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Software For Darts

Updated on March 19, 2014

Software programs and online tools for darts statistics, practice routines, leagues and more.

Although there is not an abundant amount of darts software programs available, the answer could very well be due to the fact that the existing programs are already doing a fine job. This lens will focus on programs for darts that are available for download, as well as online systems for use in dart leagues and/or keeping statistics.

This lens will focus on:

  • Practice Software for Darts
  • Dart League Software
  • Online Programs and Tools for Dart Leagues
  • Playing Darts Online

DartPro - The Ultimate Practice Tool

Improve your darts using this one of a kind program!

DartPro is a program that will help you improve your game of darts. If you practice at home, DartPro can help you to keep track of your scores by saving them in a database. How is that going to improve your game? Because every time you play a game, you'll see your grand average of played games right in front of you, and you'll want to do better than yesterday, or last week, so you're trying harder. In a way, you're throwing against yourself. Believe me: it works! You will see how you improve your game over a period of time with absolute certainty instead of guessing.

You can visualize your data in charts to see what part of your game needs improvement. Charts are always a big help in making data more readable.

These are the games currently available in DartPro:

  • Single 501

    Play a

    typical game of 501 and let DartPro do the math. Enter your scores and see how much you're left with, you get finish suggestions: preferred finishes and pressure finishes, and a list of all possible finishes. You can save your game to a database, and chart your efforts.

  • Single 301

    Like a 501 game, but most people play this with double in double out.

  • Local game of 501

    This is your typical game of 501, but you don't have to write down your scores: DartPro will display them for every player to see.

  • Remote Game Of 501

    How about playing a game online against a friend or a total stranger! That's right: DartPro comes with a gameserver to let you connect to a friend anywhere on the internet and play a game like he or she was there with you in the room. There's even a build-in chat window for realtime communication, just like ICQ, MSN or whatever chat client you're using.

  • Cricket

    In Cricket, the objective is to close all your numbers (20 - 15 and bull) and gather more or as many points as your opponent. To close a number, you must hit that number 3 times. If you've hit it more than 3 times, and your opponent hasn't closed that number yet, every extra score is counted as extra points. This makes for very interesting game play, and is a great exercise in hitting important triples we need when finishing a game of 501.

  • Single Cricket

    Play a game of Cricket by yourself to practice.
  • Round The Board

    The objective of this game is to hit a round of doubles in numerical order, beginning with double 1 and ending with double 20 - just like the official rules used in British Pentathlon. Because some people, like myself, like hitting the Bull and think it's an essential element in the game of darts, I made including the Bull an option. DartPro keeps track of the percentages, and you can save them in a database - just like you're used to in the other games. Round The Board is an excellent game to help you improve hitting doubles.

  • Average ShootOut

    The objective in this game is to give you stamina in your average. Fire away at those triple 20's and see what your average is without those nasty doubles. You get some really usefull information playing this, because you get to know your average in percentages of scores below 60, >60, >100, >140 and 180's.

  • Target Practice

    In this routine you get to practice 1 target at a time, be it a Number, a Double, a Triple, or even a big or small part of a Number. And you can play for MPR's or Percentages. Say you want to practice your cover shot: 19. You may decide to go for MPR's, and practice the whole number. Triple's and Doubles count correspondedly, and the result is an MPR which can be saved to a database, be charted, and you can see if over time you are making progress. You can also specify that you want to practice Triple 19: in this case you play a Percentage game where only Triple's count as hits. Each and every field on the board can be a Target, and like with every other practice routine in DartPro, all your efforts are saved in a database where filtering and charting lets you see how your game progresses over time

  • Random Practice

    Also included is a practiceboard where DartPro gives you random challenges of doubles or triples to throw, so you can test and improve your outshots.

  • Finishcalculator

    If you're having troubles finding the right finishes, or you want some alternatives for the ones we all know from the various lists, let DartPro calculate any number of possible finishes for you!

With the most recent addition of Bob's 27 - a great routine developed by Bob Anderson that will prove to be a big help in practicing your doubles - this is a must have program.

If you're ready to take your darts and practice routine to the next level, download DartPro now!

What To Wear!

The most sought after darts designs on the Internet
The most sought after darts designs on the Internet

Visual Darts keeps all player statistics and can display the result reports on screen or printer friendly print out. The database is very small as it creates all data on the fly. You input what data you want a report on, and visual darts gets it from the database.

Visual Darts stores all the raw data in its database and will present it to you in a variety of formats. At any time you can select detail reports per player or team each week, or any number of weeks you select or season commencing to date. You can check to see who is the highest average this week or year to date.

Visual Darts records all this data and more.

  • Stores and recalls all historical data.
  • Individual player. (whether male or female)
  • All female players.
  • All male players.
  • Or just all players.
  • Team players, whether 4 players or a 100 players.
  • Will Separate whether the player is in a steel or soft tip league.
  • Can control Different leagues.
  • Different teams within leagues.
  • Records league members even if they are not active players, simply social members.
  • Has a concise search. Can find any portion of a name or address or tel no: by entering only one or two letters or numbers for any selected group of players regardless the size of the team.

    at a click of the button you can find out what players live in what zip code area.

  • Your choice on selecting team size, you have complete flexibility.
  • Will also record whether a player has paid his fees. Yes/no or only partially and the amount.
  • Security: has special passwords which are given by the system administrator.
  • If more than one person inputs data visualdarts automatically records the person.
  • If an input error is made you know who is responsible.
  • You are able to assign your own points value for the finishing team position of a player.
  • Records the total of all the dart scores during the game.
  • Records throws.
  • Then average score divided by throws. Is automatically calculated.
  • You choose the throws format(a) or (b)
  • Occurrences of 180. (plus points awarded per 180)
  • All points are aggregated at your choice, per player, per team , per week or month /year and printed in a report.

  • Number of times a player scores 180 in weekly game or year to date.
  • One hundred or more :

    records times a player scores 100 or more during a game.

  • Personal highest score.
  • Personal highest score occurrences.
  • Records the highest team player score during the game.
  • Number of times a player scores their personal highest.
  • Times highest individual player peg. Weekly +year to date
  • Records the highest individual player peg during the game weekly +year to date

If you're in need of dart league software for your PC, click here to download Visual Darts.

LeagueRepublic provides administration systems for dart leagues and clubs and serve thousands of sites worldwide. Their systems are proven and rich in functionality.

LeagueRepublics service is very flexible putting you in control of your look and feel and content of your websites, your scoring system, your statistics system and your scheduling requirements. The system is flexible to meet even the most complex statistic requirements of a dart league.

This service for FREE to leagues and clubs to help volunteers without a budget for an administration system and website. If your dart league has a website, you can create snippets of code that can easily be installed there to display stats, standings and schedules. If your dart league does not have a website, LeagueRepublic allows you to create web pages and build an entire league website around the schedules, stats and standings.

I have been using LeagueRepublic since January 2007 with the North Texas Dart Association and I highly recommend it.

To learn more about LeagueRepublic visit take a tour or to sign up click here.


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