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Fitbit Pedometer for Health and Wellness

Updated on March 4, 2013

Staying Fit with My Fitbit Pedometer

I walk many times each week for exercise, and have worn a pedometer daily for years. So I am very excited to upgrade to a new Fitbit pedometer. Fitbit offers a several great cutting edge pedometers that are easy to use and do more than just count your steps.

I decided to buy Fitbit to take advantage of the Fitbit app, so I can log activities, meals, food and water intake, workouts, weight, and more. My goal has always been to walk at least 10,000 steps on a daily basis, but I want to take that even further and monitor more aspects of my health. The Fitbit One that I purchased can even help to track your sleep activity.

I've read other Fitbit reviews, but I wanted to provide you my own Fitbit review from the perspective of a person that actually owns and uses one. I got the Fitbit One for myself and the Fitbit Zip for my wife. They also offers the Fitbit Flex, which is another attractive multi-function pedometer that comes in the form of a wristband. Let's take a closer look at each of these models below.

(Image Credit to Amazon)

Fitbit Reviews

Read a Fitbit Review from Someone That Actually Owns One!

So let's take a closer look at the three current models of Fitbit pedometers, and their features and benefits. Tracking your activity and shooting for 10,000 steps per day minimum is an achievable goal that can help you focus on your health and wellness.

The Fitbit Zip is the smallest and most affordable pedometer available from the Fitbit company. You can usually pick one of these up for under $50.00. They are highly-rated, and carry an average 4.3 out of 5 star rating. It is available in a number of colors, including blue, charcoal, lime, and magenta. This is the one that I got for my wife, because she needed something small that she could in a convenient location. She is an RN and wears scrubs to work, so she doesn't always have a belt to clip a pedometer to.

So what is so great about the Fitbit Zip, and what can it do for you?

  • Small Size - The Zip is small, and not much larger than a quarter. So it is very discreet and won't get in the way. The silicone clip makes it comfortable to wear all day long. You can wear it in your pocket, your belt, or even on your bra.
  • Tracking - It allows you to track the number of steps you take each day, your total distance walked, and the number of calories that you have burned. Being able to track the calories that you have burned is great if you are trying to lose a little weight.
  • Wireless Data Uploads - The Zip will upload the data about your activity to your computer or smartphone via a wireless bluetooth connection. No more cables to hook up, which makes the Fitbit Zip a breeze to use.
  • Free iPhone or Android App - You get a snapshot of your daily and cumulative fitness progress. There are graphs, tools, charts, and a customizable dashboard which is also available for free online. Set personalized goals and get updates to keep you on track to achieve them. There is even a social networking aspect to their apps that allow you to challenge your friends to spur up some competition! You can also log your meals, water intake, and workouts to help you achieve your weight goals.
  • Durable - It is sweat-proof, rain-proof, and slash-proof. So you can get out and get fit, no matter what the weather is.
  • Long Battery Life - The Zip uses a 3 volt, replaceable, lithium watch battery. The battery life lasts up to 6 months, so you don't have to worry about swapping out batteries often. A pedometer is no good for you if the batteries are dead!

The Fitbit One is the pedometer that I selected for myself. It is very highly rated, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. What did I choose this one? Because it does everything that the Fitbit Zip does, plus it monitors how long and how well you sleep. Sleep is one thing that I know I don't get enough of, and it is something I need to work on. The Fitbit One even has a silent alarm feature that can wake you up but not wake up your partner. (I know my wife will appreciate this on her days off.) The only drawback to this model is that is costs almost twice as much as the Zip. But the added features make up for the added cost. It is available in two colors, black and burgundy, and has an LED display.

So what is so great about the Fitbit One, and what can it do for you?

  • Small Size - The Fitbit One is also small. Much smaller than my old pedometer, and about the same size as a USB memory stick. So it is also very discreet and comfortable enough to wear all day without even realizing you have it on. It can also be worn on your belt, pocket, or clipped to a bra.
  • Tracking - It offers all the same tracking that the ZIP does. It can track the number of steps you take each day, total distance, and the number of calories burned each day. Seeing how many calories are burned was an important feature I was after. It also tracks stairs climbed, hours slept, and quality of sleep.
  • Sleep Monitoring - It includes a sleep wristband that allows you to wear the Fitbit One on your wrist at night while sleeping. It will monitor your sleep to tell you how long you slept, the number of times you woke up, and will give you a sleep quality score.
  • Silent Alarm - The One has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you up at the time you specify. So you can wake up when you want without disturbing your partner's sleep. This is a feature that my wife will love!
  • Wireless Data Uploads - The One will upload the data about your activity to your computer or smartphone via a wireless bluetooth connection also. You don't have to keep track of data uploads, because it happens automatically.
  • Free iPhone or Android App - The online dashboard and the app give you a snapshot of your daily and cumulative fitness progress. You get graphs, tools, charts, and can even earn badges and awards for your progress and to keep you motivated. The data collected will help to paint a picture of your health.
  • Durable - Just like the Zip, the One is also sweat-proof, rain-proof, and slash-proof. So you can get out and get fit, no matter what the weather is.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The One battery will last a minimum of 5 days and as many as 7 days. It has a lithium-ion polymer battery that you can recharge by connecting it to a USB cable and then to your computer's USB port. I work on computers, so I can easily charge it while I am at my desk.

The Fitbit Flex is the last model I wanted to mention here. It won't be available until the Spring of 2013, so I'll have more information on it soon. Unfortunately, I don't have an image available to share at the present time, but will work on getting one added.

It comes in the form of a wristband that is so comfortable to wear you will forget you have it on.

It will track steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, distance traveled, how many minutes you were active each day, and the quality of your sleep. It will have the silent wake alarm, and will also be water resistant.

It will do everything that the Fitbit One can do, but will just be in the form of a convenient wrist band.

Fitbit Official Video

Take a look at the following video that was provided directly from the Fitbit company. They give an in-depth look at the Fitbit Zip, which is the most inexpensive of their cutting edge pedometers.

The Zip will allow you to track the number of steps you walk each day, the total distance, and the number of calories you have burned. It encourages you to be more active and promotes better health and fitness.

It automatically syncs its data with your computer or smartphone via the wireless bluetooth connection. So no more cables to plug in, or forgetting to upload your steps.

You can set goals with the Fitbit App on your smartphone, and get notifications when you are at or near your goals.

It is splash-proof, rain-proof, and sweat-proof. It is very discreet and can be worn on your belt, clothing, or even be attached to a bra so that it cannot be seen.

Fitbit For Sale - Purchase Fitbit at a Discount!

Here are a number of great pedometers from Fitbit as well as some Fitbit competitors. The Fitbit One and Fitbit Zip are the most commonly purchased and are highly recommended. You can also check out some of the Fitbit accessories, like the lanyards and armbands.

Walking For Fitness Poll

How many steps do you walk each day?

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So what do you think about the Fitbit pedometers?

Do you walk or jog regularly for exercise?

How do you set and maintain your fitness goals?

Anything else to say? If not, just say "Hi" and let me know you were here!

Thanks for visiting this lens!

Reader Comments - So, what do you think about the Fitbit or walking for fitness?

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      5 years ago

      I just got the Fitbit Zip. I like the small size.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I work as a nurse so I am definitely on my feet a lot. This would be a good thing to have.

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      5 years ago

      todat i learn something new from this site,,


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