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Extreme sports and activities you have to try before you die

Updated on June 6, 2012

Popular extreme sports and activities you have to try

Extreme sports are dangerous and potentially life threatening, but this is the reason why these activities are so exhilarating and provide such an adrenaline rush. If you want to get the blood pumping around your body and the adrenaline flowing through your veins extreme sports and activities are the way forward. Extreme sports are cool, fact. We are always told to live life to the full and on the edge and extreme sports are the way to do it. If you do one thing before you are too old and confined to your house or before you die, an extreme sport or even sports are something you simply have to do. For the best and most accessible extreme sports out there, along with some awesome images and video footage, read on.......

Extreme sports and activities - Sky diving

Kite surfer
Kite surfer

For the ultimate adrenaline rush you have to have a go at sky diving. The day starts with a training session on terra firma before taking to a small plane and flying up to several thousand feet. The training session is boring and, if you're like me, all you want to do is get it over and done with as quick as possible and get up in the air.

Once you are all kitted out, sat in the plane and racing down the runway that is going to be the first time you really think "jeez, this is actually going to happen" and the nerves and adrenaline set in. From there on in the journey is a roller coaster of emotions and you will experience more things than you actually though possible. Once up in the plane you have to sit back, try to relax and put any doubts and fears at the back of your mind, although this is easier said than done.

It is only when you reach the desired height and location, strap yourself to the instructor and sit at the edge of the jumping point looking down through the wispy clouds to the ground below do you think "what am I doing?" The problem is, once you reach this point you can't really back out and the only thing to do is to suck it up and take the leap of faith.

Once out of the plane and in to the air it is time to fight against the immensely strong wind as your flaps about, your suit flaps about and your cheeks feel like they are going to be ripped of your face. This part is the real adrenaline kick and is simply awesome. Words can't describe this part of sky diving and you really have to experience it.

After a few minutes it is time to pull the cord, release the shoot and then sit back and relax whilst you gently descend to the ground. Once the chute is open and you start gently falling to the ground the feeling of achievement and relief is overwhelming. The trip down to the ground is one where you can sit back, relax and take in the stunning views that unfold before you. It is a surreal experience and one that is highly recommended.

There are many places that offer sky diving experiences so finding one near you should not be too difficult. Things always seem better when they are done in a foreign place, and sky diving is no different. Rather than sky diving at home leave it to a time you are on vacation in another country as the experience will be so much better and will leave a vacation memory you will cherish forever.

Jump the Beach Sky Diving

There are loads of places you can sky dive and Jump the Beach in Australia is just one of them. When I "jumped the beach" during my gap year, I found these blokes simply awesome. I am not ashamed to say that I was absolutely bricking it in the plane and just before the jump, but these guys helped me through it and I am proud to say "I Jumped The Beach" and what an awesome feeling and experience it was.

Extreme sports and activities - Bungee jumping

Taking a dip whilst bungee jumping
Taking a dip whilst bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is nothing more than attaching yourself to a large elastic band and then jumping off a bridge, a crane or some building. Bungee jumping is one of the scariest things you can do whilst still close to terra firma. The thought of attaching yourself to a large elastic band and then throwing yourself off a bridge, a building, a crane or throwing yourself down a cavern is ridiculous but there are loads of people who do it.

The emotions of getting ready for a bungee jump are excitement and anticipation but it isn't until you are all kitted out, attached to the bungee cord and standing looking over the edge of a bridge and down to the raging torrent below that the fear starts and the adrenaline starts to flow through your veins.

Standing there, looking down a million things flash through your mind. You then hear the familiar "1, 2, 3, bungee!" take a deep breath and then the leap of faith.

There are loads of places you can bungee jump, although it is best to leave it when you are on vacation where the experience will be much more memorable.

The world's highest bungee jump? maybe, maybe not.

Wherever you go bungee jumping it is simply awesome. When I did my bungee jump during a gap year I ended up doing it in Queenstown, New Zealand. Whilst my bungee jump wasn't as high as this I think I had more scenic surroundings. Still, I bet this jump was awesome. Given the chance, there is no way I could leap off something this high up. Could you?

Fortunately, there are many bungee jumping opportunities that are closer to the ground and not so high, so you can enjoy bungee jumping without having a real head for heights.

Extreme sports and activities - Snow boarding

When you think of extreme sports there is a good likelihood the first thing you will think of is snowboarding. Snowboarding is yet another activity that will get the blood pumping around your body and the adrenaline flowing through your veins. Experienced snowboarders make snowboarding look exceptionally easy, but in reality this is not the case.

