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Man of Crisis.

Updated on July 28, 2016

King Misbah

From a hater to a lover , this is how every Pakistani would relate himself to Misbah. It was "8th March 2001" when first time ever Misbah stepped into the ring with Pakistan team's test jersey and many of his fears. Pakistan won that match by 299 runs. Misbah didn’t scored much but the time he spent on crease was more than enough for Pakistan team to win the match. From a young savior to the only Pakistani cricketing shield, Misbah's journey has been very tough but the King never bowed down and shut the mouths of his critics by his performances. He single handedly took team Pakistan to the final of first T20 world cup but luck was not by his side.That was the most shocking and saddest moment for every Pakistan Cricket fan.After that final this champ took his game to next level. He surprisingly changed his aggressive batting style to a solid defensive one, "unbreakable indeed".And in 2010 when Pakistan team desperately needed a leader Misbah stepped up to the task once again.King Misbah has been through thick and thin.There was a time when we people of Pakistan started believing that he would bring the World cup home. He tried his best but luck was not by his side this time too and he retired from ODI cricket. He took Pakistan's test side to the top.Today (7/14/2016) while i am writing this blog Misbah has stunned the world once again with his splendid knock.For years he has been an unsung hero for Pakistan. There is a possibility that this legend retires after this series in England (2016-17) and this could be his last series. I have tried my best to explain my emotions but to be very honest it is impossible to explain what he has been for Pakistan in a blog. One can write books on his achievements. Whenever we would hear "43-4 Pakistan' we all know only Kings name will be recalled. This blog is not a statistical one , this just reflects his importance for Pakistan. I am sure King will retire with all his critics in his favor. Thankyou King Misbah for Uniting the team. You are indeed "THE BEST".


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