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Depthfinders, Garmin,GPS, Sonar, Fish finders and Chartplotters from Bottom line and hand held to boats

Updated on November 27, 2011

Choose from a wide range of info Fishfinders,GPS Depthfinders,Chartplotters and Sonar Units

Here you will find a generous cross section of fish finders, gps chartplotters, marine gps units, bottom line fish finder units, fishfinders that attach to your fishing rod, ice fishing fish finders, portable hand held fish finder units and larger fish finders for boats and gps navigation marine units for yachts as chartplotters.

Most of these fish finders and gps units are able to be removed from their console and as such we provide additonal fishfinder transducer cables as well as gps chartplotter marine data cables and fishfinder and gps power cables should you wish to arrange the same set up on multiple fishing crafts or fishing vessels like your bass boat and you deep sea boat as well as your yacht and you small trolling boat for estuaries and lake fishing.

Below you will find GPS units and fish finder from the world renowned suppliers such as Furuno, Norcross, Lowrance,Humminbird and Garmin Marine

The types of units covered below include the Norcross Portable Fishfinder , various fishfinder, depth finder and gps units form Humminbird (Sometimes called Hummingbird), the Deep-sea specialist Fishfinder and GPS units from Furuno and Lowrance marine navigation equipment and the ever popular Garmin marine GPS units born form their amazing offroad Garmin GPS units that are used the world over.

The most important factor considered in todays manufacture of GPS and fishfinder units has been to keep them water resistant in all types of weather and sea conditions enabling low risk of corrosion of contact points. Our suggestion is always to spray a marine lubricant on the cable contacts of each fishfinder and GPS unit after use and once a month when not in use.

Please note that all prices are reduced and some are to low to display. Certain units are offered with free delivery and some prices are never to be repeated and are while stocks last.

If there is no price displayed, please select the item by clicking on it to view todays discount price

hawkeye portable fishfinder - click to view more detail

The Hawkeye portable fishfinder form Norcross Marine

The hawkeye protable fish finder has a special weed Identification sonar for trout and bass fishing. The Norcross Hawkeye is the latest in portable fish finder technology. This fish finder includes dozens of exclusive features like Instant Depth,as well as fish, weed, and can clearly read the bottom of any water area or lake contour as well as silt makeup.

The Hawkeye fish finder has four sensitivity settings and clearly shows the height of vegatation and has a unique ruberized housing package.

A trusty headphone style sensor plug point and a velcro handheld strap.

The new Hawkeye now has twice the underwater coverage area of previous models due to the 25 degree sonar reading.

 It can be used up to 0 Degrees Fahrenheit. The new sonar sensor that comes with this fish finder lets you troll, mount, or float the sensor. It attaches to a broomstick handle to scan under weeds, lily pads, ice, or docks to find trophy lunkers. It also comes with mounting tabs for hull mounting brackets to use on canoes, kayaks, and jon boats.

Humminbird SmartCast RF35 1.25-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

Now this is a fun toy. Well not a toy, but I reckon every kid who goes fishing with his Dad should own one of these.

The RF35 is the size of a large watch and can be worn or attached to the base of your favorite fishing pole. Imagine being able to go camping and sitting on the waters edge sipping a few cold ones with the buddies and you watch can tell you within a wireless range of 150 feet what the little sonar duck is picking up in the water, packaged in a rod mount design ideal for viewing as you cast.

This fun unit is waterproof and is durable enough to add to your camping gear.

You could chat for hours around the fire about this little gem.


Garmin Fishfinder 90 with Dual-Beam Transducer

The Garmin 90 fish finder combines simple operation and Garmin's exclusive fishfinder technology into an entry-level fishfinding unit that works perfectly for any vessel where space is limited.

The Garmin 90 fishfinder incorporates a dual-beam transducer with an excellent shallow-water performance. The Garmin wide viewing angle lets you see fish even off the sides of the boat as well as behind brush. With a clear black and white display and bright backlight, the fish finder has one of the sharpest screens for this kind of money.You can refresh the screen automatically to show the most up-to-date information. You can manually adjust the gain or set to Auto Gain, which adjusts the level of detail you see automatically.

