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Family Bike Riding

Updated on March 5, 2011

Ride a Bike With Your Family

Getting into shape is a goal that many people have.  Riding a bike with your family can be a fun way to get into shape and have fun at the same time.  In many parts of the country, May is a great time to ride bikes with your family, that's why May is American Bike Month.  No matter what time of year it is, if the weather is right, it's a great time to get out and take a ride.

You may think that some of your family members are the wrong age to ride bikes. Babies and toddlers can't exactly ride a two wheeler; however, they can ride along. There are bike options for almost every member of the family.

Photo by melodi2.


Where to Ride

Where should your family ride bikes? That depends on your interests and where you live. If you live in the suburbs, you might be able to take a nice family bike ride in the evenings around the neighborhood. If you live in the country, you can ride around in the woods. If you live near some great bike trails, you might want to pack up the car on the weekends and make a bike trek. Find a place that works for you, and head off.

A Family Bike Ride - Exploring Nature

Bikes for Dad

Guys usually need bigger bikes than the ladies do. Because not all stock bike seats are comfortable, you might want to put a new bike seat on.

Bikes for Mom

Mom can find a great bike to take out with the family... she can even get it in pink if she wants. She might want to get a bike seat for more comfort.

Biking with the Kids

Older kids can bike along with you with a bike that fits their frame. Between ages 4 and 6, most kids can learn to ride a bike without training wheels. Between ages 3 and 4, kids can usually learn to ride a kid's bike with training wheels.

At this age, many kids can ride their own bikes on family bike rides. Many of them like to ride fast, so watch out! You'll probably want to make them wear a bicycle helmet, especially if you are taking them near roads. In some places bike helmets are the law.

Photo by hortongrou.

Bikes for Kids

Kids bikes primarily come in boy's or girl's versions. Both boys and girls might enjoy a noisemaker.

Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

Bringing the Toddler Along

Somewhere between 2 and 2 1/2, toddlers can start learning how to ride tricycles. Most of the time, they're not going to be able to keep up with the older kids and adults on a family bike ride. This is why bike trailers are such a great invention. You attach a bike trailer to the back wheel of one of the parent's bikes, and then you strap the kid in. They can't run off or fall out, and even if they're already old enough to ride a tricycle, they can still fit.

My son enjoys taking bike rides in the back of a bike trailer. Many bike trailers can hold two kids that are 50 pounds each, and have five point harnesses.

Take Your Toddler on a Bike Ride

Schwinn Mark III Double Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller (Red/Gray)
Schwinn Mark III Double Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller (Red/Gray)

This bike trailer can hold two children, and it converts to a jogging stroller. It has a weather shield and 100 pound capacity. It's made by Schwinn, so you know it's good quality.


Trikes for Toddlers

When they're not riding behind in a bike trailer on a family bike ride, toddlers will want to learn to ride their own bikes.

NOAA Map, public domain
NOAA Map, public domain

Virtually Riding Across the United States

I'm always trying to find ways to motivate myself to exercise, and maybe you're in the same boat. Of course, spending time with your family is great, but perhaps your family would like to virtually cycle across the United States? You can do this at this virtual walk across the United States. You can also mark the miles you cycle.

This virtual walk/cycling trip takes you from Virginia to Oregon. I really like this site because at every marker, you're given a photo of where you would be if you actually cycled that distance. You can see your progress on a map. You can sign up your family with one account, or you can get each family member their own account, so they can log any walking or cycling that they do individually.

Changing a Flat Bike Tire

If your bike tire goes flat when you're taking a family bike ride, you'll want to know how to change it. Here's how.

Don't Forget Helmets

Protect your head with a helmet.

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    • danmitch profile image

      danmitch 5 years ago

      Nice lens - I've also written on family cycling and talked about "Balance Bikes" for the really little kids.

    • jdwheeler profile image

      jdwheeler 7 years ago

      Family bike riding is the best. I like it because it promotes family talking while your riding.

    • SpellOutloud profile image

      SpellOutloud 8 years ago

      Nice lens! I've lensrolled it w/ The Perfect Beginner's Bike for Kids.

    • HorseAndPony LM profile image

      HorseAndPony LM 8 years ago

      We loved our bikes until we moved to Colorado. The mountains are just too steep for us to want to bike. We just ride our horses everywhere. Great lens.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 8 years ago from United States

      We do love our bikes! Great lens

    • ZenandChic profile image

      Patricia 8 years ago

      This is a great lens on bikes for those wanting to get the family on bikes which is me... Love your lens!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 8 years ago from USA

      I love the great tips you've supplied for family bike rides!

    • Laniann profile image

      Laniann 8 years ago

      I loved to go bike riding and would enjoy going for hours. Now I let being too busy get in the way of the joys of bike riding. I like the Schwinn Mark III Double Bike Trailer and Jogging Stroller.