When you first experience snowboarding you will be wobbly however after a few days you should be able to stand up and experience the thrills, and spills, of snowboarding. You won't be doing any super jumps or tricks any time soon, but there is a real sense of satisfaction in just making it down the slope on your feet. There is no doubt about it, snowboarding is cool.

If you live in a country where there is no snow and even fewer mountains, such as in the southeast of the UK, it is advisable to try out some dry slopes to hone your skills ready for when you hit the snow slopes for real.

Snowboarding tricks

With some practice (a lot of practice) it is possible to perform some awesome tricks on a snowboard that will have bystanders gawping in awe. If you want to see a handful of the tricks that are possible you really need to check out this footage!

Snow boarding accessories from Amazon

If you have a snowboarding trip planned or are looking at taking up snowboarding you are going to need to get yourself the right kit, and all of this can be purchased from Amazon. For the right gear at the right quality and at the right price make Amazon your first port of call. From snow boards to boots to goggles to gloves to warm clothing, Amazon really does have it all.

Extreme sports and activities - Road bike racing

Riding a large, powerful motorcycle is another activity that provides an adrenaline rush and it is something everyone has to try before they get too old or die. Riding motorcycles on the road is dangerous, fact. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, how careful you are, what protective clothing you wear, what kind of motorcycle you ride etc. a motorcycle rider is still vulnerable on the public highway.

If you want to experience riding a powerful motorcycle fast the best way of doing this is to take it on a race circuit where there is no traffic, no pedestrians and everything is travelling in the same direction. Fortunately, you don't have to be a road racer to ride a motorcycle around a race circuit neither do you need to be super rich. Many race circuits hold track days whereby you take your own motorcycle for a blast around the circuit, and with no speed limits you can go as fast as you dare. The circuits will have rules and regulations in place, which are obviously for your own safety, although there won't be too many and provided you abide by the rules you'll be fine.

Even if you don't own a motorcycle of your own to take around the circuit on a track day you can still experience the thrills of riding a powerful motorcycle around a race circuit. There are many road race schools whereby you go to the circuit and get to ride one of the race school's motorcycles to ride. The race schools also teach you how to ride fast, how to ride around corners properly, where to position yourself on the circuit and how to get the most out of the motorcycle.

Extreme sports - motorcycle track day

You don't need to be a motorcycle racer to experience riding powerful motorcycles around a race circuit. Riding motorcycles is a huge adrenaline rush and the safest way of doing it is on a track where there are no other vehicles, everyone is travelling in the same direction and there are no police officers to issue any speeding tickets.

Protective clothing for riding motorcycles

If you want to experience a trackday you are going to have to make sure you are fully kitted out with protective clothing. Failure to do so will mean you are not allowed on the race circuit. For all your motorcycle protective clothing needs you should make Amazon your first port of call. From leahter jackets to leather jeans to leather gloves to helmets, and everything in-between Amazon has it all. What's more, Amazon has great quality products at an even better price.

Extreme sports and activities - White water rafting

In my opinion, white water rafting is the most extreme and exhilarating water sports there is to do. Racing down some rapids whilst trying to manoeuvre the dinghy to avoid jagged rocks is simply exhausting, and with the water frequently spilling over in to the boat and the spray going in to your face the task is made even harder. White water rafting doesn't only give you a large adrenaline rush, oh no. The views and scenery from the dinghy are stunning especially when looking up towards the sky and the cliff edges above. White water rafting is one large adrenaline rush from start to finish and it is an awesome activity that everyone should have a go at some point in their lives.

White water rafting is a popular activity and one you can do all over the world. From the USA to the Far East to Europe, there are many places to have a go at white water rafting so you can't use a lack of opportunities as an excuse not to give this activity a try.

The rapids are graded and before you sign up to a white water rafting excursion you need to make sure you have the right levels of experience for the rapids you are planning on going on. If you have any doubts the rafting guide will advise you. When you sign up for white water rafting you will be given a disclaimer contract to sign, which is a get out clause for the rafting guide. It is nerve wrecking signing one of these disclaimer contracts, but the truth of the matter is if you don't sign it you don't get a trip down the river.

White water rafting in Turkey

I have only ever been white water rafting in Turkey whilst on vacation with my wife. The trip we took was down the River Dalaman, which is considered to be suitable for beginners and people who have never been white water rafting before. This excursion is simply awesome and a "must do" if you ever visit Olu Deniz, Maramaris, Fethiye, Dalaman, Dalyan or any other region or resort in that area.

During the trip down the Rvier Dalaman you will be recorded and have several photographs taken of you to buy at the end of the day. Some may consider it a bit cheesy but it is always nice to watch your white water rafting trip every now and again.