Other features include alarms for different fish sizes, different water depths water and a low battery indicator.


Garmin Fishfinder 140 with 4.7-Inch Display and Dual-Beam Transducer

The Fishfinder 140 comes standard with a nice large 4.7 inch grayscale display and Garmin's exclusive fishfinder technology into an entry-level sonar that's perfect for any vessel where space is limited.

Pinpoint Your Next Catch

The 140 fish finder has a  dual-beam transducer providing excellent shallow-water performance, and the wide viewing angle lets you see fish even off the sides of the boat. With an easy-to-ready grayscale display and backlight, the Fishfinder 140 has one of the sharpest screens for the money.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 160 PT 4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Dual-Beam Transducer

The Piranha MAX 160 Portable features a standard 4 level gray scale display with a dual-beam sonar capable of 800 Watts PTP power output. A protective neoprene carry case is standard with the system that includes suction cup transducer, integral cable storage, 7AH battery and charger.




Garmin Fishfinder 160C

Garmin Fishfinder 160C

The Fishfinder 160C is a rugged, affordable color sounder for recreational anglers.

Fish returns and bottom information are clearly shown on the unit's bright, sunlight-readable colour display, making it easier for you to search out your fishing grounds.

The GARMIN 160 fish finder also includes a dual-beam transducer providing the greatest shallow-water performance, and the wide viewing angle lets you see fish even off the sides of the boat. The 160C also refreshes the screen at speed so you always see the most up-to-date information. You can manually adjust the gain or set to Auto Gain, which adjusts the level of detail you see automatically.

Automatic display re-scaling on range change (no more vertical lines with range changes)

Power output: 150 watts (RMS), 1200 watts (peak to peak)

Show weak and strong sonar fish returns simultaneously.The fishfinder remembers user settings when it is turned off and then back on again.

Whiteline shows you how thick the bottom is

2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom

Alarms available for fish size, shallow water, deep water and low battery

Battery voltage indicator

NMEA output

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 170 4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Dual-Beam Transducer

The Humminbird Piranha MAX 170 is in may ways very similar to the 160 model, but has been included here as it does offer a few upgardes to the mounting bracket as it is swivel type in nature and the screen is of a slightly higher resolution. Other than that it is an ideal unit for small craft in the 7ft to 10 ft range.

Garmin Fishfinder 300C 3.5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Dual-Beam Transducer

The affordable Fishfinder 300C color sounder is just right for recreational anglers who fish primarily in freshwater lakes.

See Fish in Bright Color

The 300C has a super bright, high resolution 3.5" (8.89 cm) a color display with improved user interface, plus a scroll feature for screen updates at live-action speeds. The fishfinder comes with a dual beam transducer, which provides excellent coverage in shallow waters.

Benefit from High Performance Sonar

The 300C features the high performance sonar receiver found in most of the Garmin marine lineup.

Other Features

Power output: 150 watts (RMS) 1,200 watts (peak to peak)

Auto Gain setting adjusts sonar sensitivity automatically  

Round flasher display mode

Whiteline shows you how thick the bottom is

2X and 4X automatic and manual zoom

Battery voltage indicator

Single NMEA-0183 output


Ice fishing Auger for drilling perfect holes

Lowrance X-67C 3.5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

Lowrance X-67C 3.5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

The Lowrance X type water proof fish finder has a high-brightness 3.5" 256-color, Liquid Crystal Display with standard 320H x 240W pixel resolution .The fishfinder and depth sounder package has an impressive depth penetration to 600 feet (183 m) 

With hte fish finder and sonar depth finder package, you will receive softpack nylon bag for ease of transporting and keeping the fishfinder clean.

The X type fish finder and depth sounder units are definitely revolutionizing ice fishing for the market.You receive a complete ice fishing package - carrying bag, battery well with batter tie-downs, rechargeable battery, battery charger, swingout transducer bracket and more!

