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Fishing Hat with Neck Flap

Updated on July 29, 2011

Top Picks for Fishing Caps with Protective Neck Covers

Looking for a fishing hat with a protective neck flap? Choose from several styles with different features. There are removable, convertible or sewn-in flaps (also called sun skirts, sunshields, shrouds or ear drapes).

Some sun is good for you, but too much can cause sunburns and blistering especially on the ears and neck. Sun screen is not enough - especially offshore. Choose from these top rated options in caps designed to protect the neck, face and ears from sunburn.

Inshore Fisherman Protects His Neck from the Sun

Fishing Caps with Sun Protection Flaps
Fishing Caps with Sun Protection Flaps

What to Consider in Hat Flap Styles and Features

Neck Flaps are available in three configurations

Styles are:

1. Flaps are removable - attach with velcro or snaps.

2. Flaps are sewn in and are a permanent.

3. Flaps are convertible. Sewn in but can be folded up into a zippered pouch.

Visor / Bill styles also vary. Extra long bills provide more shade from the sun for a fisherman's eyes, nose and face.

See all styles and product descriptions on this page.

Shown here is the Aftco Convertible Guide Hat.

More info below.

Removable Long Length Neck Flap - Be Sun Smart

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap
Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Flap snaps into place on the bill and is completely removable. Mesh side panels help with ventilation. Choose color and size. Be sure to watch the videos when you click through.

Where Protective Clothing when Fishing Offshore
Where Protective Clothing when Fishing Offshore

Summer Sun is Brutal on Skin - Especially Offshore

Hats and Caps for Sun Smart Outdoorsmen and Women

Offshore, inshore or pond fishermen need shade across their faces and necks for protection against sweltering summer sun and sunburn. A baseball style cap is helpful, but it doesn't cover the neck and only part of the ears. Don't be caught without sun screen and a cover on your head and neck especially when fishing offshore. Blazing sun and water reflections all around are extremely intense. Repeated burns are damaging to skin, especially on nose, ears and neck.

This photo shows intense sun and what it takes to stay comfortable.

Photo used through CC on Flickr

Fishing Hat with Convertible Back Flap - Flap Provides Neck Protection from Sun

AFTCO Convertible Guide Hat (Khaki)
AFTCO Convertible Guide Hat (Khaki)

Made by Aftco, a leader in fishing product manufacturing.

Flap folds up out of the way and into zippered pouch on back of cap when not in use. This was not immediately obvious from the photo or description, but a call to the seller has confirmed the zippered pouch.

One size with snugger cord.


Quick Poll: As a Fisherman (or Woman) Which Style do You Prefer? - Poll results will help stock this page

What's your favorite type of hat with a protective ear/neck flap?

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Have you owned one of these sun shielding hats? - What were you looking for today?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I've never had one but they sure do make sense, we have to protect from the sun and the neck is so vulnerable during such activities as fishing and gardening.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      My son is a big fisherman. I will have to ask him if he would like a Fishing Hat with a Protective Neck Cover. Look great to me!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is a cute lens, I'm surprised that you haven't favorite ed yourself. Good job. I know a Squid named Kipsy who would look cute in this!