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Duning in Glamis California

Updated on February 14, 2019

There are beautiful views from up on top of the dunes - Always dune in a group

Glamis is all about fun in the desert

Large groups of families and friends go out camping and riding together in the dunes. In Glamis you will find anything from rsmall quads and graduate to larger ATV's and motorcycles and then the largest sand toy is a dune buggy, which also called a sand rail.

Don't think this is just for men, the ladies ride too! Many of the gals love to ride in the dune buggies with their husbands, and many ride their own ATV out in the dunes. There is something for everyone.

Photos on this article are my own or are shared with permission from FlaminCatDesigns.

Look at the beautiful vista from on top of this dune. You can see dunes for miles. I love the shapes and shadows in the dunes. It is like nothing else. If you bring a camera, keep it in a zip locked bag and it is stowed in another canvas bag on your ride. Many people have sacrificed several digital cameras to the sand gods because once you get sand in them, they are a goner.

Here we are taking a nice break on a dune. Socializing is a big part of duning.

People love to see what each other's duning toy is and talk about them together. What is the latest change you made? What did you have to fix? What kind of engine or transmission do you have? Lots of guy talk.

But there are a lot of wives and kids that dune with their husbands too. They chat about the ride, back at camp, kids and family, normal gal chit chat.

Never ride alone because it is not safe. Equipment can break down and you can be stranded without help.

Accidents do happen too.

So no matter what you ride, motorcycle, quad, UTV or buggy, never ride alone.

Duning and camping is great family fun.

Kids of all ages and adults enjoy riding together.

You can meet people from all over the country that come to Glamis.

Oldsmobile Hill - A great place to take a break on a long ride

A favorite place to take breaks is at Oldsmobile hill in Glamis, also known as Olds.

People stop to take a break, have a lunch that they brought with them, or just watch people ride up and down the huge sand dune.

It is a lot of fun to see quads, dirt bikes and dune buggies all drive up and down the hill.

It is really an amazing sight.

It takes a lot of speed to go up, and the up fun I enjoy better than the driving back down.

Here is a group of duners taking a break and socializing at the bottom of the hill.

The Gopro HD camera

This camera has a clear plastic case that helps keep the sand out of the camera.

This is the best camera available to capture the duning experience.

A Great Dune Buggy Ride Video - Cameras attached to the dune buggy

This great video and it will give you a sample of what it is like riding on a sand dune.

Of course it does not replace the feeling of the speed, the bumps on the sand dune a true sensory experience,

but it does show you some of the beauty.

In The Desert You Need Sand Goggles! - Extra protection from the sand is needed.

Sand goggles have extra foam inside the frame to absorb sand particles and prevent them from getting inside the eyes. They are the only style goggle we will use out at Glamis.

After a fun day in the sand. start your evening with a breathtaking sunset. - Glamis has a great night life

Then have fun around the campfire.

With family, or out with friends, or even both, the evenings around the campfire are so much fun.

Lots of stories about the days’ rides, some good wine or a nice cocktail, some yummy snacks or desserts or even a potluck.

You can really have a nice time socializing in the evening and form some great friendships.

Offroading is rough on equipment. - Riding equipment is important for safety

Even if you ride in a dune buggy, you will need goggles and gloves, and in many cases a helmet as well.

If you ride a dirtbike or an ATV quad, you must wear a helmet and you can't see out there in the sand without goggles.

Gloves are also a protection on your hands.

A responsible duner makes sure their equipment is in good condition and replaces damaged equipment.

A Flag In The Desert - Old Glory And Veterans

An amazing thing happened several years ago. Out in the desert sands of Glamis sits an old WWII steel box target. These were dropped in the desert and used for target practice. Not many exists, at least were people can go see them. There are miles of fenced off military owned desert in Southern California.

Someone erected a flagpole on the target in Glamis. It has become a favorite place for people to stop by on Veteran's Day. Some people have replaced the flag as it gets torn each year from the fierce winds. I have met many patriotic Veteran's and their families in the Dunes.

Changing of the flag, several duners helping wrestle the flag pole and change the flag.

The target box has been spray painted many times in camouflage patterns, and memorial plaques have been added through the years.

The flag is an awesome sight on any day, to come over a sand dune ridge and see it, alone, blowing in the breeze.

Other informative links about Glamis - Great info here.

If you are really interested in joining the offroad community in Southern California, these are really the most important links to check out. You won't need to look any further.

© 2011 Coreena Jolene


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