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What Is Everyday Carry?

Updated on August 1, 2013

What Is EDC?

EDC means everyday carry, or the items you carry with you everyday in your purse, backpack, gym bag, whatever.

Everyday carry isn't a "contents of my purse" sort of thing for women only. EDC is part of a general philosophy of preparedness and self sufficiency which applies equally to both genders.

The kind of items found in everyday carry are useful things that make your day run smoother. Just what that is differs from person to person, but there are some general categories of items normally included. Some may go all out and fill a backpack with potentially useful items like in the picture here, but for me I have around ten tools and packets of things I just find really handy on a regular basis.

Most of these items would make a great gift for a college graduation, work gift exchange, or any time you need a useful gift for an adult.

pictured above; The-Adventurer-Small-Every-Carry

Keep Your Day Running Smoothly

Major Categories of EDC:

1. Keys/Keychain

2. Wallet

3. Writing Instrument and Notepad

4. Phone/Technology (flash drives, etc.)

5. Light Source

6. Hygiene (hand sanitizer, wet wipes, floss, etc.)

7. Water Bottle

8. Watch (often replaced by a phone these days)

9. Knife or Multi-tool

10. Personal Protection

Space Pen!

Tough. Always works. Looks awesome. USA made. Tons of history.

Bag Contents List

Sure any pen will do, but some pens are built to last and write at any angle. This pen also has a ring on the cap so you can attach it to something and make it harder to lose.

Everyone has their own preferences about cell phones so I wont bother with any specific brands here, but they are frequently expensive so be sure to protect the phone you have.

Be sure to choose a pea-less whistle for personal safety. Pea-less means there are no moving parts so it wont stop working in the cold or when wet.

A small moleskin notebook fits easily in most bags and you can't go wrong with having a bit of paper to jot down ideas, lists, directions, or other important information.

A pea-less whistle won't become non-functional in cold weather since there are no moving parts.

Nano Light

Small and lightweight, you wont notice it until you need it.

Have Light When You Need It

One of the main items you should EDC is a small, lightweight flashlight.

You will want one that is bright enough to find the keyhole on a door or locate a small object in your car at night. The ones that fit onto your key-ring are easy to find when you need it.

A light source is one of those absolutely essential everyday carry items.

Hand Sanitizing And Funny

This would make a funny stocking stuffer or small gift exchange present.

Handsoap For Your Everyday Carry

These are tiny, easy to use and really fun for kids! Great for when the convenience store restroom is out of soap.

Inside the tiny hard plastic container these small film sheets of soap turn to suds in your hands with a little water.

The Ever Important And Useful Multitool

Not only is this a useful tool, it is also a fun gadget to monkey around with when bored. =)

Some people include a small handgun and or medium sized knife in their everyday carry kit.

New YouTube

A major reason for having an EDC kit is protection and self-sufficiency.

Personal Protection

The coffee shop up the street from me got robbed last summer and ever since they have this V Protection stun gun by the register. I'm very happy to say they have not had to use it yet. It is slim and small enough to keep in a tote or purse while being large enough to find quickly and easily when needed.

I don't feel comfortable carrying a gun or knife but any of these self defense items would work to slow someone down if attacked.

I really like multi-purpose items. You can never have to many flashlights when you need one, and you never know when a battery in one may fail. The pen is good and solid and could really give someone a painful jab without breaking the skin. Very effective to use in conjunction with pepper spray.

Here's to hoping you never need any of these, but don't regret not having something for self protection if the need arises.

Do You Have An EDC?

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A glasses repair kit is a very good addition for those of us who wear glasses.

Do you have an everyday carry kit?

What's In Your Everyday Carry?

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    • SurvivalFood1 profile image

      SurvivalFood1 5 years ago

      A Ruger LCP is included in my EDC. :)

    • ReneeHarris LM profile image

      ReneeHarris LM 5 years ago

      Yes, space pen! I also like the tactical pen. Maybe they could be combined for the ultimate super pen.