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Updated on August 7, 2013

How Totally Brilliant Are Resistance Bands?

Well the title says it all. Utilising resistance bands for training will improve every aspect you could desire.. Without making this the most obvious sentence in the world but the reason they add so much to your training is they add . . . . I am going to have to put it in you know . . resistance ie weight and tension making every move a power move.

In other words you are adding more tension to your training. Resistance bands are used to not only improve your training but to get you going too as they can be used to assist on pullups and dips and your squat turns into a weighted squat . . more on that later.

If you are looking to add a top knotch way to force your body to the next level, exercises with resistance bands are one of the A1 ways to start!

Muscle Rehabilitation

Resistance band training is an effective way to help re-train deteriorated muscles and also good exercises for senior citizens.

I would recommend training with low intensity bands. The positive effect training will have will amaze you!

1. Assisted Pull-Ups

A Quick Overview

If you are new to training you may never have done/tried/managed a pull up in your life. Resistance bands are used in this exercise to "assist" you.

Due to the nature of the beast they come in various tensions/weight. So which band you use will depend upon your weight and upper body strength. I would advise you to start with the strongest band and see how it feels. If it is too easy then use the next weight down, and so on.

I would not recommend doing it the other way on as you do risk hurting yourself or just leaving yourself dangling like a pained puppet from the ceiling. Which is not a good look in anyone's book!

The Benefit Of The Band

REMEMBER: To progress you have to feel like your body is working. Never let the exercise become too "easy" as this is a sign you are not getting any benefit from the workout anymore.

Full progression is when you no longer need to use the bands!

Band Assisted Pull up and Push Up

Band Assisted Pull up and Push Up

Resistance Bands .

A bit of a heads up here, personally, I prefer the Bodylastics to the others. The others are good, but bodylastics have proved time and again to be more durable. When I first bought mine the heads were not carribeenas (as you will see from the image below) and yet they still outlasted the other brands.

Resistance bands are so versatile you could pack one for work . . do exercise in your break

Latissimus Dorsi . . The Lat muscle
Latissimus Dorsi . . The Lat muscle

2. Lat Pull Downs

As with any weighted system the band system is the same principal. Start with the lower weight bands and work your way up.

When doing the pull down you can either copy the stance in the video, or alternatively you can sit on a Body Ball or use an adjustable weights bench.

NB I would not advise to do this upright as, due to the nature of the resistance bands, it may put too much stress on your shoulders.

Lat Pull Downs

Straight Arm Lat Pulldown with Resistance Bands

Pectoralis Major Muscle Used In Inclined Chest Press
Pectoralis Major Muscle Used In Inclined Chest Press

3. Incline Chest Press

The incline chest press using resistance bands is a great pectoral workout. I know I keep repeating myself but please ensure to follow the guidelines and keep your form.

Resistance Band Incline Chest Press

The bands used in this are specialised bands and may be found by clicking the link below . . . .

Resistance Band Incline Chest Press

Pecks, Decks, and Biceps Muscles Used in Chest Fly Exercise
Pecks, Decks, and Biceps Muscles Used in Chest Fly Exercise

4. Chest Fly using Resistance Bands

When doing the chest fly, you will be utilising all the muscles outlined in this picture ie pectoral, lateral muscles, deltoids, and your trapesium and as outlined a few times you will also be utilising your bicep and tricep

As with all these exercises ensure you take your time to practise and learn the proper form avoiding injury

Chest Fly

Resistance Band Exercises: Standing Chest Fly

Muscles utilised during resistance band squat
Muscles utilised during resistance band squat

5. Squat Exercise With Resistance Bands

Ahhh, to one of my favourite exercise the squat. This will tone your butt (glutes), thighs, abs, calves and also with all these exercises your arms (nature of the beast and all that.

Muscles used . . . Erector Spinae, Gluteus Maximus (glutes), Quadriceps (quads), Hamstrings,Transverse Abdominus, Gluteus Medius/Minimus (Abductors), Adductors, Soleus, Gastrocnemius . . . .

This is a GOOOOOOD exercise!

Resistance Bands Exercises For Legs & Butt - Squats

Resistance Bands Exercises For Legs & Butt - Squats

Which Part Of My Body Will I Tone?

Doing each exercise in this article will have worked every part of your body!

Muscles worked in a standing row using resistance bands
Muscles worked in a standing row using resistance bands

6. Standing Row Using Resistance Bands

A good upper body exercise with resistance bands that works chest, shoulders and arms. The muscles used in this exercise are . . Latissimus Dorsi/lats, Trapezius/traps, Rhomboids, Biceps

Standing Row Exercise with Resistance Bands

Upper Body Resistance Band Exercises : Standing Row Exercise with Resistance Bands

Will Your Exercises Include Resistance Bands - . . they should

Did you know about the benefits of using resistance bands?

Exercises With Resistance Bands From Around The Web

Resistance Band exercises are always popular so there is a plethora of sites to visit and information to be gleened from around the web. Here are a few that I found.

Overhead tricep extensions using resistand band tricep diagram
Overhead tricep extensions using resistand band tricep diagram

7. Overhead Tricep Extension

I would urge everyone to do this exercise as it is incredibly beneficial. Not only to tone but to keep your flexibility in your neck and shoulders.

Over Head Tricep Extension

Resistance Band Exercises: Over Head Tricep Extension

Image of bicep brachii (your guns!!!)
Image of bicep brachii (your guns!!!)

8. Resistance Band Bicep Curl

The big guns workout

I think this one definitely needs no introduction, the most common exercise known to any gym! As you may know I am not a fan of gym machines as they isolate the bodies movements. Using resistance bands to do the bicep curl is way more beneficial and functional.

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

How to do a Resistance Band Bicep Curl with Bolingbrook Personal Trainer John Chase

Hamstring Curls Using Resistance Bands Muscles Used
Hamstring Curls Using Resistance Bands Muscles Used

9. Resistance Bands Hamstring Curl

Again, no machines are involved in the making of this exercise TICK! This one can be a bit of a hidden killer I warn you now! So, take your time and . . . . yup you guessed it do it as instructed!

It is a superb FULL and leg and butt exercise. Get that booty workin'

Hamstring Exercise - Leg Curl with Resistance Bands

Hamstring Exercise - Leg Curl with Resistance Bands

Great core muscle workout
Great core muscle workout

10. Resistance Band Leg Raise Crunches

This is a superb exercise that utilises . . . to be honest nearly every core muscle you have . . even your eyelids will ache (OK maybe not).

Leg Raises

Leg Raise Crunches

Tips and exercises using the crossfit bands - Crossfit With Resistance Bands

In the video's below you will find instructions from a couple different crossfit boxes using resistance bands for training:

Butterfly Pullup using Band

Paradiso CrossFit - Pressing with Bands

CrossFit - Benching With Band Resistance

CrossFit Band split stretch

Band Mid-Back Pull - CrossFit

These are seriously good exercises . . . . . ENJOY

Thank you for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated. With thanks and appreciation. Cathi x

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    • brianvallois lm profile image

      brianvallois lm 

      4 years ago

      Greats lens, lots of in depth knowledge, thanks.


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