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Detroit Tigers Baseball Archived Reports

Updated on October 21, 2014
July 2013 Comerica Park
July 2013 Comerica Park | Source

Archived reports of Detroit Tigers Baseball from baseball related lenses.

I love to write about MLB baseball since this is my favorite sport. I try to keep up to date on MLB news and the Detroit Tigers who are my favorite team. I am the type of person who also crunches stats and some of my pages become really long with my opinions and so this lens is for my archived reports starting from 2011. This hub is an archived report of this hub Detroit Tigers Baseball Bless You Boys which has the 2013 and upcoming 2014 season.

Photo was taken by me at Comerica Park in July 2013 while Detroit was playing against the Chicago White Sox.

2011 Season Thoughts

2010 season the Tigers finished 81-81. Second half collapse due to Boesch cooling off, Zumaya getting injured, Guillen injury and Magglio Ordonez injury which was probably the biggest factor of the collapse. So far for the 2011 season it is pretty much the same lineup but a little better. I will try to update every so often but things can happen: trades, injuries, etc to nullify what I may have written. Phil Coke who is excellent in the pen is being moved to 4th rotation starter. I hope this works out well. Hopefully Zumaya is recovered enough and Guillen is healthy enough to contribute. I have misgivings on 2b with potentially Rhymes and Sizemore battling it out for the position and Guillen when healthy? Inge at 3rd hasn't impressed me the last few years but hope he can cut down on his k's and stays healthy. Hoping Raburn can demonstrate he is able to stay as an everyday starter in LF and can improve some defensively. If the Starting Pitcher's can stay healthy and not regress it should be good. I would like another Starting Pitcher in cause Armando G struggles or Coke doesn't demonstrate SP durability. Magglio is resigned and so if healthy his bat will be needed. We let go of Laird but signed Victor Martinez who's primary role is to be DH and backup catcher. Signed Benoit who is great in the pen. Overall I think this team is improved over last year and should be in the thick of the AL Central race with the Twins and White Sox. I will say 89 wins is not out of the question and if they overperform and not be crippled with injuries may be able to win up to 95. In the opposite spectrum if they struggle and/or have major injuries they might only win 83 games. As stated, things happen daily but this is my preliminary thoughts of the Tiger's for the 2011 season.

1-11-2011 Yes, the Tigers have signed SP Brad Penny to a cheap one year deal. It is like they read my mind about needing another pitcher at the back of the rotation and briefly stated this a few weeks ago on message boards and even in the paragraph above. Though Penny isn't the greatest, when healthy he can contribute to a team. Tigers are looking to be very serious contenders for the AL Central this year.

1-18-2011 The Tigers have signed all their arbitration players that they didn't waive. Zumaya for 1yr 1.4 million. Raburn for 2 yrs for 3.4 million and just recently Armando Galarraga 1yr at 2.3million. So looks like their roster is pretty much set. Don't think spring training will shake up the lineup very much, except for a few players vying for utility/bench spots. Let's go Tigers.

1-24-2011 Galarraga was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for 2 pitching prospects that will probably never see the big leagues. Not fond of the trade at all but obviously the Tigers want to move on without him.

2-17-2011 Miguel Cabrera, aka Miggy was arrested for a DUI and resisting arrest in Florida. He is the Tiger's best player and I wish the best for him. He had an issue over a year ago with a domestic dispute and being drunk and affected his performance in the tiebreak game with the Twins in 2009. I wish him the best but he really needs to get this under control. Make some changes and realize what he is doing with his life. He is so young still at 27 but needs some help. Hopefully he can do what is necessary to accept help and realize that he needs it. So sending my prayers to all that struggle with some type of addiction, it can be overcome, you just have to be ready and receptive for help and change, otherwise the cycle will continue and get worse with time.

3-30-2011 Opening day tomorrow. Detroit takes on the New York Yankees. Very excited for this season. I'll predict 93 wins and will win the AL Central. Let's go Tigers.

4-23-2011 After 20 games in the Tigers are 10-10. They got off to a horrible start as did the Twins. The projected bottom dwellers of KC and Cleveland are on top of AL Central. As Sparky used to say, in paraphrase, "You don't know what kind of team you got until you play 40 games" Anything can happen in baseball and hopefully by 40 games played the Tigers will be at least 21-19, I project 21-19. Vmart is on DL, Zumaya is probably done for the year, and C Guillen hasn't healed up enough to play. Maggs ankle has been limiting him, Perry just came back from eye injury, so while I was hoping for a healthy team, it hasn't happened so far this year.

