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Fantasy Sports News

Updated on September 7, 2014

Fantasy Sports News Wire

A fantasy sport is a game where fantasy owners build a team that competes against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by individual players or teams of a professional sport. Probably the most common variant changes statistical performance into points that are compiled and totaled according to a roster selected by a manager that makes up a fantasy team. These point systems are generally simple enough to be manually calculated by a "league commissioner".

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Fantasy Sports Background

It's estimated by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association that 29.9 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports in 2007. A prior study by the FSTA showed 19.4 million people age 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports in 2006 and 34.5 million people had ever played fantasy sports. A 2006 study showed 22 percent of U.S. adult males 18 to 49 years old, with Internet access, play fantasy sports. Fantasy Sports is estimated to have a $3-$4 Billion annual economic impact across....(read more)

Daily fantasy sports is the hottest new way to enjoy the games. Sites such as Fanduel have revolutionized the industry with 100% legal contests where fans compete on a daily or weekly basis, instead of being locked into one team for the entire season.

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Fantasy sports is nearly a five billion dollar industry, and is growing rapidly with the advent of daily fantasy sports contests.

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