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Fantasy Baseball Draft Party Ideas

Updated on December 17, 2017
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MacPharlain has been playing and writing about fantasy sports (including fantasy football, NASCAR, and golf) for over a decade.

Tips For Hosting A Fantasy Baseball Draft Party

Fantasy draft day. It's the most important day of the 2018 fantasy baseball season. Help your league celebrate it with a great draft party!

This guide has helpful tips, ideas and supplies you'll need to plan and host an awesome fantasy baseball draft party.

Opening day of baseball season is right around the corner. You still have time to create a new league and start playing. What are you waiting for? Start planning your 2018 fantasy draft party now!

What's A Fantasy Baseball Draft?

...and why does it need a party?

The draft is when all the managers in your fantasy baseball league meet to select their team's players before the start of the season. It's usually organized and run by the league's commissioner.

This might be the only time the whole league gets together in person so it's a good excuse for a party with lots of food, drink, trash talk and fun.

Draft Party Tips

Advice to help you plan a successful draft party.

  • Plan early. Pick a good draft date and location. Then send out invites to make sure your league knows about it. If you're having your party at a bar, get a reservation in early.
  • Get a neutral party to be the official timekeeper and record picks. It takes the workload off of the commissioner and helps keep everything fair.
  • Serve good food and beer. You can provide it or tell everyone to bring their own. I've also seen commissioners include the cost of food for the party as part of the league's entry fee.
  • Play baseball related videos. Have a baseball bloopers or greatest plays DVD on the TV with the volume muted. Or you could schedule the draft during an MLB pre-season game and play that...but the game might get distracting for some.
  • Schedule breaks during the draft. The draft will probably take 2-4 hours so plan one or more bathroom breaks. Let everyone know there will be a 10 minute break after round 7 for example.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Kits

Track Your League's Draft Picks

A good draft board gives your fantasy draft an official feel. It also makes it easy for everyone to know what players have already been picked and avoid an embarrassing round.

Baseball Themed Draft Party Supplies

Create a fun atmosphere for your draft party with baseball themed party supplies. Make clean up easy for yourself with paper products that can be easily thrown away or recycled.

Re-use any left over supplies for a kids' birthday party or save them for next year's draft party.

Where To Host Your Draft Party?

Fantasy Draft Party Location Ideas

Choose a place where your league can have fun and make some noise for a few hours. The library or opera are bad choices...your favorite sports bar is a good choice.

  • Home - The easiest choice is to have the party at your house or another league member's house.
  • Favorite Bar or Restaurant - Most bars and restaurants allow you to reserve space for a private party. Some places even offer fantasy draft party packages and discounts.
  • A Baseball Stadium - Contact your local minor or major league ball park and find out if you can rent a luxury box, dugout or any other part of the stadium to hold your draft.
  • Draft Getaway - Make your fantasy draft part of a road trip or friends night out. How 'bout a trip to Spring Training?

What's Your Favorite Fantasy Draft Location?

What's Your Favorite Fantasy Draft Location?

See results

More Fun Baseball Draft Party Ideas

  • Post last year's final standings. This is a good way to reignite rivalries from last season and get the league fired up for the draft. Print this out and display it prominently.
  • Display the league trophy. If your league has a championship trophy the draft party is a good time to show it off. Invite the defending champion to say a few words.
  • Wear a baseball jersey or funny fantasy baseball shirt. Dig your favorite team or player's jersey out of the closet and wear it. Or get yourself a fantasy baseball t-shirt to wear.
  • Make predictions. Before the draft starts, ask each coach to make a prediction about the season. Write them down and save for the end of the season.

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What Do You Want In A Good Fantasy Draft Party?

Share your best fantasy baseball draft party planning tips and stories in the comments section below.

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    • MacPharlain profile image

      MacPharlain 5 years ago

      @anonymous: That's a cool idea! I've added baseball stadiums to the list of draft party locations above.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Come to Cheney Stadium, home of the Tacoma Rainiers, to have your draft party in a luxury suite! It will be the best draft party anyone has ever been to!

    • profile image

      FantasyFootballRankings 5 years ago

      Your tips about hosting a fantasy baseball draft party are really great!