5-7-2011 Justin Verlander pitched his 2nd no hitter. Almost had a perfect game but walked a batter in the 8th. Sizemore has been brought up and Rhymes sent down. Zumaya I believe is out for the season. Still waiting on Carlos Guillen to return. Maggs is starting to hit with more power so maybe his ankle is healing up. Vmart is back after 2 weeks on the DL. Coke has struggled in some of his starts, has to throw some pitches that are borderline strikes instead of right down the middle. Had a horrible 7 game losing streak since my last post. Will be lucky to be 20 wins at the 40 game mark.

7-29-2011 A lot has happened since last update. S Sizemore was traded for Purcey, in my opinion, a garbage reliever. Carlos Guillen is back and playing 2nd. He's been doing fairly well. Magglio has performed better since being back after coming back from this DL stint. Still not playing well defensively and his range has been really bad. Brandon Inge was sent down to AAA Toledo. It's about time, maybe he can contribute later on when he figures out what is wrong with his swing. I believe they should part ways with him and eat most of his salary if need be. His defense could justify his poor offense but not this year where he struggles in both areas. Will post again after trade deadline passes since the TIger's seem to be shopping for a pitcher as number one priority. As of now, the Tiger's are 1.5 games up in the AL Central.

8-14-2011 Tiger's are 3 games up in the AL Central. Trade deadline had them getting rid of Furbush, Martinez and Ruffin for Fister and Pauley. Decent trade for the Tiger's. 43 games left and it's really only a 3 way run for the AL Central with Detroit, Cleveland and the White Sox. Hoping the Tiger's seal the deal.

9-15-2011 Long time since update but picked up Delmon Young. He's not a great defender but has been pretty solid at the plate. Inge is back up from Toledo of course, just seeing limited playing time though. Tigers had a 12 game winning streak, something I have never seen in my life. Tigers have clinched the AL Central as well for the first time since 1987. Verlander is front runner for CY young and currently has 23 wins, could add a couple more as well. Fister has been very good in the rotation and loving that trade. Life is good and looking forward to the playoffs.

10-15-2011 The Tigers faced a lot of injuries in the playoffs. Maggs refractured his ankle and will thank him for the memories but I am sure his career is over. Guillen was injured throughout the playoffs. Boesch was out the last few weeks of the season for hand surgery. Vmart and Delmon Young battled oblique strains. With that said, they still beat the Yankees and lost to the Rangers 4-2 in the ALCS. Proud of the team and were beaten by a tough Rangers team. I have never seen a player be as hot as Nelson Cruz was which was unfortunate for us. So hats off to the Rangers and since the Tigers weren't the favorites in the preseason to even win the AL Central, they did great. There's always next year and hopefully there will be a few new additions to shore us up and a few people missing like Penny.

MasterPieces MLB Detroit Tigers Stadium Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000-Piece
MasterPieces MLB Detroit Tigers Stadium Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000-Piece

I like puzzles and this is something I would like to purchase in the near future.


2012 Season Preview and Thoughts

Of course, I'm hoping for the Tigers to win the AL Central and the World Series. in 2012. It's still too early to tell until after Spring Training what the roster will be but it's not looking the best right now with Victor Martinez being out for the season with an ACL injury. So a good bat is needed to fill the DH spot.

1-25-2012: Big shock to me that the Tigers signed Prince Fielder for 9 years and 214 million dollars. With him and Miguel Cabrera our offense is looking a lot better. Both hit for power and is a lethal punch. That said, I am unsure after Vmart comes back where Miggy will play next year. I guess we'll have to worry about that later since Fielder can only play 1b and Miggy has played 3b in the past. He will have to drop about 20 lbs I feel to do so but another possibility is putting him in the OF. Man, I'm more excited for next year with Vmart, Fielder and Miggy in the 3-4-5 holes. That will be the most dangerous lineup I have ever seen in my lifetime.

3-18-2012 Only a few more weeks until opening day. Still waiting to see who makes the opening day lineup. Inge is trying to earn 2nd base position and Cabrera is trying to hold 3rd down. The 5th starter position seems to be an inhouse spot and there are 3-4 serious contenders like Turner, Wilk, Oliver and Below trying to earn it. Raburn and Dirks have been hot in the preseason and hopefully that will carry on into regular season.

5-25-2012 Detroit started off hot until the middle of April. They are in a serious slump where they aren't firing on all cylinders. Sometimes what should be one of the best teams on paper doesn't produce, example is the Phillies and Brewers of last year. Detroit got rid of Inge and plays for the Oakland A's. Detroit is 6 games back of Cleveland and still believe the Tigers will win the Central. When their pitching is good the offense doesn't produce and vice versus. As of this evening update they are 21-24.

