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Top 10 Snowboarding Tips For Female Beginners

Updated on September 7, 2014

Learn to snowboard with these top ten tips for the first time female snowboarder

Female and over 30? Here I share the top ten snowboarding tips for women that will get female snowboard beginners up and running.

Snowboarding is a wonderful sport for women, as many of the female snowboard pros are demonstrating.

Yes, they are awesome, I hear you agree, but if you are a woman and your twenties are just a memory (maybe a very distant one), you may still be thinking that a snowboard is not for you.

As a beginner, you might find the prospect of strapping both feet to a snowboard a little scary. Sure, you have seen the kids zooming down the slopes, but you don't bounce as well as they do... Perhaps you have a husband or partner who is a keen snowboarder, but it looks too rough for you.

I understand. I once felt just the same. But admit it, it would be something to be able to get on that snowboard and join your family out on the mountains, wouldn't it? Snowboard with your kids... or join the love of your life in a winter sport you both can enjoy....

Read on for tips for first-time women snowboarders that I hope will convince you to give it a try!

Tip 1 - Be brave - you'll love it!

Listen up, ladies. I'll let you in on a secret.

Snowboarding is fun!

If you have never stepped onto a snowboard in your life, it can look like it's difficult to control and goes really, really fast.

Truth is, it's pretty easy to control once you get the hang of it. Much easier than you might think. With the edge of the board jammed into the snow, believe me it won't go anywhere unless you are on an incredibly steep slope.

But as a beginner snowboarder, you won't be going anywhere near that kind of slope. So relax. You'll be fine.

Yes, a board can go fast, if the rider wants it to. The first lessons you will learn, though, as a beginner is to make your snowboard go slow. You won't be pointing it nose (or tail) first down the slope. You'll be side on, and will be able to travel short distances at slow speeds... and then stop.

Learning to snowboard can mean facing - and beating - your fears. It's exhilarating.

Tip 2 - Take lessons

As a beginner, you should take snowboard lessons.

Not from your husband or boyfriend (unless he is exceptionally patient and you have heard - from other people - that he is an excellent teacher), nor from your teenager.

Take lessons from a certified instructor. They will make your first experiences on a snowboard so much more enjoyable and safer.

One on one is great if you want maximum progress in minimum time. But a group can be a lot of fun too. I've found that there is often a lot of camaraderie among adult snowboard beginners, and you can encourage and help each other.

You may be able to join an all-women beginner's group. This can be good if you want a more supportive, less competitive atmosphere in which to learn.

However you decide to learn... don't skip this step. And do not let any family member take you to the top of a slope and leave you to make your own way down!

Take a Look at an Example Adult Beginner's Class

Tip 3 - Don't dress for fashion

Wait a minute... don't give up on me, girls! I'm a woman too, and not for a nanosecond would I suggest that you go out on the slopes in mismatched colors...

However, learning to snowboard is about learning to snowboard. It is not about holding a fashion show.

Dress for comfort.

I can't say this enough. Comfort must come first, if you are to enjoy your experiences as a beginner snowboarder. You need to be waterproof, you need lots of freedom to move, you need to be warm but not too hot, and you absolutely need to be well-padded.

I know, I know... You think you are quite well-padded enough without help from clothing, right? Or you have worked off all that spare 'padding' and do not want to add it on again?

I hear you. But I won't budge on this one. Anything that will cushion a fall and give you a little extra insulation against the cold snow will be welcome long after you've stopped caring about how you look.

Elbows and knees will be glad of some extra padding. You can buy pads specially designed for snowboarders or can use those used by skaters.

Tip 4 - Wear a helmet

Don't rule this tip out. More and more people are starting to see the wisdom in protecting their heads for snowsports.

When you are a beginner, you won't be riding at speed down challenging slopes. So a helmet might seem like overkill. Think again. You are most at risk when sitting around listening to your instructor. This is when other boarders and skiiers can come crashing into you.

You also may crash a few times yourself into other people or objects, while you learn to control your board. You don't have to be going fast for this to cause you lasting damage.

Rather than avoiding this wonderful sport, wearing a helmet will let you enjoy it with much less risk. If you are a parent and would protect your children's heads, isn't yours worth protecting too?

It was tragic when actress Natasha Richardson lost her life after hitting her head during her beginner's skiing lesson - and all the more tragic for the thought that a helmet could well have prevented this.

Tip 5 - Be relaxed about your stance

Slightly more experienced snowboarders will try to impress you by asking if you have a 'goofy' or 'regular' stance. This just refers to the foot that you have in front as you point your board down the slope.

If 'goofy' means nothing more to you than a cartoon character, that's OK. You don't need to have your stance set in stone at this point.

