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Testing Your Hand and Forearm Strength

Updated on October 7, 2015

Show Off Your Grip Strength

Show off your grip strength by tearing phone books in half, bend nails and steel rods. It's kind of motivating when you are able to do these things. If you have been working hard to build incredible hand and arm strength, itâs time to see what you can accomplish. Below I have included some YouTube videos to help learn how to do the tearing, bending and ripping.

Testing Your Hand and Forearm Strength

So, you have been getting some killer strength in your hands and arms, how do you test your strength. You can do arm wrestling competition, compete in grip strength competitions or just rip and bend stuff. Grip strength competition is slowly gaining popularity. You participate in different events to test the competitors, could be picking up blobs to see who gets the heaviest lift along with some other types of events. No grip competition in your area, start up one yourself, people will show up. Arm wrestling matches are another competition that’s been around quite a while. Either one you have to search them out but are getting easier to find.

Ripping phone books in half and other stuff

Of course strong hands and forearms are needed to tear a phone book in half but there is a technique that must be used to get it done. You can watch the videos included here for a better explanation than I could give. Decks of cards are another thing you can try to rip in half, as are magazines. In general, shiny or glossy paper is harder to rip. How about bending a frying pan.

Show Off Your Forearm Strength

Here are some videos of people tearing and ripping stuff. Like I said above, it's better to watch someone doing this stuff to learn than it is trying to read the instructions. Figure out and perfect the technique, then start trying tearing magazines and work your way up. If your hands and forearms are weak, they will get stronger if you keep at it, but technique is important.

Bending Nails - Demo of Bending an Iron Mind Red Nail

You can start with easier stuff until you get stronger. Maybe try only once a week until your hands get tougher. It's a good practice to wrap the ends of the nails or rods with leather or some tough fabric to help protect your hands. Find one of the holds that work best for you. You will need to use your whole body to bend it's not just all arms. When you start the bend, just explode all your strength into it and keep going.

Tearing a deck of cards

You will need strong thumbs, index fingers, and middle fingers to grip the cards as you are twisting, and strong wrists to twist and tear the deck. Your ability to pinch narrow objects firmly will come in really handy here. You need to grip the cards like you have a death grip on them. You can read more about how to do it at this link at WikiHow.

How to Tear Up a Deck of Cards

Expand-Your-Hand Bands 10 Pack: Kiss Elbow Pains Goodbye
Expand-Your-Hand Bands 10 Pack: Kiss Elbow Pains Goodbye

Use these to work the muscles that open the hand.


Grip strength contests

If you want to compete in grip strength competition you are going to have to research to find some around your area or maybe travel to one or start one up yourself. You may find out there are more people in your area than you thought that want to test or show off their strength.


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