7-22-2012 Detroit as of this morning just went ahead of the Chicago White Sox to have the AL Central lead with a record of 51-44 There have been a lot of rumors that Detroit will try to get a 2nd baseman and another starting pitcher but will have to wait and see what develops. If they did do a trade I would expect top pitching prospect Jacob Turner to be dealt along with a few other players. Nick Castellanos is untouchable according to the Tigers. Will have to wait and see what develops. Tigers have been looking good in the last few weeks so am excited for the pennant race between the TIgers and White Sox, I don't see Cleveland catching up but anything is possible.

7-25-2012 Detroit has traded Jacob Turner and a couple lower ranked prospects to Miami for Hanibel Sanchez and Omar Infante. Not sure how this trade will turn out and gave up one of the top 10 pitching prospects in all of baseball for, in my opinion, a 3rd or 4th rotation starting pitcher with injury history and am familiar with Infante at 2b since he used to play for the Tigers. He should be a modest upgrade at 2nd both offensively and defensively.

10-06-2012 Detroit won the AL Central with a final season record of 88-74. It was close with the White Sox until the last 4 or 5 games. MIguel Cabrera won the Triple Cown, the first one to do so since 1967. Last year they won the majority of 1 run games but this year the opposite happened and finished with quite a few less wins than I predicted. They start the series tonight with Oakland. Hopefully the Tigers can make and win the World Series. Good luck everybody if their teams are in the playoffs.

10-29-2012 Detroit went to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants and lost. At least they made it there but was disappointed at how they performed. Their offense is much better than that and in the WS it's the worst time to be in a slump.

Detroit Tigers Poll

photo taken by me July 2013
photo taken by me July 2013
MLB Detroit Tigers 4.5-by-17 Sign
MLB Detroit Tigers 4.5-by-17 Sign

I dont have this but looks great.


Detroit Tiger Gear

MLB Detroit Tigers 3-Dot Wrap Sunglasses
MLB Detroit Tigers 3-Dot Wrap Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses and I have this exact pair.


Who is your Tiger?

See results
HANGTIME Detroit Tigers Light Switch plate
HANGTIME Detroit Tigers Light Switch plate

I really want to put these in my home but am moving soon so will have to hold off on them.

MLB Detroit Tigers Dangle Earrings
MLB Detroit Tigers Dangle Earrings

My wife has a few pair of Detroit Tigers earrings and have these exact ones as well.


2013 Season Preview and Thoughts

The Tigers went to the World Series last year. Mike Illitch is spending money and signed a five year extension for Justin Verlander. They also signed Annibal Sanchez to a long term contract. They released Brandon Boesh, they no longer have Ryan Raburn and are looking to trade Ramon Santiago. They didn't resign Jose Valverde and have no set closer at this time. It will be a closer by committee type of thing. I am expecting a great season and again predict winning the AL Central with a 93-69 record.

June 30:2013 We are just a game up on Cleveland at 43-36. A lot has happened since last update here. Early in the season we brought Valverde back and he stunk it up and is now back in Toledo. Verlander has been struggling and Sanchez has been battling a shoulder strain. Max Sherzer has been lights out and is 12-0 at this time. Cabrera has been lighting it up and is trying to win another Triple Crown and leads all categories but homeruns. Chris Davis is ahead of him and doesn't seem to be slowing down. We'll just have to wait and see. All-Star week is next week and we'll probably send Peralta, Sherzer and Cabrera with a few others maybe receiving invites. Martinez and Avila have been struggling so hopefully they pick it up.

8-28-2013 Miguel Cabrera has been plagued with injuries so another triple crown doesn't seem likely. While Verlander has been struggling in comparison to his last 2 years, Sherzer and Sanchez have been pitching lights out. Unfortunately Jhonny Peralta was suspended along with other MLB players for 50 games due to the Biogenesis scandal of PEDs. I believe he deserved to be suspended because I dislike those who use PEDs but it took me by surprise he was using. Jose Iglesias was picked up to replace him and is great defensively with great speed but not much power.

10-6-2013 We won the AL Central for 3rd year in a row and correctly predicted a 93-69 season. We are tied up 1-1 with Oakland. Our pitching has been superb. Miggy didn't win Triple Crown but won Batting Title. Max won the most games with 21. Sanchez had lowest ERA in AL so we have a better team than last year. I have a feeling Peralta will be playing for another team next year and think Santiago will be gone as well. Hoping we can get to and win the WS this year.

10-20-2013 We lost to the Red Sox in the ACLS in 6 games. Our starting pitching was great but the bullpen struggled while Boston's didn't. Leyland announced his retirement from coaching but will still be in the Tiger's organization in some capacity. There's always next year

2014 Season Coming Soon

I will be moving my thoughts here about the Tigers in regards to the 2014 season from my yearly hub here real soon.

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