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Emotion Renegade XT Sit On Top Kayak | Discount Emotion Renegade XT Kayak

Updated on July 7, 2013

2012 Kayak: Emotion Kayaks Renegade XT SOT Kayak Information and Price

The Emotion Renegade XT Sit On Top Kayak is a new for 2012 Emotion Kayak that is a redesign / upgrade of the Original Renegade Kayak from the Emotion Kayaks company. The Renegade XT is a great choice for paddlers looking for a kayak that will hold more than 250 or 300 pounds. Not only doe the the Renegade XT feature the big body and large weight capacity (up to 325 pounds Passenger and Gear Capacity) of the previous version, it has some added standard accessories that make the Renegade XT one of the most popular options for bigger paddlers. New for 2012 is the padded, adjustable, removable seat, and below deck storage hatch, and tow flush mounted fishing rod holders behind the spacious cockpit. Sit on top kayaks are good for larger paddlers because the are easy to get in and out of either from your launch site or while out on the water.

The Renegade XT dimensions make it conducive for excellent stability and the design allows for speed and maneuverability on the water. Then considering the large weight capacity, the Renegade XT is relatively short but its wide body lends itself to greater stability. These features in a big kayak are beneficial for larger paddlers who are looking for a kayak that is easy to get to the waterway but may not have enough hulling space to get a longer kayak their. Bief specifications for the Renegade XT Kayak are that the kayak 10 feet long, 36" wide, and weighs 52 pounds. With an affordable price tag of under $500, this kayak is one of the best values on the kayak market. On this page, you will find discount prices for the Emotion Renegade XT Kayak as well as other kayak accessories and gear.

The Emotion Renegade XT is an XL sized kayak that was introduced by the Emotion Kayaks company in 2012. The Renegade XT Kayak delivers fun to bigger paddlers and accommodates a maximum capacity of up to 325 pounds. The Renegade XT SOT is categorized as a Recreational Kayak, but it comes standard with two flush mounted fishing rod holders behind the spacious cockpit and the padded seat. The padded seat is one of the additions of the 2012 version of the Emotion Renegade XT. The original Emotion Renegade was a pretty straight forward SOT Kayak that provided awesome stability and performance for bigger paddlers, but it lacked some of the comforts that many paddlers look for when buying a kayak. The Renegade XT features the needed upgrades that make a real contender in the SOT marketplace. Along with the padded seat, the fishing rod holders and a spacious below deck storage tank with a solace hatch are new additions to the 2012 Emotion Renegade XT.

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Emotion Renegade XT Kayak For Sale - On Sale Now

Emotion Kayaks: Renegade Kayak Introduction Video

In this video, Legendary Kayak Designer Jim Snyder introduces the original Emotion Renegade Sit on Top Kayak. You will see in the video the overall form of the Regade is very similar to the Renegade XT. What we don't see in this video is the excellent upgrades and additions that the Model Renegade XT features for 2012: A padded seat back and seatwell, an underdeck storage tank with hatch, and two flush deck fishing rod holders behind the cockpit. Other than those additions in the 2012 model, this video shows you the versatility and durability of the Emotion Renegade Kayaks.

The Emotion Renegade XT Sit on Top Kayak Specs / Dimensions

The Emotion Renegade XT Kayak is a big kayak, but that may be just what you are looking for. This kayak's big dimensions allow for larger paddlers and paddlers who have a lot of gear for fishing or camping trips to get out on the water safely and allow us to feel secure that our kayak is going to get us where we are going.

Emotion Renegade XT Kayak Specifications and DImensions

» Length: 10' Feet Long

» Width: 36" Inches Wide

» Deck Height: 14" Inches Tall

» Weight: 52 Pounds

» Max Wight Capcity: 325 Pounds

» Scupper Holes: 6

» Storage Space: Large Rear Tankwell and Below Deck Storage with Hatch

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Emotion Renegade / Renegade XT Kayak For Sale - Emotion Renegade SOT Kayak and Accessories

Emotion Renegade XT Kayaks
Emotion Renegade XT Kayaks

The upgraded 2012 Emotion Renegade XT Sit On Top Kayak features a molded seatwell with removavable paded seat and seatback, molded foot braces, rear storage tankwells with deck ricking, and solace hatch. The molded handles on both sides along with the forward and rear carrying handles make getting the Renegade XT to the water as simple as it can be.

