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First Strike Paintball

Updated on October 20, 2014

Join The FIRST STRIKE Revolution...

Even though they have quite a sting when they bite you, paintball guns have a fairly limited range and accuracy. The reason for this is the shape of their projectile; paintballs are round and create significant air drag only to drop to the Earth after about 150 feet, no matter which type of marker you have. Fortunately with the rise in popularity of realistic magazine fed paintball guns, a company called Tiberius Arms has produced the worlds first aerodynamic paintball to compliment the performance of these authentic mock weapons and changed the game forever. With only a handful of paintball companies producing magazine fed markers compatible with this new technology, the First Strike Paintball movement has started and is gaining speed. Keep reading this lens to learn more about the wonders of First Strike paintballs and which guns are compatible

First Strike Paintball Ammo

Game changing technology...

Being able to shoot farther and more accurately than your opponents has its obvious advantages. If you own a magazine fed paintball gun, using First Strike rounds will definitely give you this edge; these paintballs will drastically improve your range and precision. First Strike paintballs travel farther and straighter because they have a slightly pointed shape, giving them a front and back much like an actual bullet. The back end of a First Strike paintball have a small projection of fins that help stabilize it while in flight to keep it in the air longer. The stabilizer fins also have a slight rotational direction that help put a spine on the paintball further compounding the range and precision of the projectile. The result is a paintball that boasts 50% greater shooting distance and 25X's more accuracy.

While First Strike paintballs have a front and back side, they must be loaded into the paintball gun correctly. This is why they can't be dropped into your marker from a gravity fed hopper; they must be loaded by a magazine. Fortunately the popularity of realistic magazine fed tactical markers has provided the market with plenty of choices for compatible guns for this ammo. At first glance, First Strike paintballs cost significantly more than standard ammo, with 100 rounds costing nearly the same as a box of 2000 of standard. However when you have a much better chance of hitting your target with the super accurate First Strike rounds, you will have much less waste and require less ammo to be much more effective on the field.

First Strike Compatible Paintball Guns

Rule the field with the best markers possible...

With a First Strike compatible marker, you will easily outgun even the most experienced paintball sniper. This remarkable ammo will allow you to play the sniper position with a paintball gun more equipped for the mid field or even the front lines. Unfortunately, when compared to the shear number of paintball markers available, very few are compatible with First Strike paintball ammo. With the First Strike movement gaining speed, several paintball companies are now producing guns that come ready to shoot this amazing ammunition.

The first and most obvious choice is from the company that actually produces First Strike paintball rounds, Tiberius Arms. Tiberius Arms tactical paintball rifles are high quality, easy to use, totally realistic and all are of course come ready to fire First Strike paintballs. With several models available, Tiberius Arms offers magazine fed tactical paintball guns awesome for every position on the scenario battlefield. One of the most unique aspects of Tiberius Arms paintball rifles is they are all built with their ground breaking T8.1 paintball pistol as their base. This means every Tiberius assault rifle is really two guns in one! The T8.1 pistol grip is also the location of the Tiberius First Strike compatible magazine, which also means their pistol is one of the most accurate and farthest shooting available.

Milsig Paintball Guns

The most realistic tactical paintball markers...

Milsig paintball produces some of the most reliable and realistic .68 caliber magazine fed paintball rifles in scenario paintball. Like most mag fed tactical markers, Milsig guns are replicas of the M4 carbine but come in numerous custom configurations. These guns are powerful, accurate, super sturdy and terrific for outfitting any position on the field. Milsig produces some of the coolest looking sub machine guns, assault rifles and long range sniper paintball guns you will find. In 2013, they introduced the Paradigm Pro First Strike series of guns and have struggled to keep up with the demand. This gun is literally covered with rails for further customization and comes in either black or desert color. The Paradigm Pro is the only paintball marker in Milsig's lineup that's First Strike compatible and uses special 'square head' magazines to accommodate this ammo. Regular magazines that work with standard .68 caliber balls also work in these guns with no modification. Milsig paintball guns top the list for the most expensive tactical markers and there is almost always a wait for their products, however their quality and attention to detail make them worth the price.

468 Magazine Fed Paintball Guns

Extremely sturdy & reliable markers...

Real Action Paintball (Rap4) is a company that's been a real pioneer in the genesis of realistic magazine fed paintball guns for a long time. With much practice, they have finally perfected their version of the M4 carbine replica marker with a nice twist. Rap4's 468 magazine fed paintball gun is by far one of the sturdiest tactical markers ever produced. Evidence of this can be found online with more than one video showing the 468 undergoing various 'torture tests' including flawless performance after being submersed in water, dropped from a 3 story building and being run over by a vehicle. The 468 is also compatible with both standard .68 caliber paintballs as well as First Strike ammo through the use of another Rap4 innovation called the Dmag. Dmags are magazines that are made of lighter, sturdier and cheaper materials so last longer and cost significantly less than all others. While traditional magazines for most mag fed markers cost upwards of $45, Dmags barely cost $10 and come in both 10 round or 20 round styles. Dmags are the vehicle for compatibility with First Strike paintballs in not just 468 markers, but others as well.

MK Hybrids

Reliable paintball guns with magazine conversion kits...

As another brainchild of Rap4 and next innovation propelling the popular movement of magazine fed tactical paintball guns, Rap4 has also introduced the magazine conversion kit. These are easy to install body kits that will convert many top name brand paintball guns from hopper feed to magazine feed. Magazine conversion kits are available for all the Tippmann markers including the US Army Series as well as BT paintball guns. Rap4 has also taken the grunt work of adding these kits to specific markers and started producing and selling separate lines of hybrid guns. The MKP tactical paintball gun is a hybrid cross between the amazingly accurate and powerful Tippmann X7 Phenom and realistic magazine fed conversion kit. The MK5 is the same hybrid cross however with the Tippmann A5 as its base marker. These guns feature the realism of magazine feed technology with the reliability and sturdiness of some of the best tactical markers in the business. Even better, Rap4 also produces further upgrade kits to make these guns Dmag ready, making them First Strike paintball compatible.

Scarab Arms Tactical Paintball Guns...

Great for combat simulation training & scenario paintball...

Jumping on board with the Dmag revolution, Scarab Arms paintball guns were primarily designed for realistic tactical combat simulation training for military and law enforcement. Scarab Arms magazine fed markers are packed with stand out features such as air through stocks and plenty of power and range for handling any position on the scenario paintball field. These guns operate with CO2, N2 or high pressure air tanks and come with lengthy weaver rails on top for plenty of customization options. Scarab Arms paintball guns are lightweight, totally realistic and have their own type of magazine, however are compatible with Dmags; meaning they can also handle the deadly accurate First Strike rounds.

With plenty of options to choose from, the First Strike paintball movement is well on its way. Get on board with a magazine fed paintball rifle compatible with these rounds before anyone else on your field and you will rule the scenario with ridiculous precision. As time goes on, more and more companies are also jumping on the band wagon so you can expect more awesome First Strike tactical rifle creations to pop up in the near future. Recently, there is even a mod kit for the TPX Pistol making it compatible with First Strike paintballs! For more information and a complete selection of First Strike compatible paintball guns, check out

First Strike Paintball Links

Use this list as a fast way to find everything about First Strike paintball. If you want to check out all the First Strike compatible paintball guns on one page, shop for the latest and best magazine fed markers or just stock up on First Strike paintball ammo, use these links...

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