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My Top 3 Reasons Why Eddie Edwards Being TNA World Champion Was a Controversial Decision on TNA's Part

Updated on June 26, 2017

Eddie Edwards New TNA World Champion

An Image of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards
An Image of TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards

Who is Eddie Edwards?

Eddie Edwards is a wrestler from Boston, Massachusetts, who wrestled several in independent wrestling promotions at a young age and had toured in Japan, most notably in Pro Wrestling Noah and The United States, where he was in ROH at the time. Eddie Edwards Won the ROH Tag Team Championship with his partner, Eddie Edwards. He also won the ROH Television Championship as a singles wrestler, and he also Won The ROH World Championship, becoming a Triple Crown Champion.

Short Time in WWE NXT

Eddie Edward and Davey Richards went to a WWE NXT Tryout match as the American Pitbulls, and under different names as well, and they were defeated by The Ascension. After that, they quickly left WWE.

Debut in TNA and Tag Team Title Victories

On January 16, 2014, during a 2-part Genesis Freeview event, they were signed by Dixie Carter as part of the signing of an investor. On January 23, 2014, a series of Vignettes by The Wolves showed that "The Hunt Begins" and a mystery investor acquired and then there was a wolf that howled when the aforementioned Vignette ended. On January 30, just as a match ended, The Wolves Appeared and the mystery investor was revealed to be MVP.

During the next month, they won the Tag Team Championships from the Bro Mans, only to lose it at Kaisen: Outbreak, a Wrestle-1 event. On April, the Wolves regained their tag team championships in a three on two handicap match, also involving DJ Zema Ion. On June, MVP made the Wolves defend the wolves TWICE in one night, and in BOTH Cases, the Wolves won. The Wolves were dominant fro much of the year, including defeating the Hardys and Team 3D.

On October, the Wolves lost the Tag Team Championships to the Revolution but won them back from the Revolution in February 2015. On February 2015, Eddie Edwards suffered a broken heel but continued the match. The Wolves had to vacate the TNA Tag Team Championships. On April, The Dirty Heels Wanted to get the vacant Tag Team Championships, but Eddie Edwards returned just in time to issue a challenge to the wolves. So, the Wolves came up with a best of 5 series.

The Wolves won 2 matches, and The Dirty Heels won 2 matches but turned heel in the process. So, Austin Aries came up with an idea, to get a 30-minute Tag Team Iron Man Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship. So, in a scintillating and phenomenal match, the Dirty Heels were going for a draw, but the one-half of the wolves pinned one-half of the heels with less than 3 seconds to spare, so in an unprecedented way, they grabbed the TNA Tag Team Championships, tying Beer Money's record. Then, TNA had a feud with GFW, and then lost the TNA Tag Team Championships to Trevor Lee and Bryan Meyers, only to win it back 1 week.

In October, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards faced each other in a 15-minute time limit match but didn't pin each other, so the match ended in a dead heat. The Wolves were dominant, and Kurt Angle said that for the March 8 edition of Impact Wrestling, they world be facing Beer Money (James Storm and Bobby Roode) for the TNA Tag Team Championships. The Wolves lost their tag team championships after Davey Richards injured himself and, after that, they left.

Eddie Edwards TNA X Division Title

Eddie Edwards Holding the X Division Championship
Eddie Edwards Holding the X Division Championship

Eddie Edwards TNA World Heavyweight Champion

Eddie Edwards with his TNA World Heavyweight Championship.
Eddie Edwards with his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. | Source

Eddie Edward's Singles Feuds, X Division Win and Major Title Win.

When Davey Richards got injured, Eddie Edwards was attacked by Decay. Then Beer money made the save. Then, Eddie Edwards wanted animus against Decay, and they had a provocative intergender match, with Rosemary as the third member of their tag team match, however, he lost to Decay after Rosemary poured mist onto his eyes and Abyss hit his finishing maneuver, the Black Hole Slam and pinned Eddie for the win.

A few weeks later, he found himself with Gregory Shane Helms and X Division Champion, Trevor Lee, after Gregory Shane Helms offered him the opportunity to Be part of a tag team withy him. A week later, Shane Helms wanted Eddie Edwards to team with him but declined his offer because he said that he was loyal only to Davey Richards, leading to a 2-month feud that saw Eddie Edwards get his first X Division Championship.

That title was taken away in a disputatious fashion when Mike Bennett used the ropes AND his wife, Maria Kanellis Bennett's help, to capture his first X-division Championship. After a 2-week long period of Disrespecting the X Division, Mike Bennett was offered a chance to defend the X Division Championship in an Ultimate X Match, which was won by Eddie Edwards, to earn his second X Division Championship. Later that night, Eddie Edwards was offered Option C, which was created by Austin Aries in 2012 to exchange the X Division Championship for the World Heavyweight Championship, but Lashley, who was world champion at the time, created a term known as "Option Lashley" where he created a beauteous offer, which was a Title VS Title Match, and Eddie Edward's quest to become double champion started.

On July 12, 2016, Davey Richards Returned after Eddie Edwards was ambushed by both Lashley AND Mike Bennett. Then, Eddie Edwards, with help from Davey Richards, would hold the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Then, they had two main events on separate days. The first one happened during Destination X, where the match ended in a no contest after Mike Bennett Interfered and brought out Moose, a former football player, and former ROH wrestler. The second one happened 9 days later inside 6 sides of steel, which was sanctioned by Dixie Carter, and the ending of the match saw the sovereign juggernaut, Lashley, Superplex Eddie Edwards from the top rope and speared him, TWICE, to retain his TNA World Championship and get the X-division Championship, effectively ending Eddie Edwards's quest to become double Champion. Then, Eddie Edwards entered a program with Moose and was defeated by him.

Meanwhile, The Human Kryptonite, Lashley, began defeating opponents throughout the Latter Half of Summer and the first 2 weeks of Fall, including Defeating EC3 at Bound for Glory. Then Billy Corgan, with his new bodyguard Aiden O'Shea, announced that every championship must be defended, excluding the X Division Championship, including the TNA World Championship. Billy Corgan chose 3 opponents for Lashley, and he told him to choose wisely. Moose, EC3, and Eddie Edwards each pleaded and begged that he would choose either one of them.

When the main event happened, Lashley chose Eddie Edwards, effectively putting him in a potential major Top Guy situation, because Lashley told him that he was the "Easy Choice" and that he would destroy him in less than 3 minutes. After a crusade where Lashley was dominant for about 78% of the match, it looked like Lashley was about to spear him, but Eddie Edwards conquered Lashley and flabbergasted and dumbfounded the Pro Wrestling Industry when he hit his finishing maneuver, the Boston Knee Party from out of nowhere, to win his First TNA World Championship, effectively making him a triple crown champion in the process.

Reason #1: People were flabbergasted that Lashley was Defeated so quickly 4 days after Bound For Glory

As I stated before, Lashley's sovereign reign began in 2016 when he defeated Kurt Angle in his retirement match. After his match, he speared him, turning heel. I went over this on another article that I wrote in the update to his dominance. As I stated before, he can't be pinned that easily, because TNA booked him to look strong heading into the summer. He defeated Drew Galloway to become TNA World Champion for the third time.

If you had looked into my article on why he would make a great multiple title-holder, you would see what I was talking about.If you had looked into my article why he seemed unstoppable, you would see what I was talking about. You would have to be blind to see that he can't be pinned that easily. I mean, come on, he defeated the once invincible EC3 to retain his TNA Heavyweight Championship, and then TNA had him lose to a guy like Eddie Edwards (No disrespect to Eddie Edwards fans. Believe me, he would make a meritorious champion if TNA uses him right).

Reason #2: Some TNA Fans don't like Eddie Edwards

I get that. Some fans don't like Eddie Edwards because they think he's not championship material. Just look back to Chris Sabin's TNA World Heavyweight Championship run. NOBODY liked his run as champion simply because of his small stature. He was less than 69 inches tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He was more along the lines of an X Division wrestler than a TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Yet in the WWE, EVERYBODY Liked Daniel Bryan, but he got the poor booking because of The Authority constantly putting Bryan down He would eventually get his second World Heavyweight Championship Reign at Wrestlemania 30, and he weighed 210 pounds and he was 68 inches tall. But we're talking about Eddie Edwards here. Some fans like Eddie Edwards because of what he represents, while some fans don't like Eddie Edwards simply because they think that he's not Heavyweight Championship Material. I disagree. I think Eddie Edwards would make a great champion. I just wonder why did he have to beat Lashley for it?

Reason #3: I'm worried that Eddie Edwards might be booked too weak.

IN TNA, as we've known, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN, EVEN ON A TAPED SHOW!!!! When it's Live, the unpredictability factor is almost 100% with anything inside the company. Drew Galloway proved to be just that. But Let's talk about Eddie Edwards and how they're going to book him. If Eddie Edwards is booked like a boss, then he'll be nearly unstoppable. On the other hand, if they book him like WWE books all heel champions, then he'll have his legs cut out from under him and be conquered in non-title matches. Just look at Wade Barrett while he was Intercontinental Champion in WWE. He was losing a non-title match like there was no tomorrow. Eddie Edwards could be booked the same way as well. His shocking win could be the beginning of either a healthy or weak reign. Still, I like the interpretation of him being TNA World Heavyweight Champion. That could make his image look strong.


Eddie Edwards may be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but he is certainly no Lashley or Drew Galloway in my opinion. Drew Galloway became the first traveling champion since Ric Flair, who won 22 championships between NWA, WCW, and WWE. Let's face it. If the Wolves had gone to WWE, they would've not had so many tag team championships, and Eddie Edwards wouldn't have been Heavyweight Champion. Also, they would've been buried by either the New Day, Roman Reigns, or John Cena.

I'm so glad that Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards decided to stay in TNA, even though Davey Richards is injured. Morally, I'm ready for a Davey Richards heel turn, where jealousy takes over and they have an intense rivalry that ends in Davey Richards getting the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Until then, we have a fresh champion named Eddie Edwards, and he'll be the champion for a long while. I'm hoping that Eli Drake takes that championship before Moose or Davey Richards gets it from him. That way, there's a fresh rotation of champions.

The Wolves's Accomplishments as compared to Lashley's in TNA

Eddie Edwards
Davey Richards
5 Time TNA World Tag Team Champions (With Davey Richards
5 Time TNA World Tag Team Champions (With Eddie Edwards
4 Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion
2 Time X Division Champion
One Time X Divison Champion
1-time world heavyweight champion.
One Time King of the Mountain Champion
Held All 3 Singles Titles at once on August 11 and August 18
Eddie Edwards's, Davey Richards's, and Lashley's accomplishments, including title reigns and everything in TNA

Eddie Edwards Poll

What do you think are Eddie Edwards's best qualities?

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