Coleman Dry Bag(6 Liter)
Coleman Dry Bag(6 Liter)

Taking gear with you on your paddle? Make sure is stays dry. The 6 liter dry bag from Emotion Kayaks keeps your gear dry and safe.

Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart
Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

The Universal Kayak Cart makes longer walks to the water with your Emotion Renegade XT kayak (or any kayak for that matter) even easier.


How to Pick a Kayak Paddle and Life Jacket / Preserver - Like Life Jackets, Choosing a Kayak Paddle is About Us Not the Kayak

How to PIck a Kayak Paddle

So, you have decided to buy the Emotion Kayaks Renegade / Renegade XT Sit On Top Kayak, and now you need to get some other essential gear to get out on the water. If you are like me, you probably have a question about which kind of paddle is best suited for your kayak purchase. Well, I could go into all the specifics, but I thought the folks over at Paddling TV did a great job of providing a short, informative, and very helpful video that makes understanding kayak paddle choices very easy.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

The second video helps us choose the right life jacket for our needs. Kayakiing specific life jackets, life preservers, perfonal flotation devices, or PFDs will fit comfortably and securely, but they also have larger arm openings for easier paddling.

More Big Kayaks to Choose From

The Emotion Renegade XT is an almost irresistable option for kayakers looking for a XL Sized Big Kayak. The Renegade XT is made for comfort and designed for speed and tracking on the water. The additional features of the 2012 Renegade XT like the padded seat, fishing rod holders, and the below deck storage tank with hatch sweeten the deal to the point where there it seems like there probably isn't another choice for a big kayak that is around 10 feet long. Taking into consideration the affordable price of under $500 for a kayak that gives you all these features, the

If you feel that way, I agree. The Renegade XT is fantastic. I give it a Five Star Review. However, I think it is only fair to give some other kayaks a shot. Here is a list of a few kayaks which are similar to the Emotion Renegade XT Kayak.

Ocean Kayak Big Yak Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak (9-Feet 8-Inch / Sunrise)
Ocean Kayak Big Yak Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak (9-Feet 8-Inch / Sunrise)

The Big Yak from Ocean Kayak is probably the most similar to the Emotion Renegade and Renegade XT that is currently available. However, the Big Yak is slightly shorter and thinner at 9'8" Long and 34" Wide and has a maximum weight capcity of between 250-300 pounds. The Big Yak does not come standard with a padded seat, fishing rod holders, or a below deck storage hatch. Those accessories have to added by the paddler.


I love What I am Seeing

The Renegade XT: Big Kayak Delivers Big Results

Okay, so the Renegade XT just hit the markets, so I can't give a practical hands on review at this time, but I can take what I know about the original Renegade Kayak and come to a reasonable conclusion. The Renegad XT is an awesome kayak. The added features enhance the comfort and make it an even more versatile solution for paddlers who are want to buy a kayak that is suitable for multiple purposes. It is first and foremost a recreational kayak. However, the under deck storage, the fishing rod holders, and the large dimensions mean that this kayak offers its owners a multitude of options. The 36" wide hull make a stable kayak suitable for standing up and fishing from it as if it were a mid-ocean platform, and obviously the fishing rod holders behind the cockpit indicate that Emotion Kayaks was thinking that this was a possibility. The large rear storage tank well and the big weight capacity mean that this kayak also has what it takes to make weekend getaways and camping trips. a possibility. Finally, I think the addition of the Padded seat enhances Renegade kayak to the point where it may just be too hard to resist.

All in all, the Renegade XT is a great value for paddlers of all sorts.

What do you think of the Emotion Renegade XT Kayak?

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