Check out the mini auger for ice fishing below for those tough ice fishing packs.

Garmin Fishfinder 400C with Dual Beam Transducer

The versatile Garmin 400c fishfinder has a super bright, high resolution 4" (10.16 cm) display and is great for finding fish in both freshwater and saltwater.

Use in Freshwater and Saltwater

The 400C is available with a choice of dual beam or dual frequency transducers, so it’s readily adaptable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The 400 watt (RMS) dual beam version offers a wide fish-finding cone and reaches depths of 900 ft (274.32 m). With the 500 watt (RMS) dual frequency transducer, you can reach a depth of 1,500 ft (457.2 m).

Connect with CANet

Fishfinder 400C features a crisp, ultra-bright 4” (10 cm) QVGA color display, plus scroll functions for screen updates at live-action speeds. It's also CANet-compatible, so you can share sonar information with plotters located elsewhere in your boat.

Humminbird Fishfinder 550

The Humminbird 550 Fishfinder and depth sonar is one of the most user friendly fishfinders with some decent sonar features.

The humminbird 5 series comes with a 5 inch screen and has a fish ID system that shows a fish icon of a small, medium or large fish to distinguish between bait fish, shoal fish and game fish. The SOnar is extremely functional as it offers wide range sonar on all humminbird fish finder and deth sounder technology.

A split screen function allows you to zone out the depth to a certain area of the bottom whilst maintaining an overall view of the entire depth. this enables you to place your bait in the correct depth at all times for your target fish.

The fishfinder has a quick mount system, availabel on all humminbird products which allows for storage during launching your boat if from the beach and being able to be transported home when not in use or for use on multiple boats.

Transducer cables can be bought seperately for multiple boats and carry cases are availble for transport if needed.



Humminbird (Hummingbird) Waterproof Fishfinder 565 series features

These are some of the typical fetures you can expect form a Humminbird 565 range fishfinder and depth finder/sounder

Humminbird Sonar Features

Real Time Sonar Window

Selective Fish ID for bait fish, shoal fish and game fish

Sonar Echo Enhancement for reefs and pinnacle points

Split Screen Zoom for specifc depth sounding

Custom Digital Readout Selection for temperature and depth

Custom View Selections for different depths

Large Digits on screen

Quick Disconnect Mounting System for easy storage

Triplog- optional for waypoints saving

X Press Menu Button Modes

Humminbird Fishfinder 570 - click for more info

The Humminbird (Hummingbird) Fishfinder 570

The Humminbird Fishfinder 570 is very similar in specifications to the Humminbird 550 in most ways.

Features that are extremely useful to the avid angler are predicting the type of live bait to be trolled and at what depths these baits are to be placed. By using the depth sounder chimes found on Humminbird fishfinders, you are able to run your boat unitl your reach a certain depth on the depth sounder and then swwitch to the sonar function to check rock and reef outcrops and pinnacle points where fish like to congregate.

The Humminbird range is great in the number of screen pixels leaving no doubt as to the number and type of fish you can expect around the clearly shown pinnacle and reef bottom. This also make bottom line fishing extremely comfortable knowing your fishfinder is doing its job perfectly.

Furuno FCV585 8.4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder (Without Transducer)

The Furuno waterproof fishfinder has a digital filter that can achieve thorough detection in both shallow and deep water. The main echo just below the transducer suppresses to less than 40 cm so that the fish echoes below the transducer can easily be observed.

The Fishfinder offers two types of sonar available for cruising or fishing on a fast pulse transmission rate to achieve outstanding shallow water echo presentation whilst the fish are on the bite en mass.

 You can expect a dual frequency 50/200 kHz high output power of 600 W/1 kW via transducer selection options. A  MB-1100 system is required for 1 kW output power with some transducers. The GPS plotter display is of a  high-resolution quality 8/16/64 color gradation

A customized NAV data display is obtained on the fishfinder and depth sounder when interfaced with appropriate sensors for GPS if needed as an optional extra.

