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Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Updated on February 2, 2014

A closer look at the dual suspension mountain bike.

I’m not an expert on mountain bikes and if you tell me I cannot spot the difference between two mountain bikes, if ever there’s any difference at all. While everything we use has its particular purpose mountain biking can become a nuisance if you don’t choose the right mountain bike. Imagine enjoying the view and the sights and a sudden change of landscape makes you want to stop to pedal all because your mountain bike doesn’t react to what you want. Maybe this all can change with having a closer look at dual suspension mountain bikes.

First of all dual suspension mountain bikes are made for those rocky trips wherein the terrain is an absolute pain in the butt. You can call it rocky road or any rough road for that matter. Dual suspension means both rear and front tires carry shock absorbing tools. The frame is usually light weight and in the case where the road is not suitable for the bikes you can carry them to another bike path which can be conquered. For all intents and purposes the dual suspension mountain bike is made for off road terrain as opposed to hardtail mountain bikes.

The closest competition of the dual suspension mountain bike is the hardtail mountain bike, which is great at hill climbing and has a faster pedal on smooth terrain. The suspension is in the front hence the name hardtail mountain bike. Manufacturers have grinded their setup of any suspension to 2 most important detail in suspension creation. The absence of a motor to carry the bicycle up on a hill or a mountain and the force which propel the bike upwards in this case a pedal opposing the bike suspension.

The result would be a much more difficult exertion in creating a suspension for bikes as oppose to let’s say a motorcycle. Your body will be the driving force for the suspension to execute properly as a result all criteria’s drawn in making a dual suspension mountain bike are focused mainly on the body and its natural ability to be that particular force in making the suspension effective. By far the dual suspension mountain bikes have maneuvered itself on the majority of biking enthusiasts mainly because of its advantages. The evidence will be seen on softer rides and a more comfortable ride when you are in an off road terrain. The disadvantage would be the price as a hardtail mountain bike would costs less than your average dual suspension mountain bike. But hey what you pay is what you get and what your standards call for is what is the best. Dual suspension mountain bikes are the best route if you take your off road trekking seriously.


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