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My Top 4 Reasons Why Eli Drake's Fact of Life Was the Greatest Modern Wrestling Talk Show in History

Updated on April 25, 2018

Eli Drake and his talk show, Fact of Life

Eli Drake Hosting his wrestling talk show, Fact of Life
Eli Drake Hosting his wrestling talk show, Fact of Life

What was Fact of Life?

Fact of life is a wrestling talk show created by TNA in 2016 and discontinued in 2017 (Now Impact Wrestling) and endorsed by Eli Drake (Shaun Ricker). He used to name all the dummies in the room and, when he felt like naming a dummy, he pressed a button, and a animated gif of him saying "Dummy, Yeah!" in a thought bubble appeared on the television screen. You must be thinking "Another wrestling show with another talking segment done by another host, like Miz TV, hosted by The Miz, or the Ambrose Asylum, which is hosted by Dean Ambrose, or the Rollins Report , which was hosted by Seth Rollins, or the Highlight Reel, which was hosted by Chris Jericho, or the Cutting Edge, which was hosted by Edge, also known as Adam Copeland."

This show was different, however, as some TNA fans knew, because it had potential, and that potential was there; it had the dummy button, it had a table and was unlike any modern wrestling talk show in history, unlike Miz TV or the Ambrose Asylum or some episodes of the Highlight Reel. This show was inspired by Eli Drake, who felt that he needed to name all the dummies in the building. So, he decided to create the show, which was aptly titled "Fact of Life". The videos below showed what a Fact of Life segment was.

Eli Drake Names Dummies

Reasons for the Dummy Button

I don't know what the reasons for the Dummy button are, but it's funny. When Eli Drake first hosted the Fact of Life with the comedic Bro Mans, Eli Drake told Jessie Godderz that he would've rode off into the sunset and kicked Grado from the building if they were together, instead of reuniting with an old friend. Eli Drake pushed the dummy button, and I just cracked up. Every time Eli Drake pushed that dummy button, and the "Dummy, Yeah" Animated Gif showed up, I laughed and laughed.

In a world where rainbows and unicorns for tag team champions are idolized (I'm talking about The New Day) and uncharismatic b------ are overprotected (I'm talking about John Cena and Roman Reigns), Eli Drake is sure to pull your funny bone whenever he's around. "That's not an insult. That's just a fact of life" is what he said at the end of each promo, and it entertained me so much that I watched Eli Drake's Fact of Life segments just for entertainment purposes. Unlike Miz TV, where you got an uncharismatic character with an uncharismatic wife by your side, Fact of life has it's own entertainment section. That's why when Eli Drake won the King of the Mountain Championship, I was so happy for him, and when he won the World Heavyweight Championship on August 2017, I was elated. Whatever the case may be, Eli Drake will always be one special character.

Eli Drake doing his usual signage of naming himself "Eli Drake"
Eli Drake doing his usual signage of naming himself "Eli Drake"

Potential in Fact of Life.

My first reason why Fact of life is the greatest wrestling talk show in the modern era is its potential to be one of the greatest talk shows of any wrestling era. Fact of life started as an Idea inside the creative mind of Eli Drake in 2015. TNA decided that Fact of Life was green-lighted. on the April tapings of Impact, Eli Drake went inside TNA''s Television truck, and said that Fact of Life was going to debut in one week. When Fact of life debuted, He immediately introduced the Bro Mans as his first guests. Then, he named the them dummies and Eli Drake squared off against them

When you talk about the creative potential of Fact of Life, you could have as many guests as you like. Like twice on July, Eli Drake had James Storm as his guest. He also called Lashley's head a giant ninja turtle, insulting him and his "collection" of titles like it's Pokemon GO. That line cracked me up. Eli Drake's cockiness also cost him the TNA King of the Mountain Championship with James Storm, so I guess it's a true statement. This show has the potential to entertain hundreds of thousands of its fans with pure entertainment. As I've seen with Eli Drake, he can put on quite the show. Currently, Fact of Life has been discontinued.

Dummy Button, Not Unlike Eli Drake's Dummy Button
Dummy Button, Not Unlike Eli Drake's Dummy Button

The Dummy Button.

Whenever Eli Drake pushes the dummy button, an animated gif of Eli Drake saying "DUMMY, YEAH" Appears in airquotes, and it cracks me up. This is a case of which the more times Eli Drake presses the button, the more I laugh. Sometimes, I laugh until my whole body convulses in laughter and my eyes start to water, but those are tears of laughter. The Dummy button was meant to entertain people, and that is what it does. It entertains people. As the below video shows, the dummy button has only one use, and that is to name all the dummies in the building. Say that Eli Drake names DJ Z a dummy because of how good he is. He just presses the button and the "Dummy, Yeah" button appears on the television screen.

Let's say he hosts and DJ Z is his guest. He talks trash about DJ Z and DJ Z talks trash about him, and then Eli Drake pushes the dummy button 3 times. Normally, the 3rd time is annoying, but when you're talking about Eli Drake and his Fact of Life segment, the third time means 3 times the jokes and 3 times the funny factor. Then, Eli Drake says "When I say Dummy, you say Yeah!" So, he says "Dummy" and the fans say yeah, but he interrupts the fans by saying "I'm not talking to you, dummies. I'm talking to me" and then he says "Dummy, Yeah" to himself. Sometimes, when he pushes the dummy button, and the "Dummy, Yeah" button appears on the TV, he says "Yeah" to himself. That's how charismatic he is. The dummy button is an interesting thing and an interesting specimen.

Eli Drake Presses the Dummy Button

It's Unlike Any Modern Wrestling Talk Show in History.

So, Fact of life was inspired by Eli Drake, and TNA created it. IN TNA, wrestlers are allowed to improvise. IN WWE, you aren''t allowed to improvise, and WWE Creative aren't the best in making decisions. In Miz TV, you only get to use PG Material, but in Fact of Life, you are allowed to use certain things. Like in WWE, you aren't allowed to use Beer or use any lines that say sh&t, b*&ch or f*&k, while in TNA, you are allowed to use beer and use those lines to an extent. There's still some censorship, but it's to a lesser extent. In the Ambrose Asylum, theres endless talking to prove a point, and usually you don't prove your point until after 70% of your promo is over. In TNA, you get to prove your point from the start. Really, It's a battle of TNA VS WWE, with TNA trying to succeed and WWE trying to run itself to the ground. WWE's Numbers have shrunk since 2001, while TNA's numbers have shrunk since 2014 solely because of network changing. Fact of the matter is that Fact of Life is entertaining, while Miz TV, The Ambrose Asylum, and the Highlight Reel are NOT entertaining.


In Conclusion, Fact of life is considered the most entertaining shows that I have ever seen, and it may entertain us for years to come, just as long as TNA does not cancel Fact of Life, because if TNA cancels Fact of Life, then I won't get the entertaining segment that I'm hoping for, and TNA will head towards the dark ages, just like when the Aces and 8s took over TNA, just like when Immortal and Fortune Teamed up and took over TNA, just like when Matt Hardy was TNA World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

Article Update

I'm just here to inform Eli's fans that Fact of Life has been discontinued, although he still does his usual catchphrase and saying "Dummy, Yeah" and "When I say dummy, you say yeah" and all that. So yeah, that was the update.


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