A swivel mount sytem allows table-top mounting via an easy to use flush mounting platform.


Lowrance X96 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

Film SuperTwist display with 16 level gray scale color.

200 kHz skim system transducer with temperature sensor.

Enhanced receiver for shallow and deep water sonar performance over pinnacles and reefs.

The pro performance grade sonar with a high definition 320x320 screen and an excellent fish finding performance quality with temperature sensor.

Furuno FCV620 5.6-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder (Without Transducer)

The Furuno fish finder has a newly employed digital filter that can achieve thorough detection in both shallow and deep water The main echo sensor just below the transducer is suppressed to less than 40 cm so that the fish echoes below the transducer can easily be observed.

Two types fishfinder units are available for ensuring a rapid pulse transmission rate to achieve outstanding shallow water echo presentation.

Dual frequency 50/200 kHz High output power of 600 W TLL output  provides for an interfaced GPS plotter display  of 5.6" screen with a sunlight viewable enabling.

 A bright screen 256 color Liquid Crystal Display screen system with a wide viewing angle enables all round visibility as well as echo presentation in 8/16/64 color gradation

A customized navigation and GPS data display when is interfaced with appropriate sensors.

The new sonar and GPSfishfinder depth sounding design allows the display unit to swivel around when table-top mounted anywhere in the boat console and has easy flush mount housings.The fishfinders are easy to operate by two rotary knobs for gain control and mode change making it a very versatile unit for ski boat use. 


Humminbird 718 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

Ok. Now this is where we enter the top of the range in the smaller series of fishfinders before going into the 900 series and 1100 series more serious chartplotting equipment for the high tech fish finder enthusiast

The 718 and 788 Huminbird (Hummingbird) Fishfinder, Marine Global Positioning System (GPS) Depth Sounder Sonar and Chartplotting systems are insurmountable.

The Humminbird 718 and 788 features are by far my favorite for all round depthfinders, marine gps chartplotters and fishfinders all wrapped in one.

Freeze frame option with ability to mark a structure on the sonar for future returns .Instant image updates as structure and fish activity changes.Real time sonar window .Selective Fish ID for small bait fish, medium shoals and game fish.Sonar Echo delivery systems.Split Screen Zoom functions.TrueArch Technology for the screen.Wide Narrow Cone Split Screen inviewin.Custom Digital Readout Selection can possibly be linked up to a netbook.Custom View Selections with many features.Large Digits on screen for viewing if you are standing at the back of the boat.Quick Disconnect Mounting System for easy transport and storage.Temperature Alarm is great for fishing certain depth conditions for certain marine species.Triplog is an optional for chart plotting of waypoints .X Press Menu System famous in Humminbird series.


Lowrance HDS-5 5-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder (Pre-loaded Lake Insight Charts)

Some of the features you can expect from the Lowrance range of fishfinders and depth finding sonars.

HDS Potent Broadband Depth Sounder Fishfinding

Noise reduction showing more fish results

Crystal Clear Screen Clarity

Greater Shallow Water Detail and Coverage

Incredible Deep Water Performance and pcikup of reefs and pinnacles

Fantastic Global Postitioning System Navigation

Built in 16-channel GPS antenna delivers up to date positioning

Lowrance Mark-5x 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

With the amazing new standalone Mark-5x DSI imaging fishfinder with chartplotter, you’re equipped with a technologically new way to look at finding -- and fishing -- hot spots…clearly… precisely…and especially affordably.

Picture-Perfect Fishfinding
Exclusive Lowrance DownScan Imaging™ innovation displays crystal-clear photo-like views of the underwater worlds below the boat. No interpretation needed to see:

  • Thermoclines Exposed – clearly see the boundary layer between the lower cooler water and, upper warmer, oxygen-rich zone where fish hang
  • Fish Truly Revealed – Mark-5x DSI imaging leaves nothing to the imagination, clearly showing predator fish and baitfish schools
  • Bottoms Uncovered – you easily distinguish between hard and soft bottoms, as well as fish and structure on/near the bottom
  • Structure Disclosed – with photo-like views you can recognize all manner of structure at a glance, like bridge pilings, laydowns, ledges, drop-offs, vegetation, wrecks; no interpretation needed

Dual 455/800 kHz Coverage

Selectable 455 kHz sounding for wider and deeper sonar imaging coverage, with 800 kHz for enhanced viewing of targeted locations.