Here we have the footage of a white water rafting excursion down the Dalaman River, which will hopefully whet your appetite to give it a try.

Extreme sports and activities - Kite surfing

Surfing is cool but what about if you live somewhere in the world where there are no waves, just like I do, the only real alternative is kite surfing. Many argue that kite surfing is the most extreme water sport without an engine, and it is easy to see why.

Using a surfboard to cut through the water whilst being attached to an oversized kite, which is being dragged along by the wind, is simply awesome. It is impossible to predict Mother Nature and the wind will do what it wants to do. One moment you are in full control and enjoying the ride and the next a gust comes from nowhere and you're off. During these times there is little you can do except for hold on tight and enjoy the ride, and wait for the wind to drop again.

Kite surfing is a great extreme activity and is ideal for all you "water babies" out there, so next time you are down at the beach and have the opportunity to go kite surfing my advice is to go for it. You won't be disappointed.

Kite Surfing

Now, this is how you kite surf. Watch, take notes and then get down the beach and give it a try for yourself. You will love it, guaranteed.

Kite surfing accessories from Amazon

If you are looking at taking up kite surfing you are going to need the proper equipment, a lot of which can be sourced from Amazon. From boards to kites to instructional DVDs and books, you can get it all at Amazon and all at great prices and good quality. So, before you go anywhere else for your kite surfing bits and pieces make sure you check out Amazon first.

Extreme sports and activities - Big game fishing

Fishing and extreme sports are seldom found in the same sentence, or said in the same breath however this is not always the case. Sitting down by the lake on a sunny afternoon pulling out small silverfish is not an extreme sport, however big game fishing is.

Big game fishing involves taking a boat at to sea and trolling large lures in order to hook yellow fin tuna, sharks, sailfish and blue marlin amongst other large species of predatory fish. Waiting for the big game to fish is sedate and a relaxed affair, which offers you the opportunity to sit back and think about the monster fish you want to catch. This is not the extreme part, however it all changes once the lure is picked up and the line starts peeling off at a rate of knots. When this happens the atmosphere on the boat completely changes and gets more hectic. During this time you are manhandled by the crew and pushed in to the fighting chair with a butt pad strapped to your waist. Once in the chair it is time to hang on and try and land your catch.

Out of all the big game fish the blue marlin is considered to be the jewel in the crown. These fish grow exceptionally large, and by large I mean huge. Blue marlin can grow in excess of ten feet in length and weigh in excess of six hundred pounds, which makes them a formidable opponent. When a marlin is hooked it fights exceptionally hard and the battle to get it to the boat can last several hours, during which the fish will tail walk and jump clear out of the water, which is an awesome sight in itself. The battle is exhausting for both the marlin and the angler, and sitting in the fighting chair in the midday sun playing a large marlin is hard work but well worth doing.

Big game fishing is most available off the coasts of North America, Central America and South America, as well as the islands in the Caribbean. If like me you live in Europe you have no opportunities to catch marlin or any other big game fish, so you will have to take a vacation.

Extreme sports - Marlin fishing

If you want to see a marlin tail walking take a look at this. I was fortunate to go big game fishing with Crystal Blue, based on the island of St Vincent and was lucky enough to catch a 450 pounds marlin, shame we didn't have a video camera on that trip.

GoPro Head camera - The easiest way to record your extreme sport

Simply describing your experience to friends and family isn't enough. In order for them to fully appreciate what you went through you need to put htme in your shoes and this is something you can do with the GoPro helmet camera. By strapping the camera to a helmet you can record everything you went through and all in high definition.

If you want to record an extreme movie of an extreme sport to share with your friends and family, or to put on Youtube the GoPro head camera is exactly what you are looking for.

GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition
GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition

Out of all the different helmet and head cameras available the GoPro is by far the best. This camera is tough and durable, which is an absolute must when you are participating in extreme sports, and will continue to record the adventure even if you want to give up, and all in high definiton. The GoPro can take a few light knocks and will still carry on recording the action, unlike some other helmet cameras on the market.

The GoPro helemt camera is not cheap but then quality does come at a price and it is worth ever single penny. If you are looking for a decent helmet camera the GoPro is well worth a purchase.


GoPro Motorsports edition - Perfect for motorcycles

Motorcycle helmets aren't really the size or shape suitable to securely hold a video camera. However, with the GoPro motorsports edition it is still possible to record your track day antics without having to strap a camera to your safety helmet. The GoPro motorsports edition simply suckers on to your motorcycl's tank or the dashboard of your car and records the thrills and spills from there.

