton vs "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff w/ Paul Jones and The Russian Assassin

In order to win this match you must drag your opponent and touch all four corners of the ring consecutively. The two men will be linked together by a chain at the wrist.

The two are linked together and start jockeying for position with Koloff landing a KICK and smash to the back with the chain. Koloff then hits Morton in the throat with the chain twice knocking one half of the Rock N' Roll Express (Robert Gibson the other) to the mat. Koloff the wraps the chain around the throat of Morton and chokes him. Koloff tries another choke but Morton counters with a low blow with the chain. Koloff fights back with more KICKS and by ramming Morton's head into the turnbuckle. SNAP-MARE and a STOMP to the head by Koloff as he touches the first turnbuckle then the second but Morton pulls Koloff away from the third and also pulls him to the mat. Koloff then throws Morton outside the ring while staying in the ring. Koloff pulls Morton into the ring apron. Morton then pulls Koloff to the ropes which CLOTHESLINES The Russian Bear.

Back in the ring Morton mounts some offense with KICKS and CHOKES but Koloff fights back and shows why he is the master of the Russian Chain Match. Koloff Chokes Morton once again with the chain. Koloff then touches the first and second turnbuckles but Morton fights back again and stops Koloff from touch the third turnbuckle. Morton hits Koloff in the leg with the chain followed by KICKS to the same leg and more hits with the chain to the leg. Morton then tries to touch the first turnbuckle but Koloff fights back and climbs the second rope and comes down with the chain to the head of Morton. Koloff climbs to the top rope but Morton pulls Koloff off. Morton tries to touch a turnbuckle but Koloff pulls him back and again CHOKES Morton with the chain. Morton PUNCHES Koloff in the head and then hit him with the chain but Koloff RAKES-THE-EYES. SNAP-MARE and Koloff whips Morton with the chain. Koloff touches two of the turnbuckles and then the third but Morton grabs Koloff's leg and stops the match from ending. Morton with PUNCHES to the head of Koloff and then a CHOKE of his own. Morton hits Koloff with the chain but Koloff fights back with a KICK and a KNEE-DROP to the back of Morton's head. Koloff goes to the top rope again and comes off but Morton meets him with a PUNCH with the chain! Morton touches two turnbuckles then the third. Koloff wraps his legs around the ropes to try to stop Morton. Paul Jones helps Koloff with extra leverage but Jones suddenly lets go and Morton touches the fourth turnbuckle to won the match!

Paul Jones and The Russian Assassin enter the ring and the Assassin throws Morton over the top rope. Jones gets in Koloff's face as the Assassin continues his assault on Morton outside. Koloff Punches Jones and then TWO Russian Assassins attack Koloff with along with Jones as they STOMP away at Koloff and then CLOTHESLINE him with the chain. The attack continues as they hit Koloff in the head with the chain busting The Russian Bear open.

Winner of the Russian Chain Match; Ricky Morton.

Is Ivan Koloff the King of the Russian Chain Match?

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NWA United States Championship Match

Barry Windham (Champion) w/ JJ Dillon vs Sting

This is the Main Event of the evening. The bell sounds and we are underway. The two combatants lock up and Sting starts with two ARM-DRAG-TAKEDOWNS. Another lock up and they end up in the corner where Windham unloads with a PUNCH to the head of Sting and another one then a HEAD-LOCK followed by a SHOULDER-BLOCK which sends Sting to the mat but Sting answers with a SHOULDER-BLOCK of his own. A DROP-KICK by Sting and another DROP-KICK sends Windham outside the ring onto the arena floor.

Back in the ring now and another lock up with Sting clamping on a HEAD-LOCK which Windham counters with a BELLY-TO-BACK-SUPLEX but Sting is back on his feet with two more DROP-KICKS and Windham is outside the ring once again. Windham talks with Dillon and heads back in the ring.

The two lock hands and Windham KICKS Sting in the midsection twice and PUNCHES Sting in the mouth. The Champion backs the Challenger into the corner and climbs the second rope to deliver more PUNCHES but Sting answers with an INVERTED-ATOMIC-DROP. Sting then with a BACK-BODY-DROP and then he climbs the second rope and delivers PUNCHES of his own. Sting rams Windham face first into the mat and follows with a BODYSLAM and tries for an ELBOW-DROP but Windham moves out of the way. Windham with KNEES to the midsection then throws Sting out of the ring. Windham follows and delivers a PUNCH to the face and then a RAKE-OF-THE-EYES. Sting tries to get back in the ring but is meant with another PUNCH in the face. Windham comes off the ring apron with a CLUBBING-FOREARM to the back of Sting. Windham then BODYSLAMS Sting on the concrete floor.

Windham SUPLEXES Sting back in the ring and goes for a BACK-BODY-DROP but Sting counters with a SUNSET-FLIP for only a one count. Whip to the ropes and a POWERSLAM by Windham followed by a KNEE-DROP and a pin for a two count. Windham tries for another BODYSLAM but Sting counters with a SMALL-PACKAGE for a two count. Windham whips Sting into the corner and goes after him but Sting moves and Windham hits the turnbuckle chest first and then dangles on the top rope until Sting sends onto the arena floor. Sting follows and rams Windham's head into the ring post and then another ring post with the same result which lacerates the Champion's forehead. Sting then rams Windham's head on the announce table.

Back in the ring and Sting BITES Windham's forehead and then RAKES his back twice before running his forehead across the top rope. PUNCHES to the head by Sting followed by a DROP-KICK and then a SLEEPER-HOLD. Windham gets out of it by lifting Sting up and dropping him knee on knee. Windham then KICKS at the injured knee and then puts on the FIGURE-FOUR-LEGLOCK. Windham uses the ropes for extra leverage then reaches and grabs Dillon for leverage as well. The Referee catches Windham and orders the Champion to break the hold. Windham with a BELLY-TO-BACK-SUPLEX but Sting fights back with PUNCHES to the head and then a SUPLEX of his own. Out of nowhere Windham latches on THE-IRON-CLAW onto the pectoral muscle of the Challenger! Sting gets out of it by flinging Windham outside the ring.

Sting brings Windham back in the ring with a SLING-SHOT over the top rope. A BACK-BODY-DROP followed by an ELBOW-DROP by Sting and then a FLYING-HIP-TOSS. Whip to the ropes and a reversal by Windham but Sting ducks and Windham hits the Referee and sends him outside the ring. Sting hits the STINGER-SPLASH and then clamps on the SCORPION-DEATH-LOCK but Dillon comes in with a chair. Sting breaks the hold and PUNCHES Dillon in the head. Windham grabs the chair and nails Sting in the head with it. Windham pins Sting as the Referee comes back in the ring but it is known that Windham cheated so the Referee declares Windham disqualified and Sting is the winner!

Winner by Disqualification: Sting. Windham retains the NWA United States Title.

Was Sting ripped off?

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What did you think of Clash of the Champions 3?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love your ring side calls of each match....this is one for the history books and has been replayed many times! :)

    • Otto Phillips profile imageAUTHOR

      Otto Phillips 

      5 years ago

      I have all of these old wrestling on dvd and when it comes to wrestling that's all I watch. Also with the pictures I have old 1980s wrestling figures that I figured would make for very unique pictures.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      I think my husband would probably be sitting on the edge of his seat as he watched the clash of the champions 3. He really is a huge wrestling fan and never misses a television broadcast of the WWE.

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      5 years ago

      You sure know your wrestling stuff, and go into great detail on each match. Still loving the pictures, they are so original.


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