More Power (and Depth and Speed) to You

Mark-5x DSI fishfinders transmit 2,400W peak-to-peak/300W RMS power with recently-tested depths* to 200 ft./61 m, and impressive bottom readings at boat speeds up to 40 mph. Optimum imaging speed of 8 mph and under.

Advanced Transducer

Slim new low-profile, high-speed, transom-mount, 455/800 kHz Skimmer® DSI imaging transducer with exclusive down-looking crystal and built-in temp sensor, and trolling motor-mount bracket option.

Maximized Viewing

High-resolution 5 in./12.7 cm, 480x480 pixel Film, SuperTwist 16-level gray scale display maximizes visibility and target detail that's enhanced by direct sunlight. Adjustable, bright-white LED backlit screen and keypad for night or low-light angling.

Full Automatic or Manual

Mark-5x DSI is so advanced it’s easy to use, with automatic fine-tuning for the best sonar imaging picture possible after power-up. Advanced User Mode for full manual control of settings.

TrackBack™ Into Sonar History

Enjoy immediate scroll-back of imaging sonar history to review covered water and pinpoint spots (saves time and fuel trying to re-trace your path).

Easy to Install and Use

Unique new keypad and quick-release bracket design offers easy installation, plus one-hand viewing adjustment, operation at-speed, and removal/reinstall.

Interface Beauty

Simplified menu with text and icons for faster and easier selections.

Furuno LS4100 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

  • High-contrast monochrome LCD (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Dual Frequency 50/200 kHz, 300 W rms
  • "White Line" and "Sea-Through" technology discriminates echoes from the seabed or anywhere in the water column
  • Wind direction and speed display with appropriate sensor.
  • "Mini-navigator" feature provides 12 "Go To" waypoints with programmable names and registers in VideoPlotter at the same time by marking waypoints.
  • Unique Bottom-Lock Fish Alarm provides consistent audible bottom fish detection in varying depths


Furuno LS6100 6-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder

  • 50/200 kHz Dual Frequency Transceiver
  • High power 300 W rms
  • Advanced high-contrast direct sunlight monochrome LCD
  • Customizable Nav Data Display
  • User programmable function key
  • Trip log or odometer log
  • "White line" and "Sea-Through" technology discriminates echoes on the seabed or anywhere in the water column
  • Wind direction and speed display
  • "Mini-navigator" feature provides 12 "Go To" waypoints with programmable names for primary or back-up navigation
  • Unique Bottom-Lock Fish Alarm mode provides consistent audible bottom fish detection in varying depths *With Appropriate Sensors

Humminbird 788ci 5-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS and Chartplotter with Sounder

The Humminbird King of all Fishfinders - The 788 c Waterproof Marine GPS and chartplotter is a must for a RODMAN Boat anyday of the week.

The Humminbird (waterproof) I might add,788c GPS and Chartplotter marine combo fishfinder, features a fantastic multi-color, ultra-high resolution 640V x 640H (loads of pixels ) 5" viewing screen. The depth finding sonar is equiped with a staggering 4000 Watts PTP of power output. A unique setup of GPS Chartplotting with built-in UniMap features, and advanced Fishfinder capabilities. In addition, it includes dual card slots for maps and saving waypoints to your gps chartplotter, ensuring you can return to the exact place you caught fish as well as 3 programmable preset buttons to save your favorite views. Maximize your angling experience with the Humminbird 788c fishfinder GPS system.

