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Beginners' Guide to Fantasy Golf

Updated on December 19, 2017
MacPharlain profile image

MacPharlain has been playing and writing about fantasy sports (including fantasy football, NASCAR, and golf) for over a decade.

Fantasy Golf 101

So you want to start playing fantasy golf? Then you're in the right place.

This guide is for Fantasy Golf rookies and anyone wanting to learn how to play fantasy golf. Here you'll find an explanation of the game, tips to select your players and links to additional resources on the web.

The 2017-2018 fantasy golf season has started, but you can create a team and start playing any time.

What is Fantasy Golf?

Fantasy Golf is a game where you build your own dream team of PGA golfers and compete against other teams in your league. Scores are based on how your golfers perform in each round of the week's tournament.

The Basics of Fantasy Golf

Every fantasy golf player selects a team of golfers to start for each week's tournament. The sum of the player scores for each team is that team's score for the week. The team with the most total points at the end of the season is the champion.

Scoring is based on how each of your starting golfers does in the actual PGA tournament. Most sites will award the 1st place golfer of each round x points and every stroke after that gets 2 fewer points than the position before.

A league may also award bonus points for the top 3 finishers of the overall tournament (since they might not have won an individual round).

Tips For Selecting Players

  • Check The Golfer's Status - Make sure that the golfer is playing this week. Some golfers (especially the tier C golfers) don't enter every tournament. Or a golfer could miss the cut or get disqualified after an early round. If the golfer has NE, MC or DQ in his status field, he's not playing.
  • How Many Times Have You Started This Golfer? - Many games limit the number of times you can start each golfer during the season (10 times for Yahoo!). If you've already hit the limit and he's still in your lineup, you'll get a big 0 no matter how well he finishes.

Fantasy Golf Sites - Where to play...

Most fantasy golf league sites are free and provide the basics of stats, scoring, league and team management, message posting, etc. Some also offer premium (pay) games as well that offer cash prizes.

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Leave your comments below on fantasy golf, your favorite golfer or anything golf.


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    • profile image

      BradKamer 6 years ago

      Nice lens, and good reminder about checking status of players before picking a team. I have never used the automated sites such as yahoo, but have "self" managed the league based on only the majors. I have a fantasy golf lens that teaches how the process works.

    • profile image

      ohcaroline 6 years ago

      I've never played fantasy golf...but I have fantasy baseball. Great idea though. I'm lensrolling this lens to my lens: Golf Quiz.