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Got Crossbow Cocking Device?

Updated on February 12, 2014

Crossbow Cocking Device Introduction

Cocking device is one of the most popular crossbow accessories is the , which helps crossbow hunters to cock the crossbow with ease and comfort. There are two kinds of cocking devices: rope cocking and crank cocking device.

Rope Cocker
Rope Cocker

What Is A Rope Cocker?

A rope cocking device uses a simple puller system which reduces effort by 50%, but you will have to pull it twice as far. These devices usually come with two handles and one rope and cost for around $30.

Crank cocking device
Crank cocking device

What Is A Crank Device?

Crank devices are usually integrated into the bow or made as add-ons. This works by allowing the user to cock the bow by winding the handle of the crank device. With this, only minimal effort is used in cocking the crossbow, perfect for high-powered bows. This is suggested for those with physical difficulties, shooting enthusiasts and hunters. It's one of the most accurate devices out in the market, but a little pricey. The cost is above $100 or more depending on the brand of this device.

Most rope cocking devices are universal and can be used to most crossbows. However, most crank devices are made for specific models.

Why Crank Cocking?

Most individuals who are experiencing various forms of physical disabilities make use of this crank cocking device and it really fit their needs. The crank cocking tool is becoming more and more popular because of its major mechanical benefits. In fact, when the shooter draws back on 150#, he would feel as if nothing had really changed.

The benefit of using these devices is to help the user pull the strings which are placed in the trigger. This would, in turn, provide a more precise or accurate shot. The only drawback when it comes to these gizmos is it is quite expensive. Of course, hunting is a costly sport as all the equipments that you will be using have to be made of the toughest and most durable materials. It also follows that the parts that you are going to use to enhance the features of your crossbow are also costly.

You can find both rope cocking and crank crossbow cocking devices at

Barnett Crank Cocking Device
Barnett Crank Cocking Device

Crank Cocking Devices from Barnett

If you have a Barnett crossbow and are on the lookout for crank devices for it, you should know that there are two Barnett crank cocking devices out in the market. The first one is meant for users of the Barnett Predator and Revolution crossbows; the second is to be used on the following models: Panzer V, Penetrator, Quad Avi, Quad 400, and Wildcat C5.

There are a number of benefits to be had by purchasing either of these two devices. The first has something to do with fitment. As both these devices were developed solely for specific models of Barnett crossbows, you can be sure that these will fit snugly on the stock of your bow - provided, of course, that you purchase the right one depending on your crossbow's model. The second is ease of use: both devices feature a one-crank handle that makes it very easy for you to crank your crossbow. The third advantage of these crank devices is they have an anti-reverse feature, making it safer to use them compared to other similar products. Fourth, both these products are just a little over a hundred dollars, making them relatively cheaper than other crank devices in the market. And last but certainly not the least, with these Barnett crank cocking devices the tension is decreased to just 16 lbs., which means it takes virtually no effort on your part to crank your bow.

Most consumers who purchased these devices are satisfied as far as cost, appearance, and performance are concerned. However, there are some who claim that a certain level of mechanical skill is necessary for the proper installation of the device on the crossbow. There are also users who complained that these do not work for other models of the Barnett crossbows

Cocking Device on YouTube

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