There are some rules of thumb to help you work out your natural stance, such as kicking a ball (which foot do you use? Right foot makes you goofy, if it's left then you're likely to be regular - but these are not foolproof guides). However, there is no harm in choosing one to begin with and changing your mind later.

My husband insisted that I was goofy like him. As I improved, I found that in spite of having my board set up for a goofy stance, I felt more stable and comfortable going down with left leg first. I'd kick a ball with my right foot. However, when it comes to the snowboard, I'm a regular girl.

Book review: A guide for women snowboarders - Chickie Rosenberg

Snowboarding for Women: A Guide for the Betty Shred Wannabe
Snowboarding for Women: A Guide for the Betty Shred Wannabe

This fantastic book from female snowboarder Chickie Rosenberg has been written just for us women.

Chickie started her snowboarding career aged 50. She doesn't like the cold and had a fear of heights.

Her book is full of no-nonsense, helpful and encouraging advice from start to finish. She'll convince you to face your fears and try snowboarding and will take you step by easy step through everything from what to wear to basic board control and beyond.

The strength of this book is in the combination of friendliness and expert information. By the time you'll done, you'll wish you could join Chickie on the slopes. And if you follow her advice, you will have made the first step towards becoming a good rider yourself.


Tip 6 - Warm up and cool down

If you are new to snowboarding, you'll be using muscles that normally don't get much of a workout.

Even if you are a skiier, you might find your body need time to adjust to a new way of moving across the snow.

Warming up may be part of your beginners' lessons. If it's not, take some time to stretch and flex those leg muscles in particular.

At the end of your snowboarding session, take a few minutes to again stretch out and bring your heart rate gently down. Your muscles will thank you in the morning!

Tip 7 - Know your limits

As I said in tip 1, this snowboarding lark can be a lot of fun. So much that you might not want to stop long after you start to tire.

Learning to snowboard can, for women especially, mean facing and beating your fears. That's an exhilarating feeling. You find yourself breaking down self-imposed barriers and the endorphins rush around your body.

You can find yourself wanting to keep going, learning one more thing, beating your previous attempt...

It's so important though to start small. End on a high if you can, but don't push it. Even a one-hour lesson may be enough for you physically if you are not 100% fit.

That's OK. Stop. Have a drink and a snack. Let your body recharge. Do something fun if you are in a resort, like tobogganing or just walking in the winter scenery. Tomorrow you can practise your snowboarding skills for a little longer.

Tip 8 - Drink plenty to stay hydrated

You need plenty of fluids while out on the slopes.

Good snowboarding outfits will give you good ventilation but you will still lose a lot of water through perspiration. Regular drinks will help keep your energy levels up.

You might want to wear a small, light backpack with your valuables (nothing too fragile or sharp as you could fall on it) and a drink stored inside. If not, have some cash so that you can buy a drink at the nearest cafe.

The good news is that you'll be burning plenty of calories too!

There are now people in their 70s, 80s and even 90s on snowboards. What's stopping you?

Tip 9 - Be inspired by 'older' female snowboarders

It's no longer unusual to see a woman over 25 (or 40 for that matter) on a snowboard.

It's true that many of the female snowboarding professionals started young. But there are plenty of women out there who learned later in life and have taken to snowboarding like ducks to water.

The Grays on Trays web guide to snowboarding for older adults lists many female snowboarders aged between 40 and 76 (and the oldest male listed is 93)!

But winter is coming and the snow will soon be falling. Why wait until you're 93 to start?

This Could be You...

Tip 10 - Get yourself some good equipment

If you are brand new to snowboarding, it's a good idea to hire.

If you get hooked and want to make it a regular part of your life, you'll love having your own board and equipment.

You might be lucky enough to spy a bargain in the sales. All the same, do your research and take advice from people in the know.

A wide range of equipment is now available for women and will suit your needs better than men's gear. There's a whole variety of designs too, from very feminine to boards that a man wouldn't be ashamed to ride.

Your boots need to fit well, so take special care with them. In addition to boots and a board, you'll need to buy bindings - they don't come already on the board unless you are buying a used snowboard, in which case they might be part of the deal. Good bindings will serve you well.

© 2009 Indigo Janson

Are you going to give snowboarding a go? - Did I convince any women out there to try snowboarding?

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  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 4 years ago from UK

    @surfsnowgirl: Thanks so much for your great comment. I'm sure you will be up to speed again in no time. Hope you have fun!

  • profile image

    surfsnowgirl 4 years ago

    Thanks for the great article. I have been skiing for the past 5 years but prior to this I was a boarder for about 5 years and sometimes I miss it. My biggest regret was selling my beloved never summer 155 SL board. I still love skiing but as of late have been getting the itch to board again. I used to be a pretty good and rode all over the mountain, linking my turns and just cruising down the mountain. I can't seem to peel myself away from my skis but one of these weekends I am going to do it. I will take a lesson to reacquaint myself with my former love. Probably not a beginner one because I still feel the motions of the weight shifting in my head so I don't think it will take me long to get back where I was. This was a great article and I enjoyed all the comments. I am motivated to board again.