GoPro HD HERO2: Motorsports Edition
GoPro HD HERO2: Motorsports Edition

When your riding a motorcycle at high speeds it is all too easy for a helmet camera to be blown off your helmet. GoPro have overcome this potential problem by moving the location of the camera from your helmet to the tank, where it is shielded by the fairing. The GoPro camera is a tough, rugged viedo camera tha can take a lot of vibration, rattles and knocks and still carry on recording the action.

The GoPro isn't cheap but if you want a top quality product you have to dig a little deeper and pay a bit more. The additional cost is well worth it thoug, especially when you watch the HD video back and appreciate just how good the recording is.


Helmet cameras for sale on Amazon

If the GoPro isn't the right helmet camera for you there are loads of others to choose from, as pictured below. Alternatively, use the search facility on Amazon and I am sure you will find something that is going to be perfect for your requirements.

Helmet cameras for sale on eBay

For some great deals on helmet cameras to record your extreme sports check out eBay.

The best extreme sport ever

It's now over to you. What do you consider to be the best extreme sport or activity ever and one oyu have to try before you die? It doesn't matter whether the sport is on land or water, up in the air or close to the ground. As long as it is an extreme sport that is all that matters.

What do you think is the best extreme sport ever?

See results

There are loads of extreme sports and activities and this lens details a small selection of the most popular ones. What other extreme sports do you do? Why do you do them? Please let our readers know.

Alternatively, if you have any comments please feel free to note them down.

Your favourite extreme sports

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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      I've been an extreme sports fan for years. You would find me watch the X-Games on TV for winter and summer. I'm a huge fan of Travis Pastrana as well. I think you forgot to mention surfing in general as an extreme sport. I would love to go rafting and snowboarding someday.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      As a white watet kayaker, i feel kayaking should also be on this.

    • OrlandoTipster profile image


      6 years ago

      So far it's tandem skydiving.

      Only did it once though.

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 

      7 years ago

      Know this, Oâ worthy and diligent lensmaster;

      With accomplishment youâve earned a tryster.

      As a token of immense appreciation expressed,

      A squid angel leaves this lens heartily blessed.

      On a rendering that is sparkling in its own right,

      Propagating an appealing thought well and quite;

      If you were to notice a slender shimmering crust;

      From the angelâs wand, it is a spill of stardust.

    • Ram Ramakrishnan profile image

      Ram Ramakrishnan 

      7 years ago

      Spectacular, extreme and dangerous sports: love them, I certainly do;

      The stress and fright one must savor before death, I agree with that too.

      However, life in general isnât bereft of them, they are faced everyday;

      Evidences for this are wrinkling skin and mane and beard gone grey.

      To learn a skill breaks the back; to wallop, the boss always has the knack;

      From myriad marauding life forms, the body is constantly under attack.

      Nosy taxmen relentlessly at the heels, maintain abnormal hypertension;

      Problems galore connected with the house and spouse, need no mention.

      To have endured all this seems a miracle, but the body is rendered frail;

      Hailing others at extreme activities, the sea of serenity I would like to sail.

    • derryod profile image


      7 years ago

      I've done quite a few of these and loved them all. Scuba diving is my main sport at the moment, not sure if it's classed as an extreme sport, although it does have it's dangers and certainly gets the adrenalin flowing

    • intermarks profile image


      7 years ago

      I had done white water rafting and bike racing and these are among the extreme sports that I can still accept.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      nice article, i like to try some extreme sports

    • GabStar profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow, awesome lens. I try to do something interesting every time I go on holidays. When I went to China the way they drive just being in a taxi was like an extreme sport.

    • limited279 profile image


      7 years ago

      Will try kite surfing soon since I am not close enough to the ocean to get any real waves!

    • menskincaretips profile image


      7 years ago

      I did bungee jumping and it was a great experience as well as very liberating!

    • Richardryder profile image

      Risteard O'Marcahain 

      7 years ago from Wales

      I've done a few of these but would like to do a few more before I die

    • LouisaDembul profile image


      7 years ago

      Wouldn't mind trying snow boarding or big game fishing!

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow - not sure how many of these I will try!

    • SayGuddaycom profile image


      7 years ago

      Missed rock climbing but great lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Dropping in to say Hi !! I leave this type of extreme sports to the experts.. not for me

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Loved this article of yours! *blessed*!

    • IDo2 profile image


      7 years ago

      daring stuff ;)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens.

    • PBJasen profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens. My choice for extreme sport is paintball.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I would love to do a bunjy jump someday soon! Enjoyed the list.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this all looks fun

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      7 years ago from USA

      Good lens on a good topic. Lots of good work here.

      (by the way, your "scary characters" lens appears to be missing a comments module -- is that intentional?)

      good luck!!!


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