Some of the Humminbird 788c features include

A customizable Freeze Frame with the ability to mark structure on the sonar .An instant image update allows you to track fish movements at any depth .A real time sonar window showing surrounding structure and pinnacles .Selective identity features to focus on any fish size being hunted using sonar echo enhancement of the bottom line .You can even use sonar recording features .Sonar snapshots can be stored of your favorite waypoints .Split screen zoom allows two views .Curved screen technology allows viewig form any angle of the boat .Custom selection of the speed in knots or mph as well as depth in feet or meters as well as various other custom adjustments for your own specific needs have been thought of.

FURUNO NAVNET-3D 12 inch Marine GPS Navigator and Chartplotter


NavNet 3D redefines the user interface of onboard navigation system New cutting-edge technology "TimeZero" True 3D environment for a more instinctive chart presentation High-resolution satellite photography can be fused with raster or vector chart information New Ultra High Definition (UHD) Digital Radar FURUNO Digital Filter (FDF) Fish Finder "RotoKey" puts a whole new spin on user friendly


High-performance GPS/WAAS receiver Sunlight viewable 7" TFT bright color LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio Utilizing C-Map NT MAX Chart Dual SD card slots for chart and memory Exceptional chart redraw and response time Display modes: Course Plot, NAV Data, Steering and Highway User-friendly interface and operation with a rotary encoder and soft keys 50/200 kHz, 600-/1,000-Watt dual-frequency fish finder


 Innovation and technology come together in the all-new, easy-to-use and nicely affordable Lowrance Mark™ fishfinders and Elite™ fishfinders/GPS chartplotters – all packed with legendary Lowrance features. From higher-detail target definition and super-bright displays to a smart new case design, smart menus and one-hand operation – each is a dream come true for value-conscious anglers and boaters alike.

Brighter Displays: Maximum visibility and viewing detail in ALL conditions.

Smart Menus: Quick and easy access to all you need with one-thumb operation.

More Screen Pixels: Clearly see fish, structure and bottom detail, plus great definition for navigation.

Easy Installation: Plug-and-play functionality saves you time and hassles, and works with existing Lowrance or Eagle® uniplug cables.

Elite™ Navigation Capabilities: Built-in GPS antenna and microSD slot that’s compatible with many charting options.

Unique Elite™ Gold Choices: Packed with special-edition Navionics® chartcard coverage of coastal U.S. and coastal/inland Canadian waters*. 

Lowrance HDS-5x Multifunction Echosounder 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder with Sounder

Powerful yet simplified performance, only Mark fishfinders offer legendary Lowrance features with a newly-optimized automatic mode for high-performance finding with turn-on-and-fish ease. Along with easy-to-use menus, there’s also an Advanced User Mode for fine-tuning to water conditions.

The Mark-5x Pro includes a high-resolution 5 in./12.7 cm, 480x480 pixel Film SuperTwist LCD that maximizes visibility and target detail and separation even in direct sunlight. Adjustable, bright-white LED screen and keypad backlight for day or night viewing.  In addition to wider, dual-frequency 83/200 kHz sonar coverage, this powerful 300W RMS sounder provides fishfinding to 1,000 ft./305 m depths.

New case/mounting design for easy one-hand tilt/swivel view adjustment provides simple installation - also fits same cut-out for previous 5 in./7 cm models for in-dash installations. New uniplug 1/4-turn connectors - compatible with earlier Lowrance and Eagle uniplug installations to simplify upgrades.

Garmin Transducers - click for whole range

Lowrance Transducers - click for whole range

Furuno Transducers- click for whole range


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    • Josef Etheridge profile image

      Josef Etheridge 3 years ago from Denison, Texas

      I really like my Humminbird. in my opinion they make one of the best fish finders on the market. What do you guys think is the best? a few of my cousins have Lowrance, they are crazy expensive tho.

    • kmitz05 profile image

      kmitz05 6 years ago from Central IL

      The lowrance hds-5 is my number one fishfinder and I have used them all at one time or another.

      I found mine at

    • profile image

      Fish finder Reviews 7 years ago

      Nice hub. Humminbird makes very nice fishfinders as you pointed out, but the Garmins are getting better every year too.