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: Thanks so much for sharing your experience, sounds like you are making great progress. You are so right, you've got to push through the bumps and falls until it all starts to come more naturally. And yes, you sure do ache after, but what a workout!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I'm 43 and just finished my 4th lesson today. I am switch riding on greens and linking turns well. But the first lesson I hit my head hard a couple of times. The second lesson was much better. The third lesson I was doing the lift but my stomach muscles and quads were in so much pain I didn't progress that well. I took a couple days off and my fourth lesson was a break through. I can ride and do toe and heel turns with either foot forward, but goofy toe turns are my best. I can control my speed and I'm starting to link turns. I wanted to quit on lessons 1-3 but now I'm hooked. You just have to tough it out till you get past the painful learning. I was not in very good shape even though I thought I was from skiing. NOOOOO...snowboarding requires much more strength, especially in the abs. Also, getting up on the board is actually harder than you may think...sometimes I'm so tired I just roll to my belly and get up on all fours. But it is WAY more fun than skiing! I did a 540, by accident, but it was so fun and a taste of the fun to come!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: Thanks for stopping by, sounds like you will do great on the slopes! Just take it a step at a time and remember it gets easier as you gain confidence and skill.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Great read! My bf convinced me to try and I took my first lesson today. (Spot on about the need for this step by the way, and worth every penny!) We leave the safe bunny slope tomorrow and I was just beginning to question my sanity when I found your post. It's great to know there are other ladies out there on the slope tossing their fears aside and giving it a try. I will hold my head a little higher tomorrow knowing the slope isn't just for the guys anymore!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    Woo-hoo! Thanks for the encouragement! I AM over 40 and have been considering taking my first snowboarding lesson. The reason I love alpine skiing/slope sports is for the very reason you mentioned: facing - and beating - my fears. Now I'm going to try to convince my other "over 40" female friends to try it with me.

  • CamelliaPenny profile image

    Perrin 5 years ago from South Carolina

    I just might try it now!! My husband has been talking about it since before we got married. I have always thought that if we go to a ski resort, I would find something else to do while he snowboards. But you have inspired me, and shown me that I can try to do it, too!! Now, I can't wait!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    It was lovely to come across this website. I switched to boarding at the age of 47. I've just turned 50...and I must say it very inspirational to hear that you started at this age. I have been thinking about how long I've got on the board before I will have to go back to skiing. By the sounds of it - still a long way off!!! Thank you.

  • puppyprints profile image

    puppyprints 5 years ago

    love snowboarding...

  • polimakaroni profile image

    polimakaroni 5 years ago

    Nice lens

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @Jane_Andersen: Thanks for reading, and I hope you have fun!

  • profile image

    Jane_Andersen 5 years ago

    It was an educational read, I really liked it. I can say that you convinced me to try. My BF is talking about snowboarding for a month now, trying to make me try. Your lens gave me some guidance and I can say I'm going to try. :))))

  • OneHappyFeet profile image

    Lora Riley 5 years ago

    love it

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: Thanks for your kind words. I hope you have a fantastic time on the slopes this winter, whether skiing or boarding.

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I'm glad I found this. Well written and to the point. Tried snowboarding for my first snow sport. Did horribly. Went to skiing and loved it. This season, I wanna give boarding a go again. So excited!

  • LouisaDembul profile image

    LouisaDembul 5 years ago

    I used to love downhill skiing, and was both brave and good. However, I married a man who doesn't ski....Would really like to try snow boarding, it looks like so much fun.

  • SifuSlim profile image

    SifuSlim 5 years ago

    Great guide and awesomely written Lens!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @ctoplimited: Thanks for a great tip. It's true, confidence will be your ally as a beginner snowboarder (not over-confidence though), and you just have to trust you will stay upright instead of over-thinking it. Glad you stopped by!

  • Godweeno profile image

    Godweeno 5 years ago

    This is a great article. Its always good to see young female athletes coming up through the ranks so I'm stoked you have put this list up for girls wanting to get into the sport. An additional tip for newbie female shredders:

    Don't be put off by the guys, some of the best shredders in the world are chicks and they are bringing it just as hard. Have fun!

  • profile image

    ctoplimited 5 years ago

    I think a very good tip is just be brave. Sometimes when you are tentative and don't just go for it you are just setting yourself up to fail. Being brave makes you more confident (when you realise its not as hard as you thought) and then you will get the hang of it quicker. Nice lens and some great tips on here. Thanks

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 5 years ago from UK

    @Godweeno: Thanks for your tip, Godweeno!

