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Classic Ladies Wrestling

Updated on July 7, 2010

Ladies Professional Wrestling Association

The LPWA was founded in 1989 and featured the best female athletes in pro wrestling. The Ladies Professional Wrestling Association was the first all-female promotion to take wrestling seriously. Instead of focusing on the glamor aspect, they showcased actual ring ability. This commitment to the sport quickly won it fans.

Unfortunately, the company would last only a few years before running out of money. The LPWA folded in 1992, shortly after holding their first Pay-Per-View event.

Super Ladies Showdown - Classic Professional Women Wrestling

Super Ladies Showdown
Super Ladies Showdown

The LPWA's biggest event was also it's last. The Super Ladies Showdown was their first PPV show.

The classic show took place in February 1992 in Minnesota. The main event was a title match, with Lady X defending it against Terri Power. The Showdown also featured a tournament for the LPWA Japanese Championship.

Meet the Champs

The following are full matches starring each of the LPWA Champions. First up, we have Susan Sexton taking on Heidi Lee Morgan. Then, Lady X defends her title against Sindy Paradise. Finally, Terri Power wrestles Rusty Thomas.

"Superstar" Sue Sexton - The First Champ

The first LPWA Champion was "Superstar" Sue Sexton. The Australian was one of the best wrestlers and her title defenses proved it. She wrestled everyone from Heidi Lee Morgan to The Beast. She was popular among the fans, and always gave a great effort.

Visit for more classic matches.

Lady X - The Masked Champion

Peggy Lee Leather joined the LPWA and wrestled as Lady X. She was managed by Ashley Kennedy, who spoke for her. In 1991, Lady X defeated Susan Sexton in a title match to become the company's second champ.

Terri Power - The Strongwoman Champion

The "Tower of Power" Terri Power was the strongest competitors in the LPWA. She was a bodybuilder before she started training with Roddy Piper. In 1992, she took the title from Lady X, becoming the third champion in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association.

Ladies Wrestling Action

Reggie Bennett
Reggie Bennett

Classic Wrestling Videos

Many of the stars from the LPWA would go on to become featured talent in the bigger promotions like WWF and WCW. Madusa Miceli would wrestle as Alundra Blazye in the WWF before moving to WCW. You may remember the controversy she stirred up when she dumped the WWF belt in a trash can on TV. Terri Power would become known as Tori, and was involved in a number of storylines.

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