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Just Who is Colin Kaepernick?

Updated on January 17, 2014

Are you a fan of the new 49ers QB?

In 2012 when Colin Kaepernick got the starting job over veteran Alex Smith, I thought 49ers head coach Kim Harbuagh had gone a little bit nuts.

I saw that Kaepernick had some talent and was going places, but replacing a veteran QB, who was winning games and took you to a few bad special teams plays from making the Super Bowl the previous year. Well, it just seemed a bit crazy, and certainly not fair to Alex Smith.

Of course, that year the Niners DID make it to the Super Bowl and the world got to see that, although it might still be unfair to Alex Smith, Kaepernick was an exceptional QB who earned his spot and then some.

Yes, last year, and so far this year, Kaepernick has shown that he may be the next great San Francisco quarterback to join Joe Montana and Steve Young in the history of great 49ers QB's.

I think this is a very exciting trend and I am very excited to see what this kid can do over the next few years. I think the future looks bright for 49ers fans. But what do you think?

Colin Kaepernick NFL QB Photograph
Colin Kaepernick NFL QB Photograph

Colin Kaepernick Collectible Pictures and Photos

Fans of this great QB may want a few pictures and/or photos of this fresh new 49ers QB.

There are a lot of these Kaepernick pictures out there that you can get, quite a few of the options I have listed below. But one of my favorites has to be this collection poster from 2012. It showcases Colin, in his new role, running, throwing and making us all anticipate the 49er's run for the Super Bowl in 2012. Of course, we know they didn't win that year, but still it was quite an exciting year.

Certainly a great start for the Rookie QB that will hopefully be followed a few more times in what hopes to be a nice long career.

Colin Kaepernick Tattoo Picture
Colin Kaepernick Tattoo Picture

Colin Kaepernick and his Tattoos

When you look casually at pictures of Colin Kaepernick, it is easy to think he is some type of hardcore type with all his plentiful arm tattoos.

When you actually find out that these are all Kaepernick's tattoo's are religious verses, it casts an entirely new light on this 49ers QB. He is actually a deeply religious guy, if not as vocal about it as Tim Tebow was.

Looks can be deceiving. But his joy after running in this touchdown, something he does frequently, is not deceiving in any way. Colin has an intense desire to win that translates to his play on the field. He is an exceptional mobile QB who is a threat to run or pass from anywhere on the field.

Kaepernick PIctures for your Wall or Mancave

Colin Kaepernick 49ers Picture
Colin Kaepernick 49ers Picture

Still looking for that perfect picture of poster of the 49ers QB? Here are a few more, and a link to even more pics of the popular San Francisco QB.

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Colin Kaepernick Toys and MORE

Fan of this QB may want a couple of small nifty little doodads featuring this popular new QB. Just take a look at what's available, perfect gifts for those Kaep fans.

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