  • profile image

    mouse1996 lm 5 years ago

    This sounds like so much fun. You make me want to give it a try.

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    One of the smartest moves I made when learning to snowboard was to invest in wrist guards. They fit under my gloves.

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    Heather Bradford 6 years ago from Canada

    I am not a sporting person and being Australia have little snow sport exposure.... but his really appealed to me. I would certainly give it a go if I got the chance. Just have to wait for the next snowfall... lol. Great lens!!!! Very readable and really full of great information.

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    ViJuvenate 6 years ago

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    jimmyworldstar 6 years ago

    Yep, fashion should be secondary to safety and comfort. I bet you wouldn't want to be wearing a nice dress if it's freezing and you're moving at high speeds!

  • Wednesday-Elf profile image

    Wednesday-Elf 6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

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    Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

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    skier chick 6 years ago

    Great tips. I've had some luck finding great deals on snowboard stuff on if anyone was inspired enough to need new gear.

    Also, when I was just learning to snowboard I would only go on warm (above 30 degree), sunny days because it made the snow softer and less painful if I crashed.

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    OrganicMom247 6 years ago

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    anonymous 6 years ago

    As a passionate female rider who started in her early thirties, let me just say that all the persistence is worth it. Lessons are key. Warning - highly addictive sport ! Fantastic for strength and mental toughness. Stop thinking about it and do it! One word of advice, stop before youre exhausted each day. Injuries happen when youre tired. Stay within your limits, and in control, and you wont hurt yourself. Happy riding, ladies!

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  • RMKK-Marlene profile image

    RMKK-Marlene 6 years ago

    I'm goofy when it comes to kicking a ball, but regular when I stand like a snowboarder. Although I've never been snowboarding, I've thought about trying it. I learned to ice skate at 50, so I still have a chance.:D Great lens and good tips!

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 6 years ago from UK

    @catbehaviors: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes, 'goofy' or 'regular' simply refer to which way you point downhill on your board -- right foot in front, or left foot in front. One will probably feel more natural and in control than the other.

  • catbehaviors profile image

    catbehaviors 6 years ago

    This is a fantastic lens! I've never been snowboarding, but would love to try it someday. I will definitely refer back to these tips. I kick a ball with my right foot, and it feels right to me to have my right foot forward... what does goofy mean? Is it just the way you ride your snowboard? Thanks for compiling all of these tips. :)

    Blessed by a SquidAngel.

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    cynch18ify 7 years ago

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    anonymous 7 years ago

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  • profile image

    nancymcconnell 7 years ago

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  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: It sure is hard... and sore... But it gets more fun as you improve. I'm so glad you enjoyed these tips. And yes, that was my first board, It was called Birdy made by Wild Duck. I just read that they are no longer making snowboards, which is a shame, though there are still used ones about.

    Best of luck and have fun!

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    YES!! I just took a day & 1/2 of private lessons. A MUST, I might add. At 40 I decided to take on the slopes. It was fun but its HARD!! No Really, its hard! I just booked my next day & ½ with my instructor so I think Iâll be good to go by myself, well instructorless that is after that. And I am researching buying my own equipment thatâs when I came across your tips! Thank you for your wonderful tips! I will enjoy reading about more women over 40. p.s. I love the board with the bird, is that yours? Where can I find one like that

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: Aren't they great? They are by some talented Zazzle artists. I think the one I like best is the bottom one by Rhonda (Pukeko) and featuring her champion snowboarder daughter Melissa.

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    I would love to try snowboarding someday. Love your designs.

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @RhondaAlbom: It's a fantastic design, Rhonda. And your daughter should be an inspiration for any girl or young woman.

  • RhondaAlbom profile image

    Rhonda Albom 7 years ago from New Zealand

    Back for another visit. Thanks for featuring one of my shirts. The rider on the shirt is my daughter.

  • NanaPoppins LM profile image

    NanaPoppins LM 7 years ago

    I still think Id be the big ball of snow atthe bottom! Thanks for the tips though!! Great Lens

  • indigoj profile image

    Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

    @anonymous: Great tip! I fell on ice as a beginner which was not a pleasant experience. Keep on having fun, you'll soon be an expert!

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    I just went last weekend for the first time and I loved it!!!!! I was sore for a few days, I felt like I was 80 not 40 but I can't wait to go again. Please send the snow to Maine. Just one tip for your first time go with fresh snow on the ground not hard packed.

  • soulswallo profile image

    soulswallo 7 years ago

    I love tip 1: Be brave!

  • MyCrazyAdventures profile image

    Melissa 7 years ago from Albuquerque, NM

    Great infoormation I dare?