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Fishing Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Updated on November 6, 2014
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything

Best Fishing Gifts 2014 | 10 Gift Ideas For Guys

As a man who loves his fishing, and has just about everything, I do appreciate how tough it can be to find gifts and ideas for me. I mean if he has it all, then what else can you really get him? That is certainly what my wife and daughters said to me, time after time when it came around to a special occasion, like a birthday, Father's Day or Christmas.

Well, the good news is, that if you find yourself in a similar situation, then I just might be able to help you out. I have tried as hard as I can to come up with a list of gift ideas, that will suit many anglers, and across a range of price points as well. The important thing is that, these are unusual, and yet useful so they will never go to waste.

Hopefully you will be surprised with both the variety and quality of the ideas that I have come up with, for the man in your life who loves to go fishing.

Images: Courtesy of Amazon Images

Fishing at Sunset
Fishing at Sunset

Unique Fishing Gifts for Men

Any man who goes fishing a lot, will have all of the basics already. He will have rods, reels, baits and hooks and those will be of brands that he likes and uses all the time. Do not even dabble with those is my best advice. Fishermen are very much like men who play golf for example. They like certain clubs, certain types of golf balls and in truth, the angling man is exactly the same. That even applies to the very tackle box that he will use.

Restrictive Thinking

It is this that limits the imagination of most people who really want to buy him a gift that he will love, but unfortunately do not know enough about the whole sport of angling, to be able to make a good buying decision.

I don't blame you at all as it is a really difficult thing to understand in the first place. Like most sports, unless you know the nitty gritty detail, then finding something useful and practical, is pretty tough. I guess that is why you are searching online in the first place.

Below I have listed, what I think are some of the very best ideas. These are gifts that I have already received, so I know they are great, or gifts that other friends of mine have been bought, and I would like to have.

Fishing Gift Ideas Under $30

I am trying to cover off a few different price points as I know that everyone will have a different amount of money, that they can afford to spend. The good news is that, there are quite a few gifts to be had, across a range of prices, so hopefully I can find something for everyone.

Below I have included a few great selections that will help complement his fishing equipment.

Some Fishy Facts

In a recent poll Men were asked, apart from fishing, what was their favorite sport. Here are the answers:

Football - 26%

Baseball - 67%

Basketball - 5%

Hunting - 2%

So there you go it would seem that most fishermen like baseball by a pretty long way.

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife
Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife

All fishermen will have a knife, and perhaps 2 or 3. Very few however will have one like this and here is why. It has a great rubber grip ideal for when your hands are wet.

It truly is razor sharp and best of all it comes a really great price.

It is small so easily fits into a tackle box.

It folds easily and is perfect for single hand opening.


Funny Fishing Videos To Make You Smile

Can you imagine the number of things that can go wrong, when guys go fishing? Here is one of my favorite fishing calamity videos, which should at least make you smile. I am not ever going to admit how many times I have fallen in, so please don't ask.

Cliplight Clipstrip LED Pocket Flashlight 140 Lumen Magnetic Swivel Clip, Batteries Included, New Chip-On-Board LED Technology, Perfect For Toolbox, Glovebox, Purse, Kitchen Drawer, Survival Kit
Cliplight Clipstrip LED Pocket Flashlight 140 Lumen Magnetic Swivel Clip, Batteries Included, New Chip-On-Board LED Technology, Perfect For Toolbox, Glovebox, Purse, Kitchen Drawer, Survival Kit

This is a really useful light for many different types of situations, but I found it really good when fishing. A lot of men fish at dusk, into the evening and also at night. When making up tackle, or looking for some piece of gear, this little beauty has proved to be invaluable for me.


How Not To Fish?

Oh yes, we have all been there, and these clips just sum up the unusual life of an angler. It still amazes me today how much of this that I see. Enjoy the brief clips below which I think you may find rather amusing.

Angling Gift Ideas Under $50

This set of gifts are at a slightly higher price point, but I found these on the "Most Wished" for lists on different fishing websites and forums. So when guys were asked to tell them what gifts they would place on this type of list, then this is what they came up with.

These are they type of gifts that fishermen really want to have.

SIMMS Big Sky Wallet, Brown (10111-200-00)
SIMMS Big Sky Wallet, Brown (10111-200-00)

This one would actually not be on my own list, but it seems that many guys did pick it.

It has no real fishing purpose other than to let people know you like to fish. It is however a very well made leather product. It has plenty of slots for your credit cards, and a transparent ID holder suitable for your driving license, or even better, your fishing license.


Fly Fishing Gifts for Men

Please do not worry if you don't understand all the different types of fishing. Essentially you can break it down into three different types which are:

  • Sea Fishing
  • Lake Fishing
  • River Fishing

Fishermen are trying to catch different types of fishes and they feed in slightly different ways. In my opinion the most skilful of these is fly fishing. The angler uses artificial flies where he tries to create the idea of a fly hovering on a lake or river.

The fish then sees this and tries to swallow the fly. It takes a lot of work to master this technique. It is the perfect way to catch trout or salmon and fly fishers are a whole different breed of angler.

Barnsley Large 16 Compartment Aluminum Fly Box - Silver
Barnsley Large 16 Compartment Aluminum Fly Box - Silver

This is a "classic" Wheatley fly box, which will probably nothing to those who do not cast a rod.

For true fishermen though that name is all about quality and this is one is made from high grade aluminium.


Some Interesting Fishing Statistics in the USA

Although this may not have any direct interest for you, a quick browse will show that the man you are buying the present for is certainly not on his own.

  • There are 60 million anglers in the USA
  • They spend $46 BILLION a year, on equipment, lodging and transportation
  • The fishing industry supports 828,000 jobs, generates $35 Billion in wages and $15 billion in federal and state taxes
  • Sport fishing has increased year on year by 5%

You can read the full report here

Fishing Shirts for Men

Like any sport men do like to dress up with the best gear when they are going fishing. Now to be honest they pretend not to talk about this, but believe me, we do check out what each other is wearing.

I remember seeing a real good quality fishing coat for the first time that a guy was wearing down by a river. I knew there and then I wanted one of those. This was because it looked really good and had all the right pockets, and other places for holding various bits and pieces of equipment.

Other Types of Gifts and Presents For the Angler

Simms Bulkley Gore-Tex Jacket - Black (Large)
Simms Bulkley Gore-Tex Jacket - Black (Large)

These are crazy expensive but are every fisherman's dream for a coat, especially for those guys who either wade or work out of a boat.

The quality speaks for itself, but for $300 it is the best, but out of the price range for most people. I included it only because it tops the list.


Fishing In British Columbia at Sunset


Novelty Fishermen Gifts

For those of you who want to recognise an occasion like a birthday, or a Christmas gift, but do not want to spend a fortune, I have included some nice novelty gifts. I hope you find these useful and I know they will be really well received.

I Would Love To Hear Your Ideas - Please Feel Free To Leave Them Right Here

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