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Effect of Roller Coaster and Bungee Jumping

Updated on September 20, 2014

Felix Baumgartner

A man fell to Earth from more than 24 miles high Sunday, becoming the first human to break the sound barrier under his own power - with some help from gravity.

The man, Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil, made the highest and fastest jump in history after ascending by a helium balloon to an altitude of 128,100 feet.

News Source : nytimes

Most of us would have been on roller coasters and similar rides before like bungee jumping. A few seconds of thrill rides or jump is ok.The adrenaline does go up,but why would a person want to have a few minutes of an experience that goes way beyond getting a rush?

A dare devil act, good marketing stunt, Felix became the media object instantaneously, probably can be the next bond. Sure good for him.

Image Source


My Opinion

I listened to a radio program which analyzed if Red Bull had any ROI on spending millions on this sponsorship. They were not able to put a finger on the numbers, the analyst only was able to say it would definitely bring some revenue to Red Bull and probably this expense is a drop in bucket.

I am not sure if these guys / gals(including felix) jumping of the ledge actually does for rush. Need a lot of guts, probably doesn't have insurance, or looking for a job. I have seen few more dare devilry, this guy in a winged suit jumps of the plane and shoots through a small enclose by a mountain side. Seriously, why would one do that.

One thing that interested me in NY Times article is when the body spins the only way the blood gets out due to centrifugal force is through eyes and you are dead. In the radio program that I mentioned, I heard probably Kittenger saying that they saw Felix spinning and was not responding for the first few seconds and thought he is a goner. Now I can relate to why they said and what they said.


More about science than personal adventure

This is more about science than personal adventure. Yes, acts like this make science more interesting, bringing in the necessary emotional content to counter the drab maths.

We need more facts to get a better understanding.

Firstly, when you fall, you are vertical and accelerating. Vertical head down or head up. If accelerating head down, blood would ACCELERATE into your head! Your blood vessels inside brain, tinier than hair can take only certain pressure. And these vessels lose their elasticity (ability to regain original shape) with age and become like old garden hose pipes. When blood accelerates into those places, they are bound to burst/crack. And if the blood is accelerating to your feet, then blood wont reach your brain and you would become unconscious/coma etc. Hence pressure suits to counter the blood rush.

It is easier to be in a condition where the blood is accelerating to your feet and you have pressure suit pushing up the blood and you too screaming your most favorite expletives to assist the flow to head!

Felix Baumgartner - l Review

Felix started spinning

They have written that Felix started spinning.


Probably because he crouched which is a good thing to do. By crouching, he brought his feet and head closer to heart and thus evened out the blood pressure. But crouching made him like a ball and put him in a spin! And spinning creates a centrifugal force which pushes blood out of the center. Faster the spin, greater the centrifugal force. How to slow down the spin? Open out your arms and legs! Thus from spinning problem go back to vertical problem, then crouch again to get back into spinning, open out to stop spinning. Hopefully by then the record is set and you can pose for the cameras!!

The parachute material and the suit material must be really superior stuff. It must be -100 deg C at 100000 feet, by 2 min he must have reached 50000 ft (say -50 deg), another 3-4 min to reach 15000 ft where he must have opened his parachute (unless the spinning/acceleration problem and the heat generated by free fall in lower atmosphere demands earlier deployment - don't know, they must have experimented in lab). The parachute must heat up very rapidly once deployed because of all that drag (so would the suit). To have material that would pass from -100 deg C to +20 deg C in 5-7 minutes AND NOT FAIL!

© 2012 Ahdilarum

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    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 2 years ago

      Yes abidareacode, without courage nobody can perform these activities.

    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 2 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Whatever may be the motive we have to admire their courage.

    • Ahdilarum profile image

      Ahdilarum 2 years ago

      Thanks C v Rajan for your comments. Science is an interesting subject and will always give variety .

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 2 years ago from Kerala, India

      Oh so much of science to learn behind this dare devilry! Thanks for sharing.


    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 4 years ago

      I certainly would never do this!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I would never do this but sure looks like fun.

    • MissRubyStars profile image

      MissRubyStars 4 years ago

      Don't think I would be that brave!

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 4 years ago

      I watched Baumgartner live on streaming video and was a nervous wreck. I've been skydiving once, but I definitely don't think I'd want to jump from that high up!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Felix Baumgartner is definitely a daredevil, hope the technology advances and there are safer devices that can perform life saving operations. We need more of such devices and people who would be able to test them.