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Fascinating Facts About the Monaco Grand Prix

Updated on August 13, 2013

Monaco GP

Every year thousands of men and women from all over the world flock to the spectacular Grand Prix race held in the narrow streets of Monaco. This article takes a look at some of the fascinating facts about the Monaco Grand Prix, and why the event is so special.

Ten Fascinating Monaco Grand Prix Facts

1. The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most glamorous races that is held on the Formula One racing circuit and it is also one of the oldest too: It started back in 1929.

2.The drivers on this racing circuit have to change gear around 54 times each lap at Monaco, which means that there are over 4,200 changes over the course of the whole race.

3. Only 42% of the race is in full throttle and the longest period of full throttle is just 8 seconds.

4.The Monaco racing circuit is actually one of the shortest at 3.340 Kilometres. The actual race distance is 260.520 Km which means many more laps than usual.

5. Both Graham Hill and Michael Schumacher have won in Monte Carlo five times. Alain Prost had four wins and Stirling Moss along with Jackie Stewart won three times. However the record for most wins lies with Ayrton Senna who won six times.

6. McLaren is the team which has had the most wins at the Monaco circuit, with 15 to date. they are followed by Ferrari with nine wins, and Lotus take third place with seven victories.

7. It takes 6 weeks to actually set up the circuit and 3 weeks to remove it.

8. Since 1950, Monaco has hosted 54 Grand Prix events.

9. The first Monaco race was held in 1929, and was won by British driver William Grover-Williams driving a Bugatti.

10. To win the Monaco Grand Prix is extremely hard because if there is even just one small error along the streets, then it could end up being very dangerous and even fatal.

Watching the Race

So there you have it, ten interesting facts about the Monaco event. Regardless of whether you intend to travel to the Monaco Grand Prix to watch it, or decide to stay at home and watch it on TV, you will be able to soak up the atmosphere and the excitement of the day.

If you love F1 racing then traveling to Monte Carlo is an experience you will never forget: It is one of the most glamorous races known. You can take a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix and as well as watch the race from very close quarters, you will also likely see many famous faces in the crowd. So if you can, make your way down to Monaco for the last week of May and have the weekend of a lifetime.

Monaco on the Map

Monte Carlo, Monaco

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Monaco On-board Video - Sebastian Vettel

Slideshow of Awesome